Barking Dog Problem. Effective and Natural Training

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A Barking Dog Problem can be so frustrating for both you and your neighbors. Don’t worry too much though. All dog nasty habits can be stopped effectively by employing the correct training methods. It will take patience and dedication but will be worth it.


You see, just like you and me, your dog’s habits will change over its lifetime. At this moment you have a barking dog problem. However, you may find them starting up other annoying and worrying habits such as:

Eating Grass, Chewing your valuables, jumping on people or even eating poop, and so on.

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Now, let’s take an in-depth look at Barking Dog Problem.


If you or your neighbor has a dog with a barking dog problem, then you must know how stressful it can get. Some dogs will bark because of different reasons, most of which are behavioral, even though there are breeds that were meant to bark.  A barking dog problem is however preventable and can be controlled easily.

When choosing a dog to go home with, it is important to look at all aspects of the breed to take with you. Barking, among other behaviors, is a great factor, in which most people focus on while getting a dog. This is because not only can a barker make your nights unbearable but also create problems with your neighbors.

It is also important to remember that your dog barking is a form of expression and communication to you. This is why it is important to monitor how and why your dog is barking if it is not a natural barker.


Let us look at the breeds that bark the most;


Top 5 breeds with a barking dog problem

Dogs are adorable, and we have been able to control their behavior through domestication. However, drawn from their ancestors, dogs are natural scavengers. Other dogs have been bred to bark as they were used for security and hunting in early life. It is always safe to know what you are going for before bringing him home because he is adorable. Below are some of the breeds that bark the most;

1. Beagles

Beagles were bred to hunt and for this reason, they would bark to alert the hunters of prey. Even after domestication, beagles still bark quite disturbingly. It is an adorable pet to keep at home but his excessive barking might cause you problems with your neighbors.

Your dog is going to bark for different reasons, among them strangers or visitors at the door. With his strong sense of hearing, your beagle is going to hear and bark at any noise, especially at night. If you live in an apartment, he is going to keep your neighbors awake all night.

However, he is not a disturbing barker unless provoked by several factors including;

– Boredom

When getting yourself a Beagle, you should keep in mind that he is a natural hunter, which means he will need stimulation. In the wild, he would be running around and hunting prey, which would excite him. At home, he does not have much to do, unless you keep him entertained.

When left alone, you will have to curb the barking dog problem later. To curb this behavior, you should leave him with something to occupy his day. This could be a toy, or pieces of foods in different rooms to sniff around.

Training your dog also helps in curbing boredom but we shall discuss that later in this article.


Barking Dog Problem. The reasons why.


– Attention

Like any other dog, your Beagle will want your attention, since domestication has separated him from his pack. He sees you as a member of his pack as well as his master, which may lead him to want more attention from you.

In this case, you can spend time as well as play with him on a daily basis before going on with your business. If he develops a barking problem because he wants your attention, you should seek means to correct his behavior as soon as possible.

Under exercised

As mentioned earlier, Beagles were bred to bark and howl, which means they were used for hunting in the early days. However, we domesticate our dogs and enclose them in hour homes, denying them their nature of running around.

Your dog will bark in need of exercise if you have not walked him for some time. Morning and evening walks make up a big deal when it comes to exercising him.

2. Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are all cute with tiny body but they are also barkers and hence the name ‘yappy dogs’. Her personality is going to trick you into taking her home with you, and later keep you up all night with her little bark.

As tiny as they might be, Chihuahuas are great attention seekers and she will bark until she gets what she wants. Most people living in apartments prefer smaller dogs and mostly go for this breed. Some of the reasons she might bark constantly include;

– Attention

Chihuahuas are crazy about their owner’s attention. She will bark and grow until you give her what she really wants. However, you can curb this behavior by training and offering her treats. play will also be helpful in controlling this behavior.



– Lack of socialization

Most people living in apartments will keep Chihuahuas as they are tiny and cute. However, she is not going to be friendly to your visitors, or even other dogs. Since she is used to being all alone at home unless you are there, your dog is going to have a barking problem due to a lack of socialization.

– Loneliness

Chihuahuas the when they are left home all alone. She is going to be mean and angry about it and note that Chihuahuas are pretty much aggressive. This means that she might bark uncontrollably all day while you are at work and thus causing you problems.


3. Miniature Schnauzer

These little and adorable dogs will have you falling in love with them until he starts his barking. A Miniature Schnauzer will bark at anything or anyone, especially at your friends and visitors. He will make sure that everybody knows that someone or something is closing in on his space.

You will also have problems handling your dog in public, around strangers. He is probably going to bark and howl at everybody if he is not well trained.

Some of the contributing factors to her barking include;

– Territorial barking

barking dog problems will affect your life directly, especially if your Miniature does not want people around his best companion. He will bark t your friends and family when they come to visit until they get used to the person.

– Alert

A miniature will bark at strangers in the door and any other person approaching your house. He will do so to alert you that someone is coming. Since dogs bark to communicate it is up to you to learn how and why he is barking.

– Play

Like most dogs, Miniatures are needy dogs, and he might be barking at you to initiate play. However, given all factors that could make him bark, you should be able to tell if he wants to play through the way he is barking. In most cases, he will bark at you if he wants to play with you.


4. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are specifically bred to provide security, and thus barking is their nature. Everyone who owns a German Shepherd will tell you that their barking is aggressive and they are ready to attack intruders. This breed of dogs will bark for various reasons among them;

– Protecting his territory

German shepherds are generally protectors of their own, which means that he will protect you because he views you as a member of his pack. He will bark aggressively with his tail raised in the air, ready to attack whatever threat comes his way.

– Excitement

Your German Shepherd does not know any other way of communicating with his own other than barking. He might develop a habit of excessively barking at you every time he sees you come home to show excitement.

However, a barking dog problem can become annoying and stressful until you train him to stop.

– Angry

Now you cannot underestimate this dog when he gets angry and mad at your situation. He will develop behavioral problems that may cause complaints from your neighbors. It is important to monitor how your dog handles things and situations around him. This could be how he handles other pets in his personal space as well as people making him angry.

When faced with a threatening situation, your GSD is going to retaliate towards the threat. Due to his nature, your German Shepherd dog is most likely to fight in a situation where he is forced to take action to protect what is his. He is going to bark at people who annoy him as well as other pets when they threaten his personal space.


– Responding to another bark

If your neighbor owns a dog that likes to bark as well, you might have problems with keeping your German Shepherd Dog. He will bark because he can hear other dog noises and cannot see them. It is like their way of communicating, although it can be annoying to the neighborhood.

training will correct this behavior within a few weeks.


5. Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are fun to own until she starts howling and barking excessively, and sometimes for no reason. She is going to make noise day and night based on how you handle him. This will take you a few days to determine her barking behavior and his triggers. Some of the reasons your husky barks include;

– Attention

Like many dogs, Siberian husky craves attention from his owner. He will hate the days you go to work and leave him all alone at home with almost nothing to do. Playing with him prior to leaving your house could help him curb the behavior.

– Confinement

Huskies hate being confined especially in kennels and crates. In fact, he will go crazy once you put him in there, knowing that he cannot move around like he is used to. You would rather train him and restrict rooms he is not allowed to go in than confine him.

Else you will have to deal with his barking problem, which may result in legal complaints from your neighbors.

– Under Exercised dogs

Your Siberian husky definitely has high energy levels which means he will need the release. Exercising is a great way for him to release these energies from his body and also keep him entertained. Boredom can also make your dog develop a barking problem.


Barking Dog Problem. How to stop it.



Training your dog will make it easy for you to live with him and assist in major behavior-related problems. However, it is not easy to train your dog but it is fun and a great way to spend time with him. It is going to take him some time but most dogs respond well to training.

Understanding the nature and needs of your dog is important before starting training. This is because, in order to be able to correct a behavior, you should start by addressing the causal factor. If you have a barking dog resulting from boredom and loneliness, you may want to teach him how to play with toys as well as leave the TV on.

Exercising your dog is essential when you are training him. For instance, if your dog suffers separation anxiety every time you are going out of the house, exercising him could be of help. This is because when you leave your dog tired and excited, he is going to need to rest without needing to disturb or be disturbed.

Teaching him a few commands is a great way to control barking dog problems. This is especially important when you live in an apartment and your dog keeps on barking. Teaching commands will also help you address other behaviors.


Be patient


For instance, you can teach your dog to ‘sit’ every time you have a visitor and he is barking at them.

Training is faster when it is reinforced by counter-conditioning. Every time he barks, offer him a treat instead to distract him. Within a few weeks, your dog will adapt to this behavior and instead of barking relentlessly, he will look forward to getting something for being obedient.

Eventually, your dog will learn what makes his master happy and what doesn’t. Once your dog learns a few things, you will be in control at all times.

In conclusion, it is important to note that you cannot prevent your dog from barking and other instinct led behaviors. You can only be able to control these behaviors, in which domestication of dogs has made it easier. Do not punish your pup even when he does not stop barking. Instead, be consistent and patient with him and he will learn.

Keeping your dog happy should be your first priority when owning a dog comes to mind. If you have any of the above breeds, you can still correct the barking dog problems. You can also get a professional dog trainer if you find it difficult.

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