Wondering How to Potty Train A Poodle? Here Are a Few Tips!

Here are a few tips to potty train a poodle dog into a well-behaved, loving, and dependable house pet!

Poodles are among the most loving and affectionate breeds of dogs out there.

Any owner treasures the company of their poodle and values the relationship that has been built with their furry friend.

However, a poorly trained puppy can create frustrations and worries within the household or in public places.


How To Potty Train a Poodle

Poodles have a strong personality and they are not among the easiest breeds of dogs to house train.

With a bit of commitment, you will be able to properly potty train your dog and better the relationship that you have created.


Observe Your Poodle

All training starts by observing your dog in his habitat. For this first stage, focus your efforts on noticing how your dog naturally behaves and moves around the house.

Not only you might be able to realize that he was trying to tell you something all along, but you might discover a bad habit he picked up along the way.

Start by taking notes of the problematic areas or timings. However, don’t assume that you have been doing your best job.

You might notice that your dog walks in front of the door after meals or starts barking after feeding times.

In this case, you might just have been missing the right signals.


Use Proper Equipment To Potty Train Your Poodle

Use equipment such as a crate, pee pads, and a longer leash.

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If you have just adopted your poodle puppy, you will recognize the same attitude of many young dogs.

Poodles might need time to adapt to the new environment and understand what it is right to do or not.

A full house training should be completed within the first few months of having your puppy.

However, in the meanwhile, to avoid unpleasant surprises when you come home from work, make sure to use pee-pads and crates.

These can not only help you speed up the training but also avoid your dog relieving himself in the living room.

When outside, make sure you have a longer-than-usual leash. Poodles can be very reserved, and they might just need a few minutes of privacy.

Obviously, you don’t want your puppy wandering around, but a longer leash might encourage him to relieve himself before you return home.


Keep Your Poodle Busy

As mentioned, poodles are extremely intelligent and smart. This also means that they need to be stimulated and entertained continuously.

This is not only to avoid them destroying your living room but also to keep your dog active and healthy.

Obedience training might be necessary when your poodle is only a puppy.

In this case, toys and fun exercises might be the right answer for both you and your dog to have fun together while training.

Moreover, don’t forget that you should never use punishments and forceful exercises when training your poodle puppy.

They are very sensitive and can be quite messy, but aggressive behaviors such as shouting might create an opposite effect than desired.

In fact, due to their intelligence, poodles will associate your punishments with the training time.

If this happens, you will see a resistance toward the exercises, excessive barking, and general unhappiness.

This might also damage your relationship with your dog as he might not be as trusty towards you as he previously was.

Positive reinforcement is recommended while potty training a poodle. Using rewards and toys will encourage your dog to follow the commands given and improve.

Moreover, this will make the training an easier and less daunting task.

Praising your puppy for using the right spot as a bathroom can show incredible benefits and can help him trust your instructions more.


Use Manuals To Potty Train Your Poodle

If you are experiencing troubles when potty training your dog, it might be because of a number of reasons.

If you have been frustrated and tried a lot of different exercises without results, it is recommended to reach out for professional help.

In this case, there is a great range of easy-to-follow manuals to be downloaded.

They usually involve games and easy-to-follow steps that can just give you the extra help you needed.

Moreover, dogs have different personality traits and characteristics, and what it might have been working for your other pets might not be working for your poodle puppy.

That is why professional training offers a great level of customization and excellent customer service.

If your dog is not responding to the exercises suggested, there will be an expert dog trainer that can just create a bespoke program for both your and your dog’s needs.


A Poodle’s Personality

To understand how to better and efficiently train your puppy, we should first have a look at their personality traits and what the dog responds to.

We have already mentioned that poodles have a strong character and they are not the easiest dogs to housetrains.

However, they are incredibly loving and affectionate and will do anything to see their owner happy!

They are incredibly intelligent dogs that, with the right training, can follow smart instructions and exercises.

Poodles are also perfect to be introduced in families with kids as they are friendly towards strangers and neighbors.

The most important thing to keep in mind when training your poodle puppy is that they are incredibly sensitive.

This means that by using punishments or forceful exercises, you might lead them to behave oppositely than you wanted to.

Moreover, poodles are incredibly curious dogs that need to be stimulated constantly through training.

Outdoors they might have the tendency to wander off, and if not well trained, this can be a cause of frustration.


Benefits Of Potty Training Your Poodle

We have seen that avoiding properly potty training your poodle might lead to frustrations, embarrassing situations, and to a general difficulty of controlling your dog.

The training takes a great commitment and time from both your and your dog’s part, but it can be extremely rewarding.

If you are currently experiencing issues with your dog relieving himself within the household or in non-designated areas, remember that this behavior might be due to a different number of causes.

Examining the causes of this behavior and trying to solve it might bring a number of benefits to your relationship with him.

Often, a properly trained dog is happier and more trusting his owner.

Moreover, breeds of dogs that are small in size tend to consider themselves the head of the household if not trained properly.

This is often due to a lack of commitment or willingness from the owner.

While you should leave your just-adopted puppy some time to adapt to your house’s new environment if you proceed to coddle him or her your dog will become very hard to train in the future.


Things To Know To Potty Train a Poodle

To start potty training a poodle properly, there are a few steps that any owner should be taking.

Let’s have a look at some preliminary actions that will help you resolve issues in the future.


Check On Your Poodle’s Health

Small dogs are 5% more likely to suffer from incontinence due to physical characteristics. This can affect how long they can hold their bladder before having to relieve themselves.

While often there is not a solution for this condition, it is up to the owner to mindful of this situation.

In this case, you will have to let your dog outside more often than other dogs you might have and have a decent supply of pee pads and crates for the winter months.

Moreover, dogs can suffer from UTIs. Urinary tract infections affect especially female dogs, but don’t assume that your male poodle will never get one.

In this case, check with your vet, as this condition can be easily solvable with proper treatments.


Check On Your Poodle’s Diet

Similarly to humans, it is important for a dog to have a regular and nutrient diet that allows them to relieve them uniformly.

Unlike humans, sometimes they can’t choose to go outside, especially if you don’t have a garden or patio.

In this case, as owners, we should respond promptly to our dog’s demands.

If you are concerned that your puppy has been conducting an inappropriate diet and he is now suffering the consequences of it, it might be helpful to speak to your vet.

Moreover, make sure that the amount of vitamins, proteins, and fibers in the food that you are feeding your dog is just the right one to cover his body’s needs.



Poodles are among the most loving and affectionate breeds of dogs, and deciding to adopt one can be greatly beneficial for the wellbeing of the household.

However, it is incredibly important to house train your puppy properly.

This can not only strengthen the bond with your dog but also improve your satisfaction and avoid embarrassing situations.

Are you a Poodle owner?

Are you currently potty training your Poodle?

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