Why Does My Dog Think Bedtime Is Playtime?

Why does my dog think bedtime is playtime? There could be many explanations, but your pet’s playful mood during bedtime may be due to:

  • Its breed, size, and personality
  •  FRAPs (Frenetic Random Activity Periods)
  •  lack of activity


Why Does My Dog Think Bedtime Is Playtime?

For me, the night is for cooling off and putting the body and mind to rest. That is unless I have a playful dog running around the house!

So why does my dog think bedtime is playtime?

I find it ironic that, when it’s supposed to be bedtime, my dog suddenly gets an urge to play. That’s especially problematic when I’m supposed to have a good night’s sleep.

One too many times of that, and I started researching what could be the reason for my dog’s desire to play during bedtime.

I discovered that there are three main explanations for the question why does my dog think bedtime is playtime?

It might be because:

  • the dog’s breed, size, and personality;
  • FRAPs (Frenetic Random Activity Periods);
  • lack of activity


The aforementioned factors all play, to a greater or lesser degree, a decisive role in making dogs so active and needy at the time of dreaming and resting.

The following paragraphs will briefly analyze each aspect.


Breed, Age & Personality

Let’s start with these fundamental elements, which are decisive for everything else.

The answer to the question why does my dog think bedtime is playtime? is greatly dependent on the dog’s breed.

A dog’s breed can impact its size and personality, which are important considerations for the issue at hand.

For example, the degree of friendliness a dog exhibit is something that depends on the breed — not all dogs are equally friendly.

It stands to reason that friendlier dogs are more inclined to display their clinginess during bedtime as well.

Yet, what is common for all dogs is the lack of a rigid sleeping cycle. If they do adopt any kind of sleeping schedule, it’s because of us.

Thus, it’s important to let our dogs know that bedtime is the time for resting and not chasing a ball.

So, when choosing what type of dog to let into your life, you should take into consideration that, while all dogs share somewhat similar traits, essentially each breed possesses a certain set of characteristics.


FRAPs (Frenetic Random Activity Periods)

I couldn’t wrap my head around my dog suddenly getting a burst of energy out of nowhere.

It turns out it’s all thanks to Frenetic Random Activity Periods, more commonly known as zoomies.

Zoomies are sudden bursts of energy dogs often experience, and they are usually the reason why your dog suddenly becomes so needy and energetic at night.

Generally, they are caused by an accumulation of energy over the day which then comes out like an eruption.

When I found out about this phenomenon, I immediately felt kind of relieved.

Why? Well, because I feel it’s the closest answer to the haunting question why does my dog think bedtime is playtime?

Moreover, to mitigate the sudden bursts, all we need to do is play with our dogs (like we are not doing that already), which conveniently leads me to the next element.


Lack of Activity

In many ways, dogs are like children — providing them with a fun and dynamic day means they will fall asleep much quicker and easier.

However, spending quality time with my dog is not always manageable, as I am sure it is the case for many other dog owners out there.

A rather relevant factor here is the amount of time our dogs spend alone.

The more we leave them alone, the more likely they are to have energy outbursts, especially during the nighttime.

A busy daily routine can impact both humans and dogs. Therefore, it’s important that we spend quality time with our tail-wiggers.

It’s scientifically proven that positive social interaction between dogs and humans is beneficial.

It increases the level of oxytocin, known as “the love hormone,” as well as many other happy hormones in both dogs and humans.

So the next time you have quality time with your shaggy friend, think about all the benefits it provides.

More importantly, think about how everyone’s going to sleep like a baby at night.


Final Remarks

At the end of the day, it’s important to bear in mind that most of the factors are alterable. Proper training coupled with lots of patience and understanding is key.

With such an approach, your dog is bound to learn when it’s okay to play, and when it’s not.

As we’ve seen, the question why does my dog think bedtime is playtime? has a few possible answers.

No matter the approach, it’s important to bear in mind some things when choosing to let a dog in your life.

One of those is accepting everything that comes with domesticating a dog, which also includes occasional zoomies at night.

If those occur, just remember to be patient and considerate. Also, don’t forget that how a dog behaves is essentially dependent on us.

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