Dog Stool Eating Deterrent. The Ultimate Guide

Stool eating by a dog is quite a disgusting but rather common behavior in dogs. Most dog owners struggle to make their dogs stop eating poop in vain. However, you can be able to stop your pup from eating poop by making it undesirable. I mean, he cannot eat poop if he hates the odor or taste of the poop. You can make poop disgusting by the use of a dog stool eating deterrent.

Dog stool eating deterrent.


Before we look at some of the best deterrents to stop poop eating, let us look at some of the reasons why you need to stop the behavior. It is, however, important to note that coprophagia is not exactly harmful to your dog. Well, you need to make him stop because;


It is annoying and disgusting


Poop eating is actually gross to us humans. Imagining it will make you want to puke but unfortunately, it might be your dog’s favorite snack. Furthermore, your dog is likely to touch or lick you after dining on poop. It cannot be more disgusting than this, right? Well, imagine your dog kissing you upon coming home only to feel the stench of his or any other animal poop. Therefore, it is important to stop him from stool eating as soon as you observe the behavior.


Dog stool eating deterrent. It is an embarrassing behavior


Not only is stool eating gross but also embarrassing. Domestication has made it possible for us to live with our dogs under the same roof. This means that we come up with ground rules in order for us to co-exist peacefully. However, we live in the same house and share most of the space at home. It would be so embarrassing for your dog to walk up to the cat litter and eat poop while you have guests.

Poop eating also affects your image out there, especially if your dog loves to eat poop during walks. Dog eating poop usually does not send an enticing image for you and your dog.


Poop eating can become chronic


Dogs love routine which means if he gets used to eating poop, you may never be able to stop them. In fact, this is why you should curb the behavior as soon as you observe it. This can be hard to control if you are away from home for long periods of time. However, we will discuss this later in this article.


Poop eating might expose your dog to worms


Intestinal parasites are not pretty to deal with. poop eating will expose your dog to internal parasites like hookworms and roundworms. For instance, if your dog consumes poop from an infected pet, let’s say a cat, he is likely to contract a parasitic infection. This will earn you a trip to the vet and if you do not control the behavior as soon as you can, you may end up spending a fortune at the vet care.

Once you observe your dog eating poop, you will have to monitor the reason why he is doing so. This way, you will be able to curb the behavior from the roots. Some of the reasons why your dog is eating poop may include:


He simply likes it

Some dogs just like the taste of poop, and especially cat poop. Usually, this may develop from a young age when your pup is experimenting. This could actually lead to chronic poop eating if not controlled.


Nutritional deficiencies

Sometimes your dog may eat poop as a sign of nutritional deficiencies. Even though processed dog food is safe, your dog’s wild instinct may kick in. He may require certain nutrients and enzymes required for food absorption.


Dog stool eating deterrent. Availability of the poop


Leaving poop around the household will definitely make your dog want to eat it. For instance, if you leave cat poop in the litter box for too long, your dog will sniff around and probably eat it. You should make sure you get rid of his poop and that of your cat if you have any. Keeping poop away means that your dog will not have a chance to eat it. potty training for puppies is also necessary and effective in eliminating coprophagia.


Avoiding punishment

Sometimes we are so annoyed with our dogs when they disobey us. However, yelling or caning your dog is not effective among dogs. For instance, if your dog recently had an accident that left your house soiled, yelling probably never worked! Instead, your dog will try and eliminate any evidence of the situation. This will have him eating his poop right back to avoid annoying his master.


How to stop your dog from stool eating


This is rather a common question among dog owners. Since we have understood why we need to control the behavior, how exactly do you curb it? We are going to discuss several methods in which you can deter your dog from eating poop.


Potty training

Potty training is essential for all dogs, and especially puppies. Not only does this make it easy for you to get rid of his poop, but it is also good manners. There is nothing disgusting like a puppy who will poop anywhere and everywhere. This means that you will always have to keep an eye on him, which is impossible to do. This will lead to house soiling and also encourage poop eating.

training your puppy on how to use a potty is probably the first training he should receive. It is going to take you a few days until he gets used to it. After that, you will not have any problems with house soiling, and you will be able to keep poop away at all times.

To reinforce training, you may reward your dog whenever he gets it right. For instance, once he poops in the potty, offer him a treat. This way, he always wants to please you in exchange for a treat. Eventually, it is going to become a habit and routine for him.

Once you have managed to train him, you can always make sure you dispose of poop on time. Alternatively, you can also train your dog to stop eating poop through verbal commands. For instance, you may teach him the stop command whereby you offer him a treat once he obeys it. Once you see him sniffing or eating poop,

This will take you a few weeks and you will not have any problems with house soiling or poop eating.


Play and exercise

We all know how important it is to exercise our dogs. This is because they are prone to boredom, especially when left alone. Boredom is also one of the leading causes of stool eating in dogs. For instance, if you fail to exercise your puppy, he may develop coping mechanisms that are usually undesirable. These behaviors may include poop eating, excessive barking, or even digging.

If your dog is eating stool, his or other animals, you may try and extend his playtime. This will release the extra energy and leave your dog with the desire to rest. This way, he will not engage in some undesirable behaviors.

play and exercise are also helpful in eliminating anxiety which might cause stool eating in dogs. Dogs are quite prone to anxiety, and particularly separation anxiety. This is because of the attachment they feel to us. When left alone, your dog will do anything to cope with the anxiety, including stool eating.

It is also important to monitor your dog over a period of time to be able to understand why he is eating poop. This way, you will be able to curb the behavior completely. For instance, you can train your dog how to be alone to avoid the unnecessary need for attention.


Get rid of the stool

This one is a no-brainer; no poop equals no poop eating. After your puppy has learned potty training, it is easier to get rid of the poop. This, however, means that you need to estimate the time your dog is likely to poop. In most cases, dogs will poop 15-30 minutes after a meal. This should make it easier for you to always make sure the potty is empty and clean at all times.

Dog owners with cats can also make sure that the litter box is empty as well. This means that your dog will not come across poop around the household.


Dog stool eating deterrents


Stool deterrents are meant to stop a dog from eating poop. They come in different forms and are completely safe to use for your dog. Well, stool eating is quite popular amongst our canine friends. However, stool eating deterrents will prevent your dog from eating his stool by making it smell awful and uninviting.

However, dog eating stool all of a sudden will require you to visit your vet for diagnoses. Even though poop eating is not exactly harmful to your dog, it is important that you confirm with the vet.

Other deterrents are made in such a way they make up for digestive enzymes deficiency. This is because this deficiency causes your dog to suffer from malabsorption of foods. This causes your dog to pass undigested nutrients and thus the need to eat it right back.

There are chewable tablets you may include in your stool eating dog’s food. They are flavored to make the dog want to eat the food. These deterrents come in different dosages based on your dog’s weight and age. In most cases, the dosage instructions will be indicated on the package.


Dog stool eating deterrent. What are they?


The chewable stool eating deterrents are suitable for curbing stool eating disorders in dogs. They contain botanical agents that will curb nutritional deficiencies. In most cases, you will not have to give it to him every day, especially after he has adapted to not eating stool. Dog stool eating deterrents are completely safe to use as prescribed.

There are several types of dog stool eating deterrents. All of them contain supplements that will aid your dog’s digestion as well as eliminate coprophagia. This way, you will not feel embarrassed or worried that your dog is eating poop while you are away from home.

It is important to confirm with your vet the type of deterrent to using. This is to avoid any complications, especially if your dog is allergic to any ingredients. Your vet will also be able to determine if your dog has any nutritional deficiencies that lead to coprophagia.

There are also natural ways to deter a dog from eating stool. For instance, adding a meat tenderizer to the poop will discourage the behavior. This works especially when your dog is interested in other pets’ poop. Meat tenderizer will make the poop undesirable to consume.

Another natural method of deterring a dog from stool eating is by the use of lemon juice or hot sauce. The taste of the poop will be uninviting and thus he will not consume it. Whether it is his poop or other animals, this is an effective method.

If your dog is a notorious poop eater, and especially his poop, you may consider changing his diet. You do not necessary to make it at home but you should consider adding canned pumpkin in his diet. As much as it tastes good to your dog, it makes poop taste bad in his poop. This will definitely deter him from eating it.


Dog stool eating deterrent. Pick it up


Picking up dog and cat poop regularly is also an effective method of keeping your dog from eating poop. This might be rather a tricky solution since you are not at home mostly. As discussed earlier potty training will definitely solve this problem for you.

Although dog-eating poop is not exactly harmful to your dog, it is important to have him examined by a vet. This will ensure that your dog has not contracted any infections. You will also have a more vivid way on how to approach this problem.

Remember the goal is to make sure that your dog is no longer dining on poop. It is weird and at the same time disgusting to watch your dog snack on his poop. Therefore it is important to address the issue as soon as you observe the behavior.


In conclusion

We are liable for how our dogs behave. Dog eating stool is not only gross but also embarrassing for you and your dog. No one will want to touch your dog after seeing them eat poop. It can also get worse when your dog gives you a kiss and all you can smell is poop. Disgusting, right?

Therefore, there is a need to control stool eating in dogs. As we have discussed in this article, you have several ways in which you can curb this behavior. You only have to choose the most suitable way of doing it.

It is a fact that as your dog ages his habits and health can change and cause problems for you and your dog. It is not always necessary to contact the vet in every case. Most behavior and health problems can be dealt with quickly and naturally. Go over and download this invaluable dog habits and health care Bible. It is an absolute must.






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