Can Corgis Sleep Outside? Find The Answer

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Corgis are friendly and very adventurous. They are also perfect as family dogs. Corgis can live in just about any environment. However, is leaving your corgi to sleep outside a good idea?

Well, this breed can withstand cold weather conditions. They have double layers of coat, for protection against cold. In fact, a corgi will do well in colder weather than in hot weather. Now, when planning on getting a dog, the sleeping arrangement is a factor you should consider.


Can I leave my corgi outside?



I do not recommend leaving your dog outside. I mean, there are so many things that could happen to him. Besides, corgis are social and always want to be involved. Leaving your corgi outside puts his life and wellbeing in danger.

For instance, your corgi might escape from home while exploring the surroundings. I mean, this breed is both energetic and intelligent. As a result, if left unsupervised, he will want to find out everything. As a result, you could lose him.

Besides, corgis are known as good watchdogs. They are attentive and can pick even the slightest movement around your home. When he does, you will have trouble trying to quiet him as he is trying to alert you. You might also have issues with your neighbors as a result of excessive vocalization.

Most corgis will develop destructive behaviors when left outside. For instance, he might start digging if he does not bark excessively.

The one thing you might not need to worry about is the cold temperatures at night. Corgis are well equipped for any temperatures. They have two layers of coat, which protects them against cold. However, during summer, your corgi will shed the outer layer to control the heat.


5 Facts you must know before getting a corgi


Often, aspiring dog owners will have their fears before bringing a new dog home. If you have considering getting a corgi, you should do as much research as you can. Some of the factors to consider when getting a new pet is the living environment.

So do corgis do well as outside dogs or are they indoor dogs. Well, this will depend on the function of your dog. But as I have indicated above, I advise against letting your corgi sleep outside. You can let him out but under heavy supervision.

After all, there is only too much that could happen to your dog. He can escape, or get stolen from the yard at night. Besides, people can poison or feed him with inappropriate foods. Therefore, you can leave your corgi to sleep outside but it is not always a good idea.

Well, below, I am going to outline other facts to know about corgis.


They love being petted


Corgis are friendly and social. But most of all, they love being petted by their favorite humans. You could spend hours rubbing his belly and he will still demand some more. Well, we all know how affectionate dogs are. Petting your corgi is equivalent to providing attention and affection to them

Well, as they enjoy being pet, you also get the advantage of bonding with your dog. Well, spare some time and get away from your busy schedule to pet him. Include petting time in your daily routine to keep your pet happy.


Corgis have quite an appetite


Originally, this breed was used for herding livestock. This makes them smart and high energy dogs. At the same time, corgis are always in a mood to eat something. It is one of the reasons why I advise corgi owners against leaving them outside unsupervised.

Well, set a fixed feeding schedule and purchase good quality dog food. Also, ensure you buy healthy treats for your canine friend.

Watch the amount of food you offer him. Corgis are prone to developing obesity and thus you have to watch his diet. Too many treats or overfeeding can lead to obesity, a common health issue among corgis.


These pets do well in cool weather


Well, this breed is made for cooler weather conditions. As I have mentioned above, they have a double coat to protect them from cold. However, in extremely low temperatures, you might need to warm your corgi up. Get him a dog jacket to keep him warm.

During hot temperature weather, refrain from leaving your corgi outside. You can always tell that your corgi is not comfortable. He will either get back to the house or get a cooler place.



Corgis are excellent watchdogs


Do not get me wrong when I call this breed good watchdogs. They were originally bred for herding purposes and not to protect. However, this does not mean that your dog will not alert you when there is something strange around your home.

Unfortunately, this breed is prone to boredom. Spending too much time outside with nothing much to do can be boring. As a result, your dog will try to find something better to do. In most cases, he will turn to become destructive.


They have a lower tendency of biting


biting and mouthing is a common problem among dogs. Corgis, on the other hand, have a lower tendency to bite as compared to other dogs. At the same time, this does not mean that he cannot. A corgi will bite if given the right circumstances.

Well, puppies are always looking forward to exploring new things. They also see nipping and biting as playful behavior. Thus, it is not exactly harmful or aggressive, even though you should handle it as soon as you can.

It is important to understand why a dog might bite you. For instance, a dog will bite if he is threatened. So fear can make your corgi bite or nip you. Others will bite because their herding instincts have been provoked. For instance, if you are walking with your corgi puppy behind you, he can bite or nip your ankles.

However, nipping and biting is a behavior that should be handled immediately. Train your dog that biting or nipping is not acceptable.




Corgis are friendly, intelligent, and strong dogs. They crave human interaction and socialization. While they can live in any environment, I advise against leaving your corgi to sleep outside. As I have outlined above, this will put your dog in danger. He can escape or get stolen while you sleep.

Besides, if you leave your corgi outside without supervision, he might start barking excessively. Other corgis will turn to dig or chewing non-food items. Well, keep him inside the house where he is safer.

Corgis will live anywhere but as a pet lover, I advise you to live with your corgi. If he tends to wander at night, you can invest in baby gates to restrict the areas you want. Otherwise, a corgi will do well in a family home or apartment as long as you meet his needs.


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