Dog Crates for Dogs with Anxiety

This article focuses on three heavy-duty dog crates that can keep large, aggressive dogs with anxiety captive.

Finding dog crates for dogs with anxiety can be a challenge.  This is especially true for large dog breeds because if these larger dogs are also aggressive, they can escape from or even destroy some cages.

In our opinion, these are great options…


Furuisen Heavy Duty Dog Crates

The first dog crate is the Furuisen Heavy Duty Crate. What makes this crate an effective crate for a large dog with anxiety that can also be aggressive?

This crate is strong, durable, and safe. Is the crate sturdy?

It is made of carbon steel that is reinforced and resistant to corrosion.

Dog Crates for Dogs with AnxietyDog Crates for Dogs with Anxiety
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The crate provides plenty of ventilation for dogs, too.

Can the crate rust and is the finish on the crate non-toxic?

The finish is resistant to rust and corrosion and it is nontoxic, an important feature since dogs with anxiety tend to chew excessively.

Some dogs find ways to open latches on crates and escape.

How does this crate address this potential problem?

The crate is equipped with a double-lock system that prevents dogs from finding a way to escape.

Most crates have only a single door.

Sometimes, interaction with the dog is desirable when the dog is in the crate, so on this one, there are two doors.

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A front door provides the entrance and exit for the dog, and a top door allows interactions with the dog while it is in the crate.

Is this crate easy to move?

Many crates do not have wheels, which makes moving the crate with the dog inside a difficult task.

The Furuisen crate has wheels that rotate 360°and this makes the crate highly maneuverable and relatively easy to move.

Do the wheels lock to prevent the cage from moving?

Yes, the crate’s wheels lock to make the crate stationary.

Is the crate easy to clean?

The crate has two slide-out plastic trays that make cleaning fallen food and excrement simple and quick.

The Furuisen Heavy Duty Crate has all the features of a strong and well-designed crate for large dogs with anxiety.


Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate

The second dog crate is the Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate. This is similar to the Furuisen Heavy Duty Dog Crate in some aspects of its design.

The Smonter Crate is composed of heavy, reinforced steel that is completely welded together to maximize strength and durability.

Dog Crates for Dogs with AnxietyHeavy Duty Dog Crate

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Does this crate resist rust and corrosion?

The steel has a multiple-layer coating that reduces the occurrence of rust and corrosion.

Is the coating non-toxic?  Yes, the coating is non-toxic, so it is safe for dogs that lick and chew the surface of the cage.

The cage also provides optimal ventilation for dogs.

What type of latch and lock system does this crate have?

The Smonter crate has two locks and includes safety buckles to prevent the dog from escaping the crate.

Is the crate easy to move with the dog inside the crate?

The crate comes equipped with 360°rotating wheels that make this crate maneuverable and easy to move.

The wheels are removable to maintain the crate’s position in a particular place.

Is the Smonter crate easy to clean?

The crate has a removable plastic tray that slides out for cleaning of food and excrement.


Kelixu Heavy Duty Dog Crates

The third dog crate for dogs with anxiety is the Kelixu Heavy Duty Crate.

This crate is similar to the Furuisen and Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crates, but there are differences.

Dog Crates for Dogs with AnxietyHeavy Duty Dog Crate

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Is this a strong crate?

The Kelixu crate is made of welded steel that provides strength and durability. Is the finish on the crate non-toxic to dogs?

The manufacturer does not mention whether or not the finish is non-toxic.

Does the crate have wheels for moving the crate?

The crate has 360°rotating wheels that make moving the crate easy.

The wheels lock to keep the crate from moving from a designated location.

Does the crate have one or two doors?

The Kelixu crate has a two-door system. The larger door allows entry and exit for the dog.

A smaller door is integrated into the larger door and the smaller door permits interactions with the dog while it is in the crate.

What kind of locking and latching system does the crate have?

The latches on this crate prevent a dog from escaping the crate, which is a shortcoming on other crates.

Is the crate difficult to clean? This crate is similar to the Furuisen and Smonter Cages.

It has a slide-out plastic tray to make cleaning of fallen food and excrement a simple process.


The Bottom Line

This article reviewed the characteristics of three dog cages designed for medium to large dogs with anxiety.

These dogs may be aggressive and due to their size may break apart less sturdy cages.

Two of the three cages, the Furuisen and Smonter cages, specifically state that the cage finishes are non-toxic.

The manufacturer of the third cage, the Kelixu cage, does not state that the finish is non-toxic.

The Kelixu cage manufacturer also left out information about whether or not the finish of the cage is rust and corrosion-resistant.

It is likely that the finish is non-toxic, and rust and corrosion resistant, and the manufacturer probably omitted these pieces of information inadvertently.

All three cages appear to be extremely strong and resistant to breakdown by aggressive dogs.

As is true of most dog cages, ventilation is excellent in these cages.

Another feature of all three cages is the use of anti-escape-type locks or latches.

Dogs are clever animals, and in some cases, they figure out how to open latches.

An additional important feature of these cages is the presence of one or more slide-out plastic trays for cleaning.

In many situations, dogs may spend extended periods in cages, and a system of keeping the cage clean of fallen food and excrement is essential.

Two of the crates have two doors, and the third one, the Smonter crate, only has a single door.

It seems desirable to have a door for entry and exit of the dog, but also a second door for interactions with the dog while it is in the crate.

A final note about the mobility of these dog crates.

All three have 360°rotating wheels, which provide a definite mobility advantage.

Anyone who has tried to lift a dog crate containing a large dog can attest to this.

The wheels lock in two of the crates (the Kelixu and the Furuisen crates) and the wheels remove from the Smonter crate to keep the crates in a particular place.

When considering heavy-duty dog crates for dogs with anxiety, these three models are worth considering.

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