Dog Training

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog in Summer?

Whenever summer rolls around, you might be looking forward to a cool shower or a dip in the pool that can bring your temperature down. Your dog is the same way, and it has a much higher propensity to overheat if you don’t take care of it.   How Often Should I Bathe My Dog […]

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How to Socialize a Puppy and Get a Social Dog.

In the same way that it takes human beings some time to get used to a new environment, our furry friends also require a period of socialization. In the early weeks of a puppy’s life, the owner can take the animal through a series of baby steps to socialize it. In this article, you can […]

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How To Train Your Dog The Ultimate Guide

How To Train Your Dog: The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve recently welcomed a dog into your family, or you’ve been thinking about bringing a dog home for a while, there’s one thing that you need to know – training a dog is hard work. It requires a lot of effort on your part and, regardless of how clever the breed is deemed to […]

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How to Get Your Dog to Poop Outside Faster — A Quick and Easy Guide

Some dogs take a long time to defecate, or they simply refuse to do it. Are you a pet owner that has to deal with this issue? Then you might want to learn how to get your dog to poop outside faster; it’s a long process, but it comes with a lot of benefits.   […]

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How Much Water Should a Puppy Drink During Potty Training?

Getting and taking care of a puppy seems easy enough. You get some toys for it to chew on, some “age-appropriate” dog food and a feeder, some brushes for its fur, etc. However, we can tell you from first-hand experience that there are lots of things you need to know and do about your pup. […]

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