Potty Training a Chihuahua on Pee Pads. A Helpful Guide

To potty train, a chihuahua on pee pads is not a difficult task, but you should go into it knowing what to expect. You should begin by picking up an abundance of pee pads-get all you think you need and then one more. You might even subscribe to an online service that sends you a regular shipment of pee pads. 


Make sure you figure out what your Chihuahua loves in terms of a reward. Food, praise, and toys are usually what make dogs happy. Have a good stock of these treats on hand so you can always give a reward for a job well done. 


With patience, care and understanding, your chihuahua will be going right where you want them to. 


Training a Chihuahua on Pee Pads



Pick a designated spot where your pup will go to the bathroom each time. Do not move the pee pads around the house or apartment. Otherwise, they will get confused and may end up going in a spot you don’t want them to. This leads to everybody getting frustrated. 


Keep that area all the time with pee pads, also. That way you can immediately change them out when they get soiled. Also keep in mind that Chihuahuas pee more often than some other dogs thanks to their small size-so having plenty of pads around is a good thing (and sanitary, too!)


Most families use the basement, spare rooms, or the bathroom as the place where their dog will go potty. Having a doggy door on the space they are to go in is a nice way to build independence and help them get to the spot faster. 


Now, let’s actually talk about different ways of teaching your chihuahua to go potty on pee pads. 



Method 1: Pee Pad Room


Choose a room that is suitable and easy for your Chi to get to when it’s time to go. It can be any room you deem suitable. We recommend putting the pee pads in a spot with a tile or linoleum, or even concrete floor. This makes cleanups for really big messes easier. As always, make sure this room will be the ONLY room where the pee pads go. 


Next, cover the whole floor with pee pads as best you can. This way your dog is guaranteed to go on the pee pads while they are learning. Once they get the hang of it, you can reduce this down to one or two pee pads. 


Make sure as you feed him during regular times during the day,  you take him in to go potty about 15 minutes after eating. As you lead him in, say a keyword like “Potty,” or “poop” or “go potty” so your dog knows what to do. Supervise him closely. When he finally does go, offer a treat and praise. 


Supervise your dog so he just goes potty in the pee pad room. Don’t let him sniff around and explore-this could lead him to think it’s okay to potty anywhere. Have him stick to the pee pads in terms of sniffing and poking around. Keep one soiled pad in the room so your Chi knows his scent. Other than that, do not keep soiled pads around, only clean ones. 


Go to the room often so he knows this is the spot to be in the case he has to go to the potty. In case of an accident, redirect him to the room-do not punish! This will ensure he does not associate going potty with negative emotions. 


And as always, offer a treat and praise once your chihuahua goes potty. 


Method 2: Potty Training a Chihuahua On Pee Pads With a Crate



Begin by buying an appropriately sized crate for your chihuahua that he can turn around and stand up in. Anything bigger can lead to soils happening on one side and naps on the other side. Crates are good things for dogs as it makes them feel secure. Dogs are also averse to soiling their crates, so this is a great way to train them on how to hold it. 


Put the pee pads down in your house in a spot where you want to see your dog use the potty. Make sure you stay consistent with this space. As always you want to be sure your chihuahua knows exactly where to go for potty time. 


Now keep the Chihuahua inside the crate at times when you are busy at home or away for short periods of time. Make sure there are toys and perhaps a soft blanket to provide some comfort to the dog. Depending on the age of your dog, this may not be the best method for potty training a chihuahua on pee pads because puppies, for instance, cannot hold it as long as older dogs. Plus, chihuahuas seem to go more often than other breeds, perhaps due to their small sizes. 

Therefore, the point here is to leave your chihuahua alone only for short periods of time until you come to a full understanding of how long they can be in there without needing somebody to take them out. 


After you arrive home, open the crate and take the Chihuahua to the pee pads. Allow him to sniff around for his scent and then go potty. Be sure he does not take this time to play around on the pee pads. You know what comes next-praise and a treat. 


The key here is, of course, is to be consistent. Always take him to the pee pads after mealtimes, and after play. Make sure he has ample time to see the pad, sniff it, circle around and do his business. 



Method 3: Sniffing and Circling as a Means of Training Your Chihuahua on Pee Pads



Begin by placing pee pads in a spot you want your pup to pee. The golden rule still remains: You must keep this area consistent and easy to reach. 


Next, bring your chihuahua to the pee pads and allow him the chance to explore and sniff around. You might get lucky and your pup will go right away; other times it will be harder to potty train a chihuahua on pee pads and you might have to redirect him back there. 


As you supervise your dog, be sure you keep watch of body language. There are certain mannerisms dogs do that indicate they are ready for the potty. They might sniff, circle, or paw at the floors. 


Once you see your dog doing these mannerisms, put him right on the pee pad. Remember to use those keywords we talked about earlier-” go potty”, “go poop”, etc. Use an encouraging tone of voice so he feels comfortable. 


Once your dog goes potty, offer the same rewards: a treat and some praise. If an accident should happen, soak up the urine or poo with a paper towel and place it on the pee pads where you want him to go. This will get his scent in a place where he is supposed to be going, and he will be more apt to pee in the correct spot as a result. 


An Important Note On Punishment


As human beings, we understand better than anybody that mistakes happen. Your dog wants you to have the same understanding about her when it comes To potty training a chihuahua on pee pads. 


If you notice your dog peeing in a spot she is not supposed to be going, make sure you do not make mistakes like rubbing her nose in it, scolding her or hitting her with a rolled-up magazine or newspaper. This only leads to the dog feeling nervous about going around you, and therefore finding places that are not appropriate to do her business. 


Indeed, this is something that can hurt more than help. Therefore, you should interrupt her right away when you catch her peeing in a bad spot. You can clap your hands or say “Hey,” in a firm but gentle tone. (The goal is to startle, but not scare). 


After you do this,  take them to the correct spot where the pee pads are. Let them finish doing their business and once they are done, give them a treat and praise. 


You should immediately clean up any messes that are made and use the damp paper towels or rags in the spot where you want your dog to go. When your Chihuahua smells his or her unique smell, they will be more motivated to go in the correct spot. 



Potty Training a Chihuahua: Other Helpful Advice


Be sure that when you do clean-up messes, you make use of an enzymatic cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle. The reason you have to use an enzyme cleaner is due to the fact that ammonia-based cleaners make dogs (and cats) more likely to pee in the same spot. 


It is best to use an enzyme cleaner as this will ensure your pet will not go there again-and these are specially formulated to be safe for use around pets. 


Another mistake to avoid is leaving your dog alone for more than four or five hours per day during this critical training period. You will want to have a friend, family member or dog trainer over if you must be at work, or take time off to teach them. 

Alternatively, you can gate off certain rooms of the house and lay down pee pads so your pup knows where to go. Be sure to use rags or paper towels with their urine on them so they always know where to go. 


Food and water are also critical training components for you to keep in mind as you help your Chihuahua to train using pee pads. You should pick up the water dish and dump it out about two hours before you go to bed so that way, they will be less likely to eliminate during the night hours. The average pup can sleep for about 7 hours before they have to go potty. If your pup does wake you up, just let them go to the pee pads and gently tell them a good job after. . 


In terms of food, keep them on a consistent schedule. Always take them to go about 15 minutes after they eat. This way, they will always go at the same time. 


Wrapping It Up


To potty train, a chihuahua on pee pads is not a difficult task by any means. Rather, it is simply a task that requires you to be patient and consistent. Stick with your routine and before you know it, your puppy will be fully trained and independently going to the potty all on their own.

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