What Happens if you Don’t Train Your Dog? 9 Reasons Why You Should

There are many reasons to train your dog, multiple risks of not doing it. Dog training has become a matter of subject.

In this article, I am going to discuss what happens if you don’t train your dog. I will also discuss 9 reasons why you should train your dog.

We are always looking for ways to make it easy to coexist with our dogs. Well, dog training has facilitated the domestication of these creatures.

We now live with our dogs in the same house and enjoy their company.

However, while a large number of dog owners train their pups, some people don’t. Not only do they let their dogs roam freely but they do not care about undesirable behaviors.

So, why don’t some people train their dogs?


Why Don’t You Train Your Dog?

As I have mentioned above, dog training is an important part of owning one. However, some dog owners do not train their dogs.

There are several explanations, or as I like to call them, excuses why they do not.

These may include the following:


Some Dog Owners Feel Like They Are Humanizing Their Dogs

We train our dogs to get rid of the behaviors we do not appreciate. At the same time, we also introduce new behaviors, the ones that we desire, through training.

However, some people might feel like this is a way to humanize a dog.

In their natural habitat, dogs would not need to be controlled.

They would have the freedom to be just dogs.


Some Believe Dogs Will Outgrow Undesired Behaviors

Well, it would not be the first time to hear a dog owner argue out this point. Some people believe that their puppies will eventually outgrow undesirable habits.

For instance, if they have adopted a young pup, he will grow up and adopt a different habit.

Well, if you think so, then you will be in for a shock. If a puppy is not introduced to good behavior at an early age, he will never learn.

You will be the one to shape your pup’s behavior.

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Some Like The Aggression That Comes With An Untrained Dog

Untrained dogs are not friendly. And some people are looking for the aggression that comes with an untrained puppy. They do not get to socialize with other people or dogs.

Therefore, they will react aggressively to visitors.

Most dog owners in farms and ranches rarely train their dogs. However, this can end up badly if your dog attacks someone.


Lack The Time To Train Their Dogs

Training a puppy will take time, and it is an evolving process. A dog will need a different type of training at different levels of his life.

However, some dog owners will argue that they do not have the time to train their puppy.

You will require at least one hour per day to train your dog. If you are too busy to train your dog, you also have the option of getting a professional dog trainer.

There is nothing wrong with seeking professional dog training.

While these reasons could be why you are reluctant about training your dog, I do not concur with any of them. I believe that we can all find a way to train or have our dogs trained.

So, what happens if you fail to train your dog?



What Happens If You Don’t Train Your Dog?

I talk about training new behavior or curbing horrible habits when I talk about dog training. However, it has a lot more to it than just that.

Training your dog comes with so many advantages. Now, failure to do so will result in an ill-behaved dog.

For whatever reasons you have for not training your dog, I suggest you read on.

The following might happen if you do not train your dog:


You Might End Up Surrendering Him To The Shelter

Believe it or not, if you do not train your dog, you risk abandoning him at some point in his life. You are going to get tired of his nagging or house-soiling behavior.

In fact, most dogs in the shelter are there simply because they lack the necessary training.

For instance, if you recently got an adult dog who soils the house, chances are that you will give up on him sooner than you expect.

Undesirable behaviors have made it unbearable to live with some dogs.

However, if these dogs had been trained long before, it would be easy to find them good homes.


Poorly Socialized Dog

Dog training exposes them to a new environment and experiences. Take, for example, a dog who is taking classes at the local dog daycare.

He will have an opportunity to meet and play with other dogs. Also, he has a chance to meet other people.

Well, socialized dogs will rarely exhibit any signs of aggression. They will be friendly and sociable, which only makes them adorable.

However, if you fail to socialize with your dog, chances are that he will have other issues such as aggression and excessive vocalization.


A Dog Without Training Becomes Dangerous

As I mentioned earlier, if you fail to socialize your dog, he might get aggressive. Some people want aggressive dogs for protection or whatever other reasons.

However, if your dog is aggressive, he becomes dangerous to your guests.

Dogs with a history of aggression might also be dangerous for children. This is especially because children are not exactly gentle when handling pets.

If a dog feels unhappy or bothered with the child, he might turn against them and end up hurting them.


Untrained Dogs Might Also Become Fearful Or Have Anxiety Issues

The reason why it is important to train your dog is to curb emotional distress and anxiety. Well, if you think about it, we do take dogs out of their natural habitat.

This means that the dog does not get to roam, and ran away when he feels threatened. And there are so many things that could appear threatening to your dog.

For instance, if you do not introduce your dog to other people, he might develop stress and anxiety issues each time you have someone over.

However, if you put in some effort to train him, you will make him friendly. Besides, he will, therefore, understand that there is nothing to fear.

Untrained dogs might become aggressive towards visitors and other dogs.

As a result of the anxiety, your dog might also start barking excessively and without a reason.



9 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

Well, I have outlined the common possible scenarios that could take place if you don’t train your dog.

Below, I am going to outline 9 reasons why you should train your dog, or have him trained by a dog trainer.


Dog Training Is a Source Of Stimulation

I must go back to discuss a dog’s nature. These creatures are not meant to stay and rest up at home. Whenever your dog is active, you can be sure that he is up to something.

They are always looking for something to do. It is the reason why some dogs will become destructive when left alone at home.

Now, dog training, when done correctly is a source of mental and physical stimulation. For instance, when you are training a dog how to sit.

You would be surprised at how intelligent your canine friend is.

Dogs are always looking for something to do. For this reason, spend some time and train him a few commands. You may also train your dog on how to do simple interesting activities.

A good example is training your dog how to climb stairs. It will provide both mental and physical stimulation and thus make your dog happy.


Beneficial To You And Your Dog

Training your dog is an enjoyable task. It does not mean that it is an easy task rather you get to understand your dog better. Well, each dog will have unique personality.

How exciting would it be to understand your dog’s personality?

Besides strengthening your bond, you will also enjoy owning a well-behaved dog. Your dog, on the other hand, gets to enjoy your company.

He also gets to have play and training sessions which make him happy. What’s better than a happy dog?


Opens Your Dog Up For Socialization

Training your dog will and should open him up for socialization. In fact, socialization should be a part of the training.

Most dog trainers will tell you how important socialize your dog. Not only should your dog socialize with humans but also with other dogs.

Socializing your dog makes them friendly. A dog who has not been socialized will growl at guests.

It would be unsafe to leave them in the house, and especially if you have children.

Ensure that the dog training involves socialization classes. You can sign up for your dog in your local dog care or sign up for a few private training classes.


A Dog Learns To Respect Boundaries

Dogs are authority-oriented. They always want to have an authority figure. Now, if your dog does not have a leader, he will definitely take charge.

Some dogs end up making a set of rules for themselves. And when this happens, it only gets difficult to train them.

During dog training, it is important to emphasize on obedience training. It teaches dogs to respect boundaries and also establish a leader.

For instance, when you train a dog to stop jumping, he will remain calm even when you have a visitor.

An untrained dog will do whatever his instincts are leading him to.


Build A Great Relationship With Your Dog

When getting a pet dog, we often fantasize about the great relationship we are going to build with them. What we forget is that bonding with a new dog takes time.

And we also have to put in some effort to facilitate this.

If a dog is not trained at an early age, they become uncontrollable. It is pretty difficult to build a relationship with a dog who does whatever he wants.

Training him, at whatever age, will change this. The more time you spend with your dog, the better you will understand him.

Once you understand dog behavior, it is easier to bond with them. They will also learn to love and obey you at all times.

Isn’t that what we are all looking for?



For Loyalty

I am sure we have all witnessed dog loyalty to their owners. It does not matter whether you are training your dog for companionship or protection.

As I have mentioned above, training your dog will allow you to understand your dog. You will also get to bond with him.

At the same time, you get to curb unwanted behaviors. Thus, your dog gets to learn what is acceptable to you and what’s not.

The good thing is that your dog will remain loyal to you always, as long as you get to bond with him.


To Have A Well-Mannered Dog

We focus on training dogs to simply have well-mannered dogs. It is why I insist on beginning dog training immediately after you bring a puppy home.

Puppies are much easier to train as compared to adult dogs. Focus on obedience training, as well as house training as basic manners training.

A well-mannered dog is much easier to handle, especially if he is an indoor dog.


To Avoid Behavior Issues

All dogs tend to develop behavioral issues at some point in their lives. Thus, constant training is a requirement, especially for indoor dogs.

It enables you to curb undesirable behaviors while at the same time introducing and reinforcing new desired behaviors.

Besides, training makes your dog happy as he gets rewards afterward. When you make it enjoyable for both you and your dog, you will be amazed at how fast dogs learn.

Some dogs end up learning our routine and adjusting to it.

Also, through dog training, you learn the dog behavior mechanism. You get to know what your dog responds to and you can modify unwanted behaviors.


To Provide The Attention That Dogs Required

Dogs require our attention. And when we do not offer it, they tend to act up. They engage in unwanted behaviors and could even become destructive.

Well, dog training is an opportunity for you to spend time with your dog and thus provide the attention he needs.

Also, you should be available to play with your dog every day.


You Can Take Him Along To Social Events

As I have outlined above, the entire purpose of training a dog is to make sure that he is well behaved.

Guess what, once you successfully train a dog, you can take him with you to social events. It means that he won’t start barking at strangers at a party.

Besides, it is going to be much easier to handle him. Some training for social events includes socialization, walking on heels, and even giving handshakes!

You can always have him as your plus one to social and family events.


3 Mistakes To Avoid When Training a Aog

Above, I have outlined the reasons why you should train your dog. While this is important, I must say that not everyone is suited for training a dog.

Not only does it take time but it also requires skills. You may spend long hours and so many weeks training your dog in vain.

It could be because you are making any of the following mistakes that you must avoid when training a dog:

  • Impatience
  • Punishment
  • Waiting too long before commencing dog training


Impatience In Dog Training

I already mentioned that dog training can be a time-consuming task. Many dog owners are impatient with their dogs for the first few weeks.

However, I must say that once you start dog training, you should be aware that it is a commitment.

Do not get frustrated when he takes too long to get something right. Instead, keep the training as consistent as possible.

If you lack the time to train your dog every day, I suggest you hire a dog walker.



Dogs are unable to comprehend the concept of punishment. For instance, if your dog poops on the carpet, it can be very frustrating.

This is especially when you have invested so much time in-house training him.

Hitting him, or making him smell his poop on the accident area will only make it worse: your dog becomes afraid of you.

Instead, you should clean the accident and keep training him. If done correctly, you will eventually manage to house train your dog.


Waiting Too Long Before You Commence Training

Dog training should start immediately after you bring a puppy home.

If you have brought home an adult dog who has not been trained, then you have a huge task ahead of you.

Besides, puppies are easier to train and they should be introduced to your desired behavior from the first day you bring them home.



Dog training is mandatory for everyone who wants to build a relationship with their pets.

When you fail to provide the necessary training, your dog will develop undesirable behaviors.

In fact, untrained adult dogs are likely to be returned to shelter after only a few weeks!

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