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My name is Michael Grover, an ardent dog lover. Over the years, I have learned the art of taking care of dogs. I have spent a lot of time studying dog behavior and common behavioral issues. Now that I am retired, I help dog owners understand their dogs as well as provide solutions to all behavioral issues.

One of the common reasons most dog owners give up their dogs is the inability to properly train them. For instance, house soiling is the leading reason why most dog owners surrender their dogs to shelter.

I have compiled an ebook full of tips on how to stop annoying and unwanted dog behavior. I am dedicated to helping dog owners handle their dogs with care and love while at the same time eliminate undesired behavior.

Whether you are looking into abnormal dog behavior, house training or excessive vocalization, my ebook will give you different approaches when handling dog behavior. It will also provide a step by step guide to curbing unwarranted dog behaviors such as nipping, house soiling or unnecessary barking.

My goal is to help you understand your dog as much as possible. When you do so, you get the opportunity to bond with your dog. You will also get to understand why your dog behaves in a certain way.

Besides dog behavior, I also discuss some of the symptoms of dog illnesses that you must not ignore. You will find out the reasons to explain dog coughing or shedding. I outline the common dog illnesses in the ebook as well.

As a passionate pet blogger, I am mostly concerned about keeping dogs and cats happy, healthy and fit. I spend my days writing about pets as I care for my pets as well.

My site targets new dog owners as well as those who are having trouble handling their pets. For instance, I know most of you have faced resistance during other forms of training. A good example is when you are house training your dog. It can be quite a daunting task for you, and especially if you are not equipped to deal with the challenges you are likely to experience.

I choose to write about dogs because as much as I am passionate about them, I have experienced a lot of problems with them. It is the kind of thing that happens when you own and care for multiple dogs for over 40 years.

Throughout this time, I have coped with so many behaviors and medical problems with my dogs. However, I encourage all pet lovers to talk to their vets should they suspect that something is medically wrong with their pets.

I am also very passionate about stopping animal cruelty. I am an advocate for keeping pets and animals safe and happy in their homes.

Is your dog acting up and you cannot seem to understand why? My ebook outlines the causes and guidelines to manage behavioral dog problems. I also outline various approaches to dog training and positive reinforcement.

I have kept different breeds of dogs. And since I am passionate about keeping them happy, I have to end an immeasurable amount of time looking into various behavior problems in different dog breeds.

Whether you are a new or existing dog owner, my ebook will help you keep your dog happy and healthy.

You can see my Dog Training Guide Here.


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