Stop Dog From Digging Home Remedy. This works.

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Stop Dog From Digging Home Remedy. A Helpful & Useful Guide.


Dog digging is something dog owners are familiar with. Your dog may be digging as a result of different factors. In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why your dog may be digging. but, more importantly, show you a method that actually works. And show you the answer to your question “Stop Dog From Digging home Remedy”


Why do dogs dig?


  • To hunt prey

Dogs are led by the natural instinct to hunt. This means that your pup may be digging on the lookout for burrowing animals and rodents. Well, we discourage hunting for domesticated dogs. This means that you should stop your dog from digging immediately after you notice the behavior. This is because rodents and other burrowing animals may transmit worms to your dog.


  • To escape

Even though rare, your dog may try to escape your home through digging. In fact, some dogs manage to escape from home due to various reasons. In a case where you have recently adopted a dog from a shelter, you may want to be extra careful with him. He may try to escape and go back to his previous home. Usually, this is a result of anxiety or fear. Usually, he will dig holes near the fence.

It is therefore important to keep an eye on your dog for the first few days. By monitoring him, you will be able to notice the causes of his anxiety. For instance, if you have a bigger or aggressive pet at home, your needed puppy may feel threatened by it. Knowing the exact thing pushing your dog to dig is important when controlling the behavior.


  • To cool down

This is common during the summer. When there is so much heat, your dog will do anything to cool himself off. If you do not allow your dog to access the house, you may find him lying in his new dug holes. This is because the ground underneath the surface is cooler.

dog digging holes to cool down is led by natural instincts. That is exactly how dogs in the wild will cool themselves off during hot weather.


  • To save food

Dogs, like in the wild, have the desire to save some food for later. He will dig to bury his leftovers only to retrieve it later. This is why you should avoid giving him more food than he can finish. Your vet should be able to advise you on the amount of food you feed to your dog. This will be based on the weight and energy levels of your dog.

It is also important to avoid overfeeding your dog so as to avoid leaving him with pent-up energy. This will also keep your dog safe from obesity.


  • Boredom and anxiety

Dogs get bored quickly as they have a need to explore and be involved. However, most of the time we are not home to be with our dogs. This means that he will spend the day alone and increases the chances of him getting bored. This is a common situation in dogs that get limited play and exercise.


Stop dogs from digging home remedies


Now that we have looked at some of the reasons why dogs dig, how can we stop them? As much as it is harmless for dogs to dig, you definitely do not want to come home and find out he escaped. Therefore, we have to come up with the best and the most effective ways of stopping dogs from digging.


 Home remedies to stop dogs from digging


Bury chicken wire under the fence


This is the most popular method to stop dogs from digging naturally. It is an effective method to stop your dog from escaping your homestead. As discussed earlier, your dog may be trying to escape for some reason. It could be that he is afraid of something in your household or underlying anxiety that drives him.

Although training is an effective way to deal with dog digging problems, burying chicken wire underneath the fence is helpful. This is because it puts a restriction on your dog even after digging. However, you should be careful in order to avoid hurting your dog. Steel chicken wire may cause an injury to your dog’s paws. Therefore, you should consider a plastic chicken wire instead. It is important to remember that the goal is to protect and not harm your dog.


Control burrowing animals


A lot of dogs will dig in the yard or lawn to hunt for prey. However, domestication does not allow our dogs to engage in hunting as we provide food and shelter for them. If your lawn or yard has burrowing animals, then your dog may develop his natural instinct to hunt.

It is not exactly harmful to dogs to hunt but he might catch worms if he eats infected prey. This is one of the most important reasons why you should control the behavior of digging and hunting. To do this, you will need to get rid of these animals off your homestead.

When we talk about controlling burrowing animals, most people will go for pesticides. However, it is better to devise a way to get rid of them without using harmful chemicals. This is because these chemicals may cause harm to your dog. Therefore, you should come up with more humane ways of dealing with these animals without harming your dog and other animals.




During hot weather, your dog may dig up a hole to help him cool his body. This is quite a common occurrence in dogs that do not access the house. However, you can be able to help him cool his body by providing him with air conditioning.

If you allow your dog to access the house, you should not struggle with this. You should make sure that your air-conditioning system is working well. In addition, you should also make sure to provide cool water for him every now and then.


Lemon juice and vinegar


For some reason, dogs hate the smell of vinegar as well as that of lemon juice. This makes the two ingredients quite effective in controlling digging dogs. However, you cannot apply the two directly because the sun will burn the blades of the grass.  Instead, you should add equal amounts of water to both vinegar and lemon juice. You should then spray around your fence or the perimeter of your lawn.

This will deter your dog from digging to escape your homestead, or even digging in your lawn.


Horse manure


As much as horse manure is good for your lawn, it will help you control your digging pup. Dogs are deterred by the smell and thus they stay away. You should reapply as frequently as needed to keep your pup away.


Sprinkler system


This is actually an effective way to stop your dog from digging. The motion sensors will go on whenever there is movement and thus keeping your dog off your yard. This works because dogs do not like to get all wet. Furthermore, it is an effective and safe method to deter your dog from digging holes in your yard.


Thorny plants


Thorny plants are also helpful to stop dogs from digging around the fence. This can be effectively used to control dogs that are digging to escape from your home. Dogs will want to escape for different reasons as we discussed earlier in this article. For instance, your dog might be uncomfortable or wants to mate and thus try to leave your homestead.

However, you should be careful when choosing the type of thorny plants to plant. You should avoid any poisonous plants in order to protect your dog.


Stop Dog From Digging Home Remedy. Walk your dog


As mentioned earlier, your dog may be digging because he is not getting enough exercise. You should monitor your dog’s energy levels and make sure you walk him, play with him, or even exercise with him. This will burn all the extra energy that may encourage him to dig in your yard.

Increasing exercise and playtime is quite effective in eliminating boredom in dogs. Boredom also appears in the list of reasons why dogs dig. Alternatively, you may buy your dog several toys to play with when he is left alone. Eliminating the cause of digging ensures that you curb the undesirable behavior completely.

Playing with your dog will also get him the attention he needs. Some dogs are quite clingy and needy, and thus will do anything to get your attention. This being said, engaging with your dog will help prevent various behaviors in our dogs.


Cayenne pepper


Cayenne pepper is one of the most effective dog digging repellants. Like with vinegar, it is not safe to apply the latter directly to the lawn. This is because it will kill your grass of flowerbed. You can, however, sprinkle some pepper on the edges of your lawn to keep your dog away.

Cayenne pepper works because it causes irritation should your dog sniff in on the lawn. You can alternatively mix the pepper with water and spray it around the yard.


Eucalyptus Oil


The smell of eucalyptus oil is a major repellent for dogs. To apply this technique, soak cotton balls in the oil and place them strategically on your lawn. This will deter your dog from actually going anywhere near your lawn.


Stop Dog From Digging Home Remedy. Bonus point



Dog training has been used to curb almost all undesirable behaviors over the years. It is an actual basic when it comes to domesticating dogs. You need to come up with a ground where both you and your dog can come to an understanding. It is necessary since you will be living together, and sometimes under the same roof.

Dog digging habit is no different from other dog behaviors. This means you may use training to stop your dog from digging. The best thing about dog training is that it is unlikely for him to forget all the lessons, especially if you make it a routine.

There are different ways you can use to train your dog effectively. Some of these ways include teaching commands, distraction, and desensitization, and so on. The first thing you look at when you are looking to train your dog is the underlying cause of digging. You have to determine the reason why he is digging before you can devise a way to make him stop.

Once you understand the cause of digging, then you can approach training. We are going to look at some of the ways you can do this.




This works better when you are training a dog to stop digging from the need for attention. You may distract your dog by throwing a tennis ball for him to get. This will automatically distract him from digging and onto the ball. However, you should be careful while using this method as he can take advantage of it. Once he notices you always give him attention and play with him when he is digging, he may develop a habit of doing it even more.




If you have a dog who enjoys digging for whatever reason, teaching him a few commands will surely help. For instance, you may train him the ‘stop’ or ‘don’t’ commands. You apply the commands immediately you see him digging or about to. Once he understands that you are not pleased with his actions, he will change. This is quite a natural thing for dogs. They do not want or mean to upset their owners as they view you as the leader of their pack.

You will, however, need to practice these commands often and more consistently for him to completely stop digging holes in the yard.




We discussed anxiety and fear as some of the leading causes of dog digging habits. However, you can be able to curb anxiety by the use of the desensitization method. This means exposing your dog to the object instilling fear and anxiety until your dog is used to its presence.

For instance, if your dog is scared of your friend, you may invite them over while your dog is on a leash. You then take your dog near your friend for a minute or so. If he is still restless, you can take him away and also repeat for a short period of time. You should do this without making your dog suffer out of it. The same case goes with dogs afraid of bigger pets at home causing them anxiety and the need to dig.

In conclusion, deterring your dog from digging holes is an important but also challenging task. The above methods should help you take care of it from home.


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