Barking Dog Keeping Me Awake. Stop This Now

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Barking dog keeping me awake. What you should do.


Dogs are adorable animals and they are known for their loyalty to their owner. However, since we do not have the same medium for communication, we can develop problems when our dogs keep us awake with unnecessary barking. Even though your dog is meant to bark, this might start problems with your neighbors.

Your dog barking could result in mild to severe problems, both psychological and also social. Your dog keeping you awake could actually earn you legal complaints from your neighbors for the annoying noise at night.


My new dog keeps barking and keeping me awake all night, what could be the problem?


In most cases, your dog will bark in an effort to communicate about their needs to you. Being a dog owner, you should be able to tell why he is barking, unless it is excessive all of a sudden. If you recently adopted a puppy, there is a likelihood that he will keep you awake for the first few nights,

This is because of the change of environment, from a shelter to a new household. Most dogs are afraid because they are not familiar with you or your house. However, this should not be a problem for a long time, as long as you make him feel comfortable in your house. He should be alright after a few days.

To make your new dog feel at ease, you may consider bringing him with you to your bedroom at night. This way he will feel your presence and help calm him down. A new dog requires massive amounts of attention and care before they are able to settle down completely.


Barking Puppies


Even puppies that have been adopted from another household may bark at night as they might be homesick. For instance, if he is crying and sounds disturbed at night, you can take them to your bed. However, this should not last for a long time as he might get used to it and thus you will face difficulties when trying to get him to sleep on his own bed.

You should be able to make him get used to your home by playing with him often and also walking him in the mornings and evenings. This way, your new puppy will be calm at night from the energy released from his body earlier. In most cases, he will fall asleep and so will you.

If your dog does not stop crying and barking at night, you should monitor him and find out what is motivating him to do so. Your dog may be trying to express his needs to you through barking which you can always control by making sure all his needs are taken care of. This means that you have fed him, provided him with water, and gotten enough rest. You should also keep his sleeping place clean and free of parasites.


My barking dog keeps me awake at night when I do not exercise him.

Your dog might be barking because he has so much pent-up energy in his body. He uses barking to release the extra energy from his body if he is not exercised. Naturally, your dog would be roaming in the jungle, and not watching TV with a family. But due to domestication, we have learned how to live with dogs happily in one household.


In order to satisfy his need to walk and be a scavenger, we walk our dogs in the parks and neighborhoods so that he can experience new surroundings. This way, your dog is going to spend energy walking around and playing, which will reduce the chances of him barking all night.

It is important to create a feeding schedule for your dog so that he can develop a routine. Avoid feeding your puppy right before bedtime to avoid indigestion problems. Instead, you should feed him 3 hours to bedtime.


Regular Exercise


Exercise, to your dog, is not just something you do for fun but it is very important in terms of health. Just like humans, some dogs are prone to obesity, when they are not exercised enough. Obesity will lead to limited physical activity from your dog, as well as decreased speed and stamina.

When your dog is well-fed and exercised, it is highly unlikely that he is going to keep you awake with his barking noises. This is due to the fact that your dog has used up all his energy and also he got rid of boredom following exposure to different environments.


What is he barking at?


This is one of the most common questions among dog owners as they have encountered the problem at some point in life. Some dogs will bark excessively at night and remain calm during the day which can be problematic in the neighborhood.

Now, why does your dog bark at night? Could it be that he is lonely or he enjoys barking? Your dog might enjoy barking, especially if it is meant to cope with an underlying disorder. This makes it a compulsive behavior that can be hard to correct.

It is hard to point out why your dog is barking at night, as there could be various reasons based on his breed, health, and training.



However, some of the reasons why your dog is keeping you awake at night include;

Other dogs

This is quite a common reason behind dogs barking at night where your dog will bark in response to other howling dogs at night. In fact, you could say that it is some type of socialization among dogs in the neighborhood.

Since dogs live in packs, they are often intrigued whenever they hear another dog barking, especially if he is under socialized. This could turn problematic every night your neighbor’s dog barks as yours will react by barking at the noise.

This is a common reason behind protective dogs barking at night, and some do not stop all night. For instance, if you keep a dog that is primarily bred for security purposes, you might have problems trying to keep him calm every time another dog barks.


Dogs will bark at any noise from the outside, in an effort to communicate to their owner that there might be danger approaching.  Your dog has by far better hearing ability than we do, which means he might hear even the slightest noise in the compound.

If there are burrowing animals in your neighborhood, it could help if you kept them out of your compound to avoid your dog sniffing and barking at them at night. Some of the most common animals likely to crawl in your yard include squirrels and raccoons.


Some dogs will bark all night just because they are bored and have nothing to do with the night. While you have been breaking your back all day at work, your puppy probably had nothing to do but watch TV, play, and sleep. If your dog is awake at night, there is a likelihood he is going to keep you awake too.

To eliminate this problem, you should consider several ways to keep your dog occupied during the day so that he can fall asleep at night. Toys are a good way to occupy your dog’s mind, you may consider buying him some to play with when you are out working.

You should also consider playing stimulating, both physical and mental, games with him that will leave him tired and in need of rest.


Need to use the potty

Most dog owners potty train their dogs to avoid house soiling and the dogs obey since they would not like to annoy their owners. When your dog cannot find his potty, he will most likely bark until someone addresses his needs.



Dealing with a dog with dementia, or of old age can be complicated somehow as he might forget all the training you took him through. He will bark even when he is not supposed to, or have a disturbance in his sleep-wake cycle.



If your dog has started barking at night all of a sudden, you should consider monitoring his behavior as it could be he is in pain. You may also take him to be examined by a vet for detailed diagnoses. Normally, the barking will go away as the pain does.


Barking dog keeping me awake. How to stop him?


Before making any attempts to correct night barking behavior, it is important to have your dog checked by a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions that could be causing him to bark. If you have a senior dog, you should really have the vet recommend the best care for him, and how to correct barking.

If your dog has no underlying medical conditions, you may consider monitoring him on a daily basis to be able to tell why he has developed the habit. Below are some of the ways in which you can be able to correct barking at night;


  • Check out for any disturbances

It is very unlikely for your dog to just develop a barking habit out of nowhere and that is why you should look keenly around your compound to get rid of any disturbances that might be causing your dog to bark at night.

For instance, your dog might be barking at a raccoon roaming around outside and he will not stop until his master checks it out. It might be a rodent in the trash bin or any other animal and your dog will bark at the noises until it stops.

In this case, you may get tighter trash bin lids to prevent animals from digging in the trash bin which may cause your dog to bark at night. However, this problem is temporary and when the noises are gone, he is going to stop barking.




Increase training as well as exercise


Your dog might be barking because he feels a little bit under-exercised, which will require some kind of release. This will result in discomfort for your dog at night, which in most cases will make him bark. It is important to make sure that your dog is well exercised every day and set some time aside to train him a few tricks.

When your dog has developed some unique skills. This will serve to keep him occupied and entertained as you lay down after a busy day. Like mentioned earlier, it is important that you do not feed your dog just minutes before bedtime as he might suffer from indigestion.


My neighbor’s barking dog keeps me awake all night


Having a neighbor with a barking dog is going to affect you directly, especially if the dog barks at night. It is going to be difficult trying to get them to control the behavior without stepping on toes. However, if their dog is keeping you up, you should be able to talk to them about the problem.

However, it does not always work as your neighbor might not address the problem, which means that you have more disturbed nights. Before seeking a legal approach, you may try to befriend their dog and make friends with him. This way, he is going to be familiar with your scent and voice which will make it easier for you to train him out of the habit.



Contact the authorities?


If you fail at the above tricks, you may consider training your neighbor’s dog yourself, which you will have to do from your house. You can be able to do this by getting dog whistles which you can use to make the dog stop barking.

Since dogs have a great hearing ability, you will be able to control their barking from the comfort of your house. This is quite effective if you have a neighbor with a barking dog, especially if you live in an apartment building.

If you have a barking dog that keeps you and your neighbor’s awake, it is your duty to make sure that he is well trained to correct the behavior. Thorough dog training should help you in controlling your dog barking, through counter-conditioning and rewards.

In conclusion


It is a common problem to have your dog barking but it is also crucial to make sure that e behavior is controlled. In the case where your neighbor’s dog barks excessively, it is important that you talk to them first before seeking other legal means. You should also be sure to keep your dog in a comfortable and clean sleeping place to avoid any discomfort at night.




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