Can I Pay Monthly For Dog Training?

In this article, I will highlight everything you may need to know about dog training costs and if one should pay monthly for Dog Training.

It is one of the most important things to do immediately after you get a dog. However, some of us are unable to properly train our dogs for various reasons.

As a result, we end up with poorly trained dogs.

I am going to answer all your questions.

I am going to look at the costs of dog training.


Importance of Dog Training – Can I Pay Monthly?

So, why do you need to train your dog? Well, unless you are comfortable living with a dog who soils the house or engages in other undesirable behaviors, it is necessary that you train your dog.

Well, below, I am going to list down the advantages of training your dog:


A great way of bonding with your dog

Often, I have heard dog owners complaining about their dogs. You cannot learn anything about your canine best friend if you do not spend time together.

There is no better way of doing so than training him and playing with him.

Well, while training your dog, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about him.

Each dog will have his unique personality and it is only better if you understand his.


A well-behaved dog is better to live with

Well, it is easier to live with a trained dog than an untrained one. I mean, training him will make him well behaved and he can follow a few commands.

For instance, upon a successful house training him, you will no longer have to deal with house soiling.


Provides mental stimulation

Depending on the type of training you impose on your dog, it should provide mental stimulation. Well, dogs are always looking for something to keep them busy.

Therefore, training them new tricks is a productive way to stimulate your dog mentally.

Do not forget the morning or evening walks and runs are great for physical stimulation.


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Why Should I Get Professional Help?

Why consider getting dog training help when you can train him yourself?

Well, a lot of dog owners are reluctant to get professional help to train their pups.

Below, I will outline some of the reasons I think you should get a dog trainer.


You lack the time to train your dog

As I mentioned above, dog training is a time-consuming task. You will need to have your puppy under constant supervision.

For instance, when you are house training your dog, you must be available. It is because you will need to take him out to the potty every hour or so.

Well, most of us do not have the time to stay at home for this.

However, it does not mean that your dog will not go for training. You can always hire a dog trainer to help you.

Get a dog trainer immediately after you bring your puppy home.

Also, note that once you have started dog training, you should not stop.

This would confuse your dog and also lead to other problems.


You have an adult dog who needs training

Often, I advise first-time dog owners to get a puppy. Not only are puppies easier to train but also to manage.

However, if you have an adult dog who is yet to be trained, then you might consider getting help from a professional dog trainer.

There are so many reasons why you might get an adult dog who is not trained.

For instance, if you adopt a rescue dog, he might not have undergone any training.

Therefore, you might have to start from scratch, which is complex.

Well, house training for adult dogs can be complex.

A dog trainer will be able to maneuver a way around and train your dog.


For proper obedience classes

Obedience training is going to teach your dog basic commands.

For instance, you can teach your dog how to sit, stay, and stop jumping.

Well, it is the basis of dog training, especially when you are looking to eliminate undesirable behavior.

A dog trainer will be able to handle even the most difficult dogs to train.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about changing behaviors such as nipping, mouthing, and jumping.


Your dog is exposed to various training methods

Besides lacking the time, we also lack the capacity to use different methods to enhance dog training.

You can be able to train your puppy with a few commands.

However, different dogs will respond to different training methods.

Well, a dog trainer is experienced and will use every method that is ethical and effective to train new or curb old behaviors in dogs.

If your dog is not responding to basic training, the best way to handle this is by hiring a dog trainer.


Your dog gets to socialize in the process

Unless you are going for the private training classes, getting a dog trainer exposes your dog to new people and dogs.

Well, if your dog is not well socialized, he might exhibit signs of aggression later in life.

Group training will expose your dog to other dogs and thus make him friendly.


You have a senior dog

When a dog grows older, they tend to forget some of the training we have always reinforced.

it could be a result of underlying conditions. In other cases, older dogs tend to develop dementia which could affect his memories.

A dog trainer can assist you to stimulate your dog over time. This is especially important if you lack the time to train your dog.

At least you can rest assured that your dog is being well taken care of and most importantly he is under supervision.

It is only fair to let your best friend age gracefully while receiving good care and training.


Can I Pay Monthly?

Now, do you need dog training help? I have already outlined some of the circumstances that might require you to hire a dog trainer.

However, it is important for every dog to get some classes to get him as well-behaved as possible.

Well, I am sure you have come across an ad or basically posters advertising dog training services. It should not be difficult for you to access dog training services locally.

However, you should be careful and do your research to ensure that your dog is in good hands.

In most cases, dog training is paid per session. Well, unless you are taking your dog for a daycare where he will be signed up for classes.

In other cases, you might choose to take your dog for boot camp training. Well, the pricing will depend on your preferred service provides.


Factors That Affect The Cost of Dog Training

Well, now that we have determined the need for a professional dog trainer, the cost of these services will depend on a few factors.

These may include the following:

  • Age of the dog
  • Form of training
  • Your residence
  • Duration of each session
  • Urgency of training
  • Your preference: private or group training


The cost of dog training will vary based on the above factors.

Below, I am going to explain how the above-listed factors determine the cost of dog training.


Age of your dog

Now, training a puppy is usually cheaper compared to training an adult dog. This is because as I mentioned earlier, puppies are easier to train.

Besides, you will not spend as much time training a puppy as with an adult dog.

Also, different dog training service providers will have different packages based on age.

Besides, a dog will require different forms of training at different stages of his life.

However, some dog trainers will have a constant rate regardless of the dog’s age.


Form of training required

Different types of training will be priced accordingly. For instance, basic obedience training is way cheaper in comparison to house training or service dog training.

Well, what are you looking to train your dog?

Or are you trying to curb a certain undesirable behavior?

Some of the dog training services widely offered include puppy training. This is easier and will take a shorter time to teach a puppy general manners.

Mitigating aggressive behavior might be more expensive than basic pup training.

It requires intensive training and monitoring of your dog’s response to different training methods.

Well, it will also take some time before the trainer can eliminate this behavior completely.

Other forms of training might include obedience, therapy, and service dog training. This can be quite expensive.

The cost of training your dog will highly depend on the type of training you want your dog to undergo.


Duration of the training

While most dog training service providers will often go for payment per session. It can be difficult to estimate exactly how much you are going to pay using this variant.

This is because some dogs may take longer to respond to training than others.

If your dog takes longer to complete training, you will definitely spend more.


Your residence

Different locations will have different rates of dog training services.

Enquire from several local providers to know how much you are likely to pay for your dog.


The urgency of these services

How fast do you want your dog to be enrolled for training?

This is especially a common variant when you are taking your dog to a daycare center.

If you need their services immediately, you might be required to pay a higher amount.

Some dog daycares will have a waiting list for dogs waiting to enroll.


What If I Do Not Have My Dog Trained?

Whether you are going to train your dog yourself or get a dog trainer, you are doing the right thing.

Well, I would not risk not training my dog. In most cases, we train our dogs to curb unwanted behavior.

Should you fail to have your dog trained, he might result in indulging in behaviors such as:

  • jumping on people and strangers
  • Excessive vocalization as a result of boredom
  • A poorly socialized dog who growls at people
  • Destructive behavior
  • House soiling


If you want a well-behaved dog, then you must ensure that he is trained.

Training is better done when it started at a young age.


Cost Of Dog Training

I have outlined that the cost of dog training will depend on various factors. The cost will mainly vary based on the form of training.

For instance, if you are taking private classes for your dog, it will definitely be higher than that of group training.

It can vary based on your location but will range from $50-$130 per session. It is difficult to tell the exact amount you will have to pay.

Also, some trainers will pay monthly.

Therefore, to answer your question, you can negotiate with the dog training service provider to have a standard monthly rate.

Group training will be a lot cheaper. You might end up paying half the price for private classes.

Basic obedience training is among the cheapest form of training.

However, should you decide to have your dog go for boot camp training, you might have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Service dog training is usually paid per session. It is also a bit pricy since you can pay up to $140 per hour.

As I outlined earlier, various factors will determine the cost of dog training.

Now that you understand the cost requirements of dog training, let’s talk about dog trainers.

You cannot entrust just about anyone who regards themselves as a dog trainer.

Instead, you should do some research, especially when you are hiring individuals.

I am going to outline the 7 qualities of a good dog trainer below.


7 Must Qualities For a Professional Dog Trainer

Well, when entrusting a person to train and handle your dog, you must do some background research.

Ensure that the dog trainer is experienced and knows what they are doing.

Considering that this is a lengthy process, you will have to form some kind of a working relationship with your dog trainer.

Look out for the following qualities of a good dog trainer:



Training a dog needs patience. For instance, let’s talk about potty training.

Before you can get your dog to get accustomed to going to the potty area, he will have a lot of accidents.

The trainer should not punish the dog.

Also, you will need some lessons from the dog trainer. Well, it is not always easy to understand dog training.

It will not work well between you two if they are easily angered.

Besides, dog training is lengthy and some dogs might take longer to learn a simple trick.

Patience should be a virtue for all dog trainers.



There is no formula for training a dog.

Therefore, the trainer should be creative enough to come up with different training methods.

This is especially important if your dog is a little difficult to train.

Besides, what works for one dog might not work for every dog.

As a result, the trainer will need to be creative with methods and models of dog training.


Must be keen

A dog trainer must be affectionate towards dogs. I am not just talking about being a pet lover but understanding dog language.

They need to be observant and have attention to detail.

They are required to monitor how dogs respond to different situations. After all, you cannot train or curb a behavior you do not understand.

A dog trainer should notice even the slightest changes in dog behavior.


Must be confident

A good dog trainer knows his job and is good at it.

Therefore, they should demonstrate confidence in their jobs.

Besides, dogs need a confident trainer.

The trainer must establish themselves as authority figures to dogs.


Must understand dog equipment and toys

Good worker understands their tools and functions. Well, a dog trainer must exhibit deep knowledge of dog training equipment and toys.

They should be able to advise you on the type of toys to buy as well as all the required tools for dog training.


Must understand dog behavior

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot modify dog behavior without understanding it fully.

Therefore, dog trainers must understand the dog behavior change model.

They should be able to tell why your dog is behaving in a certain way, and also find a way to curb undesirable behavior.

What I am saying is, to train a dog, the trainer should research, understand, and practice ethical training methods.


Must be resilient

I already talked about patience. Now, while it will take several weeks to train a certain trick, it could take longer for some dogs.

This is especially when you are training an adult dog. Even when a dog does not respond to training, the trainer does not give up.

They must be resilient and innovative to find alternative methods to train their dogs.



The cost of training a dog will vary on various factors including the age of the dog and the type of training required.

The service provider will advise you on the payment options. You can pay per session, week, or even monthly for dog training.

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