The Perfect System for Training Your Dog

I’m going to show you a dog training system for training your dog.

It took me ten years to perfect – (and tens of thousands of dollars to learn) – a PROVEN “Battlefield-Tested” system for creating an incredibly well-behaved, intelligent dog who follows your every command!”


What Makes A dog Training System Truly Great?

For us dog-lovers, there’s nothing more rewarding than a well-trained pup. So, what makes a dog training system truly great?

First and foremost, it’s got to be positively reinforced. Dogs, just like us, respond better to rewards rather than punishment.

So, any top-notch training system will focus on praising your pooch when they do something right rather than punishing them for slip-ups. It’s like getting a gold star for acing a test!

A fantastic training system will also be consistent. Dogs are creatures of habit, so consistent commands and reactions to behaviors are key.

Whether it’s “sit,” “stay,” or “heel,” keep those commands constant and your dog will become a pro in no time.

Remember – patience is pivotal. Just like humans, dogs aren’t going to pick up everything right away.

A great system will recognize this, focusing on gradual progress over time rather than expecting instant perfection.

Lastly, it has to be tailored to your dog’s needs. Just as we all have our learning styles, so do dogs!

Some might be visual learners, while others respond to auditory cues. Knowing your dog’s personality and adjusting the training to fit is the golden rule.

To sum it up, a solid dog training system is built on positivity, consistency, patience, and individual understanding.

Just keep these in mind, and you’ll help your pup be the best they can be. After all, who said you can’t teach an old (or young) dog new tricks?

What about my training system then?


What Makes My Dog Training System So Unique?

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Most training programs today fail to engage your Dog on a mental level and fail to develop their intelligence.

With enough mental stimulation – many problem behaviors melt away. I’ll explain why below.

Most training programs fail you and your dog because they never address the root cause of your dog’s problem behavior.

They give you some cookie-cutter technique to stop biting, chewing or barking – which is short-term in its effectiveness at best – again because it does not address the root cause of the problem.

Most dog training programs use OUTDATED force and dominance techniques. This is proven NOT to work by the latest research. My methods are force-free and gentle.

They rely on the latest science in dog behavior research to create a strong bond between you and your dog and create positive emotions in your dog instead of fearful ones.

They only reinforce the behaviors you want.

PHONEYS design many other online dog training programs and are designed by PHONEYS with no certifications…

This is dangerous since using the wrong techniques will lead to problem behaviors getting worse or even a bite in some cases.

Avoid taking advice from any “trainer” who does not list their professional certifications.

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