Can A Wolf Kill A German Shepherd? Who Would Win

Can A Wolf Kill A German Shepherd?

When these two animals go head-to-head, you will wonder… can a Wolf kill a German Shepherd? Or, the alternative… Can a German Shepherd kill a Wolf? Well, varying factors influence which one has the upper hand, or paw. However, without considering more unpredictable factors, the best way to predict the victor is by looking at … Read post

Can You Eat Wolves? Would You Want To

Can You Eat Wolves?

Can we actually eat wolves? It is technically possible but not advisable to eat wolf due to the meat’s flavor, legal regulations governing wolf hunting, and the possibility of disease. Humans have killed wolves to protect themselves and their property; some have died for sport, but rarely have they killed wolves for their meat. We … Read post

Are Wolves Carnivores? Yes or No

Are Wolves Carnivores?

Wolves are carnivores. Wolves are classified as obligate hypercarnivores; more than 70% of their meat-based diet. Consumption of other carnivores and omnivores accounts for 5% to 25% of wolves’ diets. Plant matter has been found in wolf scat, but its nutritional contribution is negligible. Wolves are known for their muscular bodies, sharp teeth, and cunning … Read post