Dog Barking in Crate at Night All of a Sudden

In this article, I will outline 7 ways to stop dog barking in a crate at night. Excessive barking is not only a nuisance to you but it could land you in trouble with your neighbors.

Bringing a new puppy home is always an exciting idea. These adorable creatures are energetic and active.

At the same time, they are lovable. However, puppies are prone to behavioral disorders that could lead to excessive barking.

When you bring a new puppy home, you will need to keep him in a crate. It is usually helpful to keep him calm as well as to potty train your dog.

Ensure that the crate is comfortable with all the necessary items. For instance, ensure that he has a place to sleep, as well as to play with his toys.

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However, the crate should not be big enough to allow him to urinate or pee in the crate.


How to stop a dog from barking in the crate at night

In most cases, your new dog might suddenly start barking in his crate. He is probably feeling lonely and needs your attention.

However, responding to his noises will only encourage this behavior.

The following steps should help you stop your dog from barking excessively:


Bring his crate to your bedroom

It could take some time before your dog gets used to a new home. As a result, your new puppy could start barking because he is lonely and anxious.

They may not sleep well for a couple of days. You can help your puppy adjust by keeping him company.

However, do not let him get used to sleeping in your bedroom. At some point, he will have to learn how to sleep in his designated area.

After a few days, you can take him back to his area. Of course, this will be met with a lot of resistance but after a few days, he will settle down.


Ignore your dog

Now, as I have indicated above, most dogs will bark in their crate to get your attention. Checking on them every time the bark will end up encouraging the behavior.

Ignore your dog if there is nothing going on with him. However, you must ensure that he is well before you leave him.

While this method works, it means that you will have to put up with your dog barking for a few days. This might bring about issues with your neighbors.

Besides, ignoring your dog can increase the level of stress and anxiety, making the barking worse.


Train the quiet command

This is my favorite method stop Dog barking in a crate at night all of a sudden. Well, it takes some time before your dog finally obeys to this command.

However, once he learns the command, you should not have any trouble keeping your dog calm.

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Well, for this exercise, you will need to purchase treats for your dog. Wait until he starts barking and command him to ‘quiet’ using a calm voice.

After a couple of tries, you should be able to get his attention. Immediately he stops barking, offers him a treat.

To reinforce this training, offer him some more treats for prolonged quiet behavior. Your dog will be able to associate silence with a positive outcome; the treats.

It should take you a few weeks before your dog masters this command.


Ensure that your dog is exercised every day

Another common cause of excessive barking at night is an under-exercised dog. As I indicated above, dogs are energetic.

They are always looking for something fun to do. With so much energy and being locked in a crate, your dog will result in barking all of a sudden.

Take some time to exercise your dog. Take long walks in the morning and evening to burn extra calories.

Also, engage in exciting play with your dog and ensure that he is spent before putting him to bed.


Keep your dog in the quietest place in the house

Outside noise can lead to a dog barking in his crate especially at night. Place your dog’s crate away from the front door and to the quietest place in the house.

For instance, the laundry room or bathroom could serve better for him.

Alternatively, you can purchase a noise-canceling machine to block the outside noise. Too much noise could trigger your dog to start barking at night.


Rule out medical illnesses

Barking can indicate that your dog is not doing well. It could indicate that he is in some kind of pain or discomfort.

If this behavior has suddenly started and gone on for a few nights, consider taking your dog to the vet.

You can also examine him for any swellings or injuries on his skin. If any, visit your vet for further consultation and treatment.



If your dog has suddenly started barking in his crate at night, try and find out why. If he calms down when you go to check on him, he is probably doing it for attention.

Limit the number of times you respond to your dog barking in his crate. It could end up reinforcing the barking behavior since he always gets your attention.

It should take a few days before your dog stops this habit when using the right measures as outlined above.

How to stop a dog from barking in the crate at night
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