Corgi Trainability. A Helpful & Useful Guide

Corgis are an intelligent dog breed. They were bred for herding purposes, which makes them high-energy dogs.

Even though they can be fierce, they have an affectionate character. For this reason, they make excellent family dogs.

However, as with all dogs, we must consider the one important factor; corgi trainability.

As I have already mentioned, corgis are intelligent. While this makes them trainable, do not get too comfortable as corgis are independent dogs.

A corgi puppy will form his own set of rules and habits.

Once he starts following them, it is going to be difficult to train him any other tricks.

Well, this article is going to explore the corgi dog’s personality, temperament, trainability, and sociability.


The Corgi Personality

Thinking about getting a corgi?

Well, these dogs are smart, playful, and affectionate. At the same time, they are adventurous and friendly. When well socialized, a corgi will make a great family dog.

As I have mentioned above, these dogs are independent.

Being a herding dog, a corgi dog is both fierce and loves to feel in control.

Thus, you must establish yourself as an authority figure towards him.

It is important for a dog to follow the leader of his pack, and in this case, that is you.

This dog is mainly happy and will try to do everything with you.

They love attention and you always have to include them in any activities you are doing.

As I said, these dogs are active dogs.

This means that you must provide as much exercise as you can. Otherwise, if your corgi gets bored, he will find something else to do.


The Corgi is an active dog

The corgi breed was originally used for herding livestock. Well, even with short legs, corgis have very high energy levels.

Therefore, they will require moderate exercises to keep them fit. Besides, a dog with so much pent-up energy can be quite distracting.

Therefore, if you are getting a corgi, you must have the time to exercise him.

Ensure that he gets plenty of exercises such as daily walks and several runs each week.

At the same time, you must come up with a way to keep your corgi busy. Purchase plenty of toys for him and play with him.

For instance, you should schedule playtime in the morning and also evenings. You will be surprised at how fast a corgi is when fetching a ball.

Consider getting a dog walker to help you out when you are not at home.


Corgi Trainability

Dog training is one of the most important aspects of keeping a happy pet. While dogs can be trained to adapt to just about anything, it should start early.

So, if you are planning on getting a corgi, I suggest you go for a puppy. They are easier to train.

Besides, I already mentioned that this breed is quite independent. If you fail to train your corgi, he will develop his own habits to follow.

And this is what makes training a corgi a complex and time-consuming affair.


Training a corgi puppy

As I have already said, training a corgi should start as early as possible. The first thing you should do is to come up with a daily routine for your puppy.

The advantage of training a puppy is not only is it easier but you will never have to do it again.

A good example of a daily routine could be waking up at a certain time, every day. Then take him to the potty and wait for him to eliminate.

Play with him for about half an hour or so before leaving the house. Well, ensure that he is well fed and exercised before you leave.

At the same time, ensure that you get back home at the same time every day. Keep the feeding, play, and exercise time at a regular routine.

Well, training a corgi will not only take some time but also a lot of firm reinforcement.


Obedience training for a corgi

Once your corgi has mastered the daily routine, it is time to move on to the next stage.

Obedience training is one of the most important trainings in dogs. It is where you establish dominance, as your dog’s leader.

Obedience training for corgis is not exactly a walk in the park. Start with small commands such as no, stop, and come.

Now, when I say that their independence will affect their trainability, I mean that your dog might disobey your commands.

However, you should continue training him consistently. Do not stop even when he ignores you.

Well, besides being stubborn, corgis are also known to be quite bossy. Instead, remain firm and be patient with him.

Use positive reinforcement to enhance dog training. For instance, you can reward him with a treat each time he obeys your commands.

At the same time, I must insist that too many treats can lead to obesity. These dogs tend to gain weight quite fast.

Also, rewarding him every time will teach him to always expect a treat after obeying your command.

Failure to give him a reward could later bring about resistance.


How long does it take to fully train a corgi?

As we have outlined above, corgi trainability is something that raises concerns.

However, I do not think you should be worried about it, as long as you are using appropriate methods of training. There is no specific timeframe for training a dog.

However, I can assure you that it will take some time. Focus on obedience training above any other training.

Once he starts responding accordingly, you can introduce other training. However, the basic training should also involve potty training.

Dog training is not a task that stops at some point. You just have to discover more tricks to teach your corgi.

Training is both gradual and continuous in order to have a well-behaved and affectionate dog. Keep training your corgi even when he has developed into an adult dog.


How to train your corgi

Corgis are great dogs. However, you must be strict and uphold each trick you train your corgi.

These dogs can choose to do the opposite of what you are training them. However, this does not make them untrainable.

They need a different approach and a lot of patience.

Below, I am going to discuss a few tips to train a corgi;


Consistency and patience

I have outlined some of the reasons why training a corgi might be challenging.

Well, if you have been trying to train your corgi in vain, maybe you are giving up too fast.

Training these dogs takes time and a lot of patience.

You must not punish your dog even when he doesn’t seem to get it. Instead, you should remain consistent and patient with him.

Do not stop the training until your corgi can obey without resisting.

This could take you a few weeks but once he adapts to new training, you will not have any more problems with your dog.

Even when training goes wrong, I advise all dog owners against getting angry. While it can be frustrating, your dog cannot decipher your anger.

Do not yell, or hit him. Instead, keep training him and he will eventually obey.


Socialize your corgi

Socializing your dog exposes him to different people and other animals. This will make him more confident and less fearful.

Besides, these dogs are known to bark and cry. With proper socialization, you will be able to stop excessive vocalization.

Also, should you fail to socialize your dog, he might develop aggression issues later.

As I mentioned, these dogs are social and will do well in a family home.

Ensure that he meets new people and also gets to socialize with other dogs and household pets.

It is helpful to eliminate excessive barking as well.


Provide plenty of exercises and toys

As I mentioned earlier, corgis were bred as herding dogs. This means that they have a lot of energy. Thus, they require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

If you are getting a corgi, I suggest you also purchase a lot of toys for him.

Check out these Dog Toys for dealing with boredom…

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Ensure you spare some time to play with your dog. Make sure he gets daily walks and make a routine for a few runs per week.

You must provide as much stimulation as possible to keep him happy.

Also, playtime is always a good time to bond with your dog.

Spending a lot of time with your dog will help establish trust.



Are you thinking about adding corgi to your family?

Well, brace yourself for an exciting experience. However, there are some concerns about corgi trainability.

This can be directly tied to their independent thinking. Be careful not to let your corgi develop behaviors on his own.

Instead, continue training him consistently and use positive reinforcement.

Keep in mind that he might not always obey your commands at first.

However, training a corgi could take some time as compared to training another breed.

But once you manage to train him, you will enjoy an obedient, active, and very affectionate dog.

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