8 Ways to Potty Train a Dog Fast and Easy. These Work

Potty training is essential if you want a well-behaved dog. Most of us prefer living under the same roof as our dogs. However, it gets challenging when your dog keeps soiling the house. You will not have to deal with this behavior once you learn how to potty train a dog fast and easy. Regardless of your dog’s age, you can eliminate house soiling. This article will look at the tips on potty training a Dog Fast and Easy.


1. Introduce a crate to potty train a dog fast and easy (See crate prices on Amazon)


It would help if you thought about potty training before you brought your dog home. It is best if you have already prepared your new puppy’s food station and sleeping arrangements. There are different sizes of crates based on your dog’s size. It would help if you did not get a box that is too big for him that he will be able to eliminate inside the crate. Well, it should be, however, big enough for your dog to fit. 

When you bring home a crate that is too big, he might find a chance to potty inside the crate. This would be messy, especially if you train him to potty outside. And since your dog will not potty where he sleeps or eats, a lovely fitting crate should help you out.

Getting your dog fully toilet trained should not take so long. However, you will have to monitor your dog’s feeding habits as they are likely to potty a few minutes after feeding. It will be totally up to you to keep up with his behavior to potty train your dog fast and easy. 

Crates are helpful, especially when you start training a new puppy.


2. Paper Pads 


These are probably the second most valuable items for potty training. Whether you are house training a puppy or an adult dog, you may use paper pads. You can do this while your puppy is still in the crate or you are house training him in the open house; these pads will save your life. 

The truth is, so many people fail to think about potty training while bringing a dog home. Only when he is in the house or has peed on the floor do we realize we didn’t have a plan all along. If you are in this situation, don’t despair, as paper pads will help you potty train your dog fast and efficiently. It will also be helpful because you will not have to keep cleaning the mess. 

The challenge in using paper pads is getting the dog to recognize that he is only supposed to use surfaces covered in the latter and not on the floor. Luckily for you, dogs tend to learn fast and stick to the same habits. To do this, you may have to use the above-outlined method, using a crate. Now, the crate should have a feeding station; most of them do.

Cover his potty area with a paper pad. Take him to the potty pad each time you let him out of his crate. Gradually, he will learn that he is only supposed to use the paper pad and not the floor. It will be easier for you to clean after him this way. It is one of the most appropriate methods for indoor potty training. 


3. Choose an appropriate potty area


Whether potty training your dog indoors or outside, the potty area is an essential factor. First, you should never alternate potty regions now and then. Instead, it would help if you stuck to taking him to the potty at the same spot. This way, potty training him will be easier since you associate the chosen location with the activity. 

Now, choosing the potty area indoors can be quite a task. However, it would help if you considered a private and serene place. This way, your dog can complete his business in privacy. While the laundry room can be a perfect place to put a paper pad or litter box for your puppy, most people go for areas near the bathroom. 

It is never a good plan to leave your puppy outdoors, even if the potty place is outdoors. You must work on keeping your dog focused if his potty area is outdoors. Take him directly to the potty place once he gets outside. . Encourage him by using the words go potty every time you get there. You can begin this process using paper pads, among other methods. 


4. Train your dog to the outdoor potty Area Fast and easy


You might consider introducing an outdoor potty place unless you want your house stinking. This way, he can always rush outside and finish his business without soiling the house. As previously mentioned, potty training might take a lot of time based on various factors. 

However, unless you want to risk leaving a dog flap, this might seem to be a challenging task. This is especially if you are mostly away at work. Therefore, you must devise a good plan when you want your pup to potty outdoors. 

While housetraining might be difficult, making your dog understand that you want him to only potty in one place outside is a starting point. Once again, use a crate to train your dog how to potty outside. Now, like with indoor training, you will have to supervise him closely. While he spends most of his time in the crate, you will have to give him a potty break now and then. Therefore, you will have to be home for most of the day. 

Just like with the indoor house training, take him to the potty area, probably marked by the paper pad after meals, and immediately wake up. These are the times that your dog is likely to need a potty break. 

Once again, ensure that you are using the correct crate size. This way, your dog will not have the opportunity to pee in the crate. However, if you have to leave the house for a few hours, this can be challenging. You might consider covering the crate’s floor with paper pads so you can easily remove them when you get back. 



5. Establish a routine


This is probably the single but super important thing you should do once you decide to get a dog. You must be able to align his schedule with your schedule. This way, you can estimate when he will likely want to go to the bathroom. 

A good routine with your dog should include feeding time, exercise, and playtime. Not only will you be in control, but you will ensure that your dog does not get stressed. Keeping up with the change of routines can be pretty hectic for your dog. 

For instance, you should keep the potty breaks to once every hour. Mainly, you should monitor his feeding behavior so that you can be able to estimate the time he is likely to potty. Most dogs will take 30-minutes to one hour on average to potty right after drinking and eating, respectively. In addition, if you are using a crate to potty train your dog, always take him to the designated potty area immediately after you let him out.

Also, take him to the potty whenever he wakes up from naps. Monitor his nighttime potty behavior and ensure that you wake him up at night to go potty. This way, you will be training him that at certain times, he needs to visit the potty area. 

Feed your dog consistently; you will never have to worry about house-soiling accidents. Dogs are very particular when it comes to plans. Ensure that you are feeding your puppy the right amount of food and nourishment of high quality. This includes the treats and snacks he gets to eat during the day. 


6. Slowly give your dog access to different parts of the house


Even though it will take some time before you successfully house train your dog, you may want to introduce him to the rest of your house slowly. Remember that the goal is to ensure that he is comfortable in your home, and at the same time, he knows he cannot go on the floor. This is one of the essential training you must take your dog through once you have been taught basic potty training. 

At this point, I assume that your dog already knows where he is supposed to go. While you may think he is ready to be let free, this might not be the case. You will, therefore, have to expose him to the different rooms in the house. However, it would help if you did this while supervising him heavily. It will take five minutes of you staring at your phone, and your dog soils the house. 

It could be that he likes the other room, or it has a soft or fluffy carpet. But as we mentioned earlier, you should not let your do choose where to go. Ensure he gradually spends time in all the rooms until he is fully trained. After that, you can let him roam around the house without fearing that he will soil your home. Use a leash or baby gates to control your dog’s movement in the house. 


7. Reinforce training using treats


You will need to associate the designated potty area with something positive. This is the fastest way to reinforce training in dogs. For instance, offering him a treat when you take him outside and he does his business. This way, you will be encouraging him only to go out. 

However, should your dog have an accident during training, you must not punish him. Instead, clean up the area and remain consistent with potty training. Dogs engage in certain behaviors when they are targeting a positive outcome. Therefore, by rewarding him every time he gets it right, your dog will want to keep using the potty area to get the treats he needs. This is a very effective method to potty train a dog fast and easy. He will always look forward to impressing his master to get rewarded. 


8. Supervise your dog


When your dog is undergoing potty training, it is essential to supervise him. Otherwise, you might have to deal with house soiling and even inappropriate elimination. It is necessary to watch him when he freely roams in the house or the yard. Do not let him out of sight even when you have to do something. You can put him on a leash, and he will be with you the whole time. This way, you will always be able to recognize when he is about to eliminate. 




When it comes to potty training, it will take you a lot of time and consistency. To have your dog all well-behaved, invest in a lovely crate. This way, it will be pretty easy for you to control your dog.

Even though there are several methods by which you can be able to potty train your dog, ensure that you choose the most effective. This will depend on your preference as not all methods will work for you. You can alternatively set up one of your rooms to potty train your dog. 

Understand that your dog is going to need several potty breaks per day. This only means one thing: you must be home when he needs to go potty or someone needs to be there. And unfortunately, your dog will not be able to hold it for too long.

So if you are going to have the day out of the house, have your neighbor or friend check up on your dog. Besides, you can always hire a pet walker to help you with the dog for the day. It is unwise to leave your puppy alone in the yard or the house, especially when he is yet to be fully potty trained. 

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