How Often do Chihuahuas Bark?

When you are considering getting a puppy, there are several things you must consider. The tendency to bark is one of these factors. I mean, you do not want a puppy that will keep you up all night. This is not only annoying but it could land you in trouble with your neighbors. For this reason, it is only fair to know how often Chihuahuas back if you intend to bring one home.

In addition, you should consider your residence to see if it’s fit enough for a chihuahua. Now, this does not mean that there are limits. On the other hand, it will help you in your decision-making process. Also, you will know what to adjust for your puppy to settle in perfectly.

Now, barking is one of the most common behavior problems in poodles. chihuahua happens to belong to this category. But before we can go on to declare that Chihuahuas bark-at-strangers-why-would-you-even-want-to/”>bark

more often than other breeds, I must say that they do not bark for no reason.

Below, I am going to outline some of the most common reasons that contribute to Chihuahuas and other poodles bark.


Why do Chihuahuas bark?


Owning a chihuahua will most definitely bring you joy. I mean, I have owned several breeds including Chihuahuas. I cannot say that barking is a big problem in this breed as it is quite irreversible. You can train your puppy not to bark. Before I outline how to do so, I will outline the reasons why your poodle cannot seem to shut up.




Whether you have already brought your Chihuahua home or you’re thinking about it, you should understand the breed’s behavior. For instance, poodles are quite attached to their owners. It is because we mostly get these smaller dogs for companionship.

Over the years, Chihuahuas have spent most of their lives alongside human companions. One thing I will tell you is that smaller dogs have high energy levels. They need constant activities to take part in. Therefore, if all he does all day is sit on the couch, he is bound to get bored.

As a result, your puppy will discover new things to do with his free time. In most cases, he will engage in destructive behavior, while others will bark consistently. I insist on training your puppy to stop barking but you must also find ways to keep him occupied through the day.

In the next section of this article, I will discuss ways in which you can keep your puppy busy and ensure that he does not get bored.



Did you know that smaller dogs might be more prone to stress than adult dogs? Well, the first few days might be stressful for your chihuahua. This could be due to the sudden change of ownership and residency.

However, there is no need to panic as he will settle up in a few days. You must adjust to a specific schedule in order to help him adjust to the changes as well. Now, one thing you should expect is barking. It could go on for a few days, especially at night.

This is a crucial moment where you form a bond with him. At the same time, you will need to be cautious not to encourage barking habits. The way you respond to his cries and barks will either encourage or discourage this behavior.

Establish a routine immediately you adopt him. This will teach your chihuahua what to expect and at what time to expect it.

Also, spending some quality time with your new dog is going to help limit stress. Make sure that your poodle is well fed and has enough to drink. My point is, your puppy needs to feel loved and comfortable in a new home.


Territorial behavior

As with most dogs, Chihuahuas are territorial which makes them bark as well. As I mentioned above, smaller dogs spend so much time around their human owners. You will notice a chihuahua sitting next to his owner while watching TV. How adorable?

While this is warm and probably the best feeling ever, we cannot deny the effect it has on our poodles. We create an unhealthy bond with our Chihuahuas until they are territorial. Do not get me wrong as bonding with your chihuahua is a good thing.

However, He will bark and probably act aggressively towards your friends. Have you heard an angry Chihuahua barking? Well, what I can say is that he can go on and on until the visitors leave.

Your Chihuahua is going to react aggressively, or defensively if he feels threatened. Unfortunately, he might view your guests as unfriendly and intrusive.

If you are facing this problem, it is probably time for socialization. You could expose him to different people that you trust. I will talk about socialization later on.



Under-exercised Chihuahuas bark quite often


Exercising your Chihuahua is a must. In fact, as you establish you’re everyday schedule, include 30-90 minutes of exercise. As I mentioned above, puppies have a lot of energy. And you have to make sure that they release this energy to curb unnecessary barking.

Just as with boredom, a puppy with pent up energy is troublesome. Some puppies will tear your couch while others will release the energy through constant barking.

Invest in a few toys and ensure to engage in activities that are mentally and physically stimulating.


Separation anxiety

Naturally, puppies love to spend time with their owners. Now, poodles such as a Chihuahua are get easily attached to their owners. This unhealthy attachment is usually the reason for separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety occurs when you leave your dog alone for long hours. It is the extreme fear that your Chihuahua might develop if you leave him on his own. Now, we cannot afford to spend every moment with our puppies. However, there are measures you can take to make sure that he gets over the anxiety.

The signs and symptoms of separation anxiety are unmistakable. Now, Chihuahuas are not only friendly but also highly intelligent. He is going to take note of your time. For instance, he will be able to tell when you leave home and when you’re likely to get back. This is especially if you have to work every day.

If your Chihuahua has already developed separation anxiety, chances are that he starts barking immediately you start leaving the house. He can keep going for the entire day when you are away. We are going to look at some of the measures that will help you alleviate separation anxiety in Chihuahuas in the next section of this article.


Seeking attention

Chihuahuas are also obsessive with attention. Your dog will want to play or seek your attention when he feels lonely. Other dogs are generally attention seekers. When your Chihuahua wants your attention, she will do anything. Their go-to favorite activity to get your attention is barking and crying.

Before you declare that your puppy wants your attention, are you spending enough time with him? Once you adopt a puppy, you have to spend time with him. This could be in the form of playing or training. Sometimes your Chihuahua will feel loved just for sitting right next to you.

Figure out what your Chihuahua likes to do. Spend time with him to ensure that he feels your affection. Otherwise, if he keeps barking for your attention, then you need to do something about it.



Chihuahua is a high energy breed. Well, depending on the kind of entertainment he is getting, your pup can bark a lot when he feels over-excited. In this event, some puppies might even develop other unacceptable behaviors such as biting and mouthing your hands.

It is important to play with your poodle. However, there are limits. If he seems too excited to see you or after play, you also need to train him on how to stay calm.


How to keep Chihuahuas from barking too often



Now that you understand some of the factors that could trigger your puppy to bark, it is important that you understand the various methods to stop him from barking. It is possible to stop your Chihuahua from barking.

Below, I am going to give you an outline on how to stop Chihuahuas who bark often:


Ignore the barking

Chihuahuas bark quite often, and in most cases, they have a reason. However, if that reason is seeking your attention, you may have a problem. And note that this is a problem you need to address immediately.

I already mentioned that these dogs love our attention. However, if you are spending enough time with your Chihuahua, then you may ignore him. This works because dogs engage in certain behaviors seeking a positive outcome.

Well, make sure that everything is fine before you go ahead to ignore your Chihuahuas. Do not look or check on him (especially if he is in a crate). This will only encourage the behavior.



Are you exercising your puppy enough? Well, the truth is Chihuahuas might be small in size but they do have a great amount of energy to go by. Therefore, you must provide as much exercise as possible to keep him from barking.

Make sure you take a long walk with him in the morning and maybe in the evening. Besides, engage in games that provide both mental and physical stimulation. If you cannot be available to take walks during the day, consider hiring a dog walker.

Make sure your Chihuahua burns all the pent up energy. This will keep him healthy, sharp, and relaxed.


Treat separation anxiety

This is a common problem among smaller dogs. In most cases, we get Chihuahuas for our homes. I mean, they are all cute and adorable. And due to the fact that we spend so much time together, it is possible for them to grow an unhealthy attachment with their owners.

Does your Chihuahua bark too much when you leave the house?

Talk to your neighbors to find out. If your puppy does so, then I suggest you find a way to get rid of separation anxiety. Get rid of bored and ensure that you spend as much time as you can to bond with him.

In the case where the separation anxiety seems to be extreme, talk to your local vet.


Provide enough resources

This should not come as a surprise. You need to make sure that your Chihuahua gets enough food, rest, clean water, and plenty of exercise. Now, commercial dog foods in the stores are safe and healthy.

However, if you decide to supplement it with any other diet, I suggest you talk with your vet. He might be able to provide an insight into dealing with separation anxiety.




Buy plenty of toys

Getting toys is a must when you are planning to get a Chihuahua. I mean, he is going to spend most of his life in the house. Even if you will be with him, you cannot be able to play with him at all times.

Purchase several toys for your Chihuahua and train him on how to play with them. In so doing, you will eliminate the chances at which your pup gets bored.


Train him to keep calm

Depending on your household, it is important to keep a Chihuahua calm. Notice his tendency to bark. Is it that he does not like being around new people? Does he bark when you come home due to his overexcitement? Well, figure out the reason why he won’t shut up.

There are different methods of training a dog how to remain calm. introduce him to your friends. Socialization is key when you want to keep your puppy calm, especially when you have visitors in the house.

Do not forget to reward your puppy after each training session. You can use the desensitization method for training your puppy.




In conclusion, Chihuahuas do bark quite often. However, it is your responsibility to find out why he is doing so. In most cases, your Chihuahua does have a reason for barking. Notice when he barks to be able to understand his triggers.

Using the above-discussed measures, you will be able to make it stop. Spend time and exercise your Chihuahua every day to get rid of his pent up energy. The first few nights can be quite difficult for both you and your dog. He might experience discomfort but you will be there to comfort him. So if you’re wondering if Chihuahuas bark often, it all depends on how you train your poodle.


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