How to House Train a Puppy Pitbull. This Works

Pitbull puppies are adorable, despite the ugly name they have made for themselves following aggressive acts. You will not have to worry about aggressive behavior if you train him well. Now, whiniest bring him home, allow him to socialize with everyone from the beginning. You should also train your Pitbull puppy as soon as you get home.


How to house train a puppy Pitbull


House training your puppy will need a lot of patience and consistency throughout the process. Therefore, preparing your home for him before he gets home is essential for him before he gets home. You will need to observe his behavior and determine his patterns. However, do not despair; I will guide you as you house train your Pitbull puppy.


Establish a Schedule

It would help if you created a schedule immediately when bringing your puppy home. Remember that he will stick to what you teach him from the first day you get him home. Adjust a feeding and bathroom breaks routine that you will stick to from the first day with your Pitbull puppy.

For instance, ensure that you wake up at the same time each day and rush him to the potty area you prepared for him. The schedule for your puppy should align with your own. This way, it will be easy to remember each activity in the routine. The feeding schedule should be closely placed with yours. For example, you eat breakfast as he eats and all the other meals.

The first few weeks are most important when discussing potty training a pit bull puppy. This is where you lay out all the house rules for your party. At the same time, this is where you establish a strong bond with your pup. Therefore, it would be best for you to spend as much time with him as possible.

Also, do not forget to include playtime in the daily routine. You must also exercise or walk him through curbing boredom and other behavioral vices.

Ensure that you have included a few bathroom breaks in the routine. It would help if you took him out for a bathroom break every other hour. This is because puppies have a small bladder and need to eliminate now and then.

A good schedule will help your puppy adjust to your home.


Preparing a potty place


Getting a nice potty area for your puppy is an essential step in house training. Depending on the house you want to house train your Pitbull puppy, you will have to choose the most appropriate potty area for him before he gets home.

There are no specific requirements for a potty place. However, ensure that you place it near the bathroom. This is especially if you are potty training a puppy using paper pads or crates. We shall discuss this later on in this article. If you are training your puppy to potty outdoors, you must ensure that he is comfortable and feels safe outside.

The potty area should also be easily accessible. When you take your pup to the potty, he should be able to get there without soiling the house. However, if it is far away, your Pitbull puppy may not be able to hold it till he gets to the potty area.

Also, always use the same route when taking him to the potty area. Refrain from using different doors and paths during the house training to avoid confusing your pup.


Be Consistent


Consistency is a requirement when you kick off house training. Once you have established a good working routine, you should stick to it from the first day you start. For instance, if you feed him at 7 am for breakfast, it should always be like that.

Also, ensure that your Pitbull puppy uses only one spot to eliminate. Please do not take him to any other place for potty breaks other than your chosen spot. On the same note, do not move the potty area, even if you use paper pads for training.

For you to remain consistent with puppy training, it means you have to be home most of the time. A puppy who is undergoing training should never be left alone at home. So, clear out your days, especially during the first week. This way, you can ensure that he is under supervision at all times.

When you wake up, take your puppy to the potty area. You will always need to do this first thing in the morning. Also, right after his breakfast, encourage him to go potty to minimize his chances of getting an accident.

Remain consistent with your schedule and all the other activities with your dog. This way, you can make it a habit for him in the future.

Be Patient

This is probably the most challenging thing when potty training your puppy. Well, the truth is, you will spend much of your time trying to reinforce good behavior and have a few accidents.

It would help if you were patient when house-training your pup. Do not yell or punish him for the minor accidents he might have as he learns. Instead, please clean it up well and remain consistent with training. We have said before that dogs do not understand the concept of punishment. It will only lead to a half-trained puppy.

Do not forget that pit bulls are known for their aggressive nature. While this turns out to be true in some cases, a well-socialized pup will not have issues to do with aggression. Therefore, spend as much time playing with him and also let other family members play with the dog to allow him to familiarize himself with people.

To house train, your Pitbull puppy may take up to 6 months! Therefore, you must remain focused and patient throughout this process. Otherwise, you might end up with a puppy who soils the house occasionally.


Track your progress


As mentioned above, potty training will take some time before he can comfortably take himself outside or to the designated potty area. However, it would help if you kept up with the training progress. Is your puppy learning, or do you have to clean up his waste every other day?

While we cannot expect perfection during the training process, it is uncommon to train a dog correctly and fail to learn. If this is the case for you, consider rushing him to a vet care center. The vet will examine him and determine if there is any medical reason why your pup keeps having accidents in the house.

Please do not change your pup’s diet during this period, as it may cause upset stomach issues. You want to keep the training process as smooth and straightforward for both of you as you can. Keep checking for any behavioral changes as you continue potty training him.

Also, do not allow free-feeding even if you have to leave the house. It will make it difficult for you to track when your dog likely gets the urge to eliminate.


Restrict him from accessing the house


When you bring your Pitbull puppy home, he will be anxious and perhaps nervous. As a result, chances are that he will soil the house if left unsupervised. Therefore, you should restrict him from accessing other rooms in the house.

Whether you are training your dog from a crate or pen, you should always make sure that he does not get to roam around. Letting him out of confinement sometimes is essential, always supervising him. Alternatively, put him on a leash so that you can follow his trail.


Reward good behavior

Rewarding your puppy for good behavior will have him anticipating the next potty break. It is the fastest way to reinforce training. Besides, dogs tend to associate specific actions with favorable outcomes. Praising or rewarding him after a successful potty break will encourage him always to do so.

Carry a treat or toy when you take him to the potty area. Encourage him to potty as you stand with him. When he eliminates successfully, you can either praise him verbally or proceed and hand him the toy or treat. He will always look forward to getting a reward and thus will be sure to potty appropriately.


House train your Pitbull puppy using a crate (See crates on Amazon)


Using a crate to house train your dog is probably easier. The box provides temporary confinement as your pup adapts to the new environments. Besides this, it is going to be helpful when you are potty training your puppy.

Get him in the crate immediately after you get home. Remember that your puppy will start picking up habits immediately. The container should be comfortable enough for your pup. In addition, provide clean water and a bowl of food in the box. On the same note, get a crate that is big enough for your puppy to fit but not too big to roam around. The extra space might provide him with an opportunity to eliminate.

Immediately let your dog out of the crate in the morning. This way, he can eliminate it before you feed him breakfast. You will have to check on him and take him out for frequent bathroom breaks. A crate will also help you for the first few nights. You can bring him to the bedroom the first night to keep him company.

Make the crate as comfortable as you can. After all, your pup will spend most of his life in it. Also, make it a habit to rush to the potty area each time you let him out of the crate before anything else.


House train a pit bull puppy using paper pads.


You can also use paper pads to house train your pet bullpup. It works well, especially if you live in apartment buildings. You may not be able to get to the outside before your puppy eliminates it. Therefore, you need a more permanent solution to this problem.

Using paper pads may need a bit of patience as it is gradual. To begin the training, you must let your pup know that he is only allowed to potty on the pads, not on anything else. Place the paper pads on the floor of his pen or crate. He will likely eliminate it at some point.

Always ensure that you pick up the soiled paper pads and dispose of them. Once your pup gets all comfortable with your house, it is time to reduce the number of paper pads on the floor gradually. At this point, the goal is to transfer the paper pads to the designated potty place. Remove the soiled papers, dispose of them, and do not replace them.

Once you have removed all the paper pads, put a partially soiled paper pad on your chosen potty area, preferably near your bathroom. It is time to let your Pitbull puppy explore the house. He will recognize the paper pads and use them accordingly. You can also take the partially soiled paper pad and place it outside if you train him to potty outdoors.

Using a paper pad makes it easy for you to clean up after him as you will only pick and dispose of the latter.



Bringing a pit bull puppy home is exciting and all. However, you will need to set aside time and house trains him. It would help if you established a smooth schedule for him before he gets home. Ensure that you have prepared a crate of a pen for him.

Begin the training immediately after you get home. Take him to the potty area every hour for pee breaks. Also, keep him under supervision, especially for the first few days. This way, you can observe any signs your pup may need to eliminate. He may start sniffing around, circling, and whining when he wants to stop.

Be consistent with your training. If you have to leave the house, make sure you have a friend or neighbor who can check up on your puppy when you are away. Should he have any accidents, ensure that you clean them up as soon as possible. Use enzymatic cleaners to remove the smell and stains left after the house soiling.



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