6 Month Female Dog Keeps Peeing In The House

Your 6 month old female dog keeps peeing in house. It is exciting to have a puppy, but she is peeing everywhere in the house.

As much as you want to live with her, it can be frustrating. In this article, I am going to outline some of the reasons why a 6-month-old female dog keeps peeing in the house.

We will also discuss the measure to stop her.


How to stop a 6-month-old female dog keeps peeing in the house 

Whether inappropriate urinating is caused by a behavioral or medical illness, you will have to stop her.

Unfortunately, most dog owners give up on their dogs when they won’t stop urinating in the house.

However, as a dog lover, I am always against this. Instead, you can easily curb this behavior through the following tips:


Clean up the accident

I get it that you are frustrated. I mean, having your house smell of dog pee constantly is depressing.

However, understand that your dog does not know better. Instead of getting mad, clean up the accident as soon as possible.

If you have other pets, they could also begin this habit when they smell the pee. Use an enzymatic cleaner to remove the smell and stains of your puppy’s urine.


Identify the reason for peeing in the house

Well, once you clean after her accident, you will need to figure out why your dog is peeing in the house.

If you have not trained her well, then you will need to go back to training her. At the same time, ensure that she is not ill.

You will only be able to stop your 6-month-old female dog from peeing in the house if you understand where all that is coming from.

It should not take you a lot of time to figure it out when you monitor your dog closely.


Rule out medical illnesses

This is especially when your dog has suddenly started soiling the house. If your puppy is normally well behaved, then it would be peculiar to have her peeing all over the house.

Check in with your vet if you suspect that your dog has medical issues.

Your vet will examine your dog and recommend treatment if your dog has any illnesses.


Do not punish her

Your puppy is only six months old, and you cannot be mad at her. As I have outlined above, the best approach is to identify the cause of this problem.

Punishing or yelling at your dog for peeing in the house can make it worse. First of all, your puppy may not know better.

She could be potty trained but accidents happen. Well, be calm about it and get to know the reason behind this problem.


A 6-month-old female dog keeps peeing in the house. Re-train your dog

Now, in most cases, 6 months old puppies pee in the house because they have not been well trained.

If so, you will need to begin from scratch and potty train her. This might take some time but if she has been trained before, it can be a simple task.

potty training a dog takes patience and consistency. The following tips should help you potty train your pup once again:

I find it easy to potty train a puppy using the crate method. Alternatively, if you have some space in the house, you can put up a baby gate.

The key is to have your dog confined in a comfortable space. This way, you limit the chances of soiling the other parts of the house.

Besides, training a do is all about having control of her.


Lead him to the potty area often

Puppies, unlike adult dogs, may not learn how to hold them for long. Besides, they have small bladders which means they have to eliminate quite often.

Potty training a dog will need someone to be at home at all times. I mean, you could run an errand for an hour or so but you need to be home.

Puppies will need a potty break every hour. Also, take her out to the potty area within a few minutes after she wakes up, after play, and every time you let her out of her confinement.

If she is still having these accidents in the confinement, increase the frequency of potty breaks.

If you take your pup to the potty area and she won’t pee, take her back into the confinement. Do not engage in play or any other activities.

Take her out once again after ten minutes and repeat as needed until she finally eliminates.


Do not let her drink too much water at night

Potty training a dog can be challenging at night. It is important to keep your dog hydrated but at the same time, letting her drink too much at night will result in peeing in her crate.

Well, if your puppy has had accidents at night, you could probably set an alarm. This way, you can take her out to the potty place to avoid accidents.


Why does your 6-month-old female dog keep peeing in the house?

Young Female Dog Keeps Peeing In The House - What To Do

Having a puppy who pees in the house is stressful. However, you will need to find out why your puppy is urinating in the house, especially if you have already potty trained her.

It is rare but not unusual for a 6-month-old pup to pee in the house.

Below are some of the reasons that might be causing inappropriate


Elimination in your female puppy:


Dogs, as you may know, are joyous. However, For instance, intense play can be quite exciting for him. Or maybe when you get back home after a few days away.

Your female puppy will get happy. You can notice this by the way she wiggles her body around. You can also notice tail wagging and jumping.

Well, it is especially if you have not taught your dog how to stop jumping.

You might also notice your pup spraying urine all over. It is especially because of the vigorous wiggling.

This is an indication that your dog is extremely happy. It is a common habit in puppies younger than a year old.



Submission is not exactly a good thing. It is often a result of fear. If your puppy is feeling threatened by something in the house, then she can pee out of fear.

For instance, if your friend comes over and tries to bond with your dog, it could be quite threatening to her.

Other puppies can be easily triggered by their owners. For instance, if your dog is engaging in destructive behavior and you yell at her, do not be surprised when she pees on the floor.

Dogs do not like confrontations. They are very stressful for them.

Also, if you bring an older dog home, your pup might feel a little intimidated. It could result in inappropriate urination.

Puppies are more likely to exhibit this behavior than adult dogs. However, it should be stopped immediately you notice it.


Urine marking

Dogs are territorial. They will want to chase away anyone or anything overstepping their boundaries.

Urine marking is likely to happen when you own more than one dog. Puppies are also territorial of their owners as well as their homes.

For instance, if a stray dog is lurking in your homestead, your puppy will sniff them out.  She will also want to send a message to the other dog that he is not welcome.

Usually, a dog will urinate to mark boundaries.

As I have mentioned above, it is likely to happen when you own more than one dog.

For instance, if your dogs get into a fight, one might urinate to keep the other away.

Also, dogs who have not been spayed tend to urinate in the house when on heat. It is as a result of the sexual hormone release.

It is a way to welcome potential mates, even if she is a house dog. Well, puppies reach sexual maturity between 6 and 9 months. Ensure that you get her spayed before then.


The 6-month-old female dog keeps peeing in the house. Incomplete potty training

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Potty training is one of the most important dog pieces of training. Yet, it is also among the most difficult things to do.

You will need to be patient with your dog and have plenty of time for training. Else, you would need to hire a dog trainer to do it for you.

Well, if your dog did not completely potty training, then it could be the reason why she is peeing in the house.

Now, there is no specific timeframe to teach your dog how to appropriately urinate. It could take weeks before your dog is completely trained.

If you stop training or are inconsistent, your dog will take longer. This means that she could have these accidents from time to time.

It could even trigger your other pets, if any, to start urinating in the house.

Thus, you must go back and retrain her completely.


Medical illnesses

Improper urination can also be an indication that your puppy is ill. Female puppies especially are prone to urinary tract infections, which lead to painful and frequent urination.

Unfortunately, even when you have devoted yourself to training your pup, she may not always make it to the potty area.

Well, it is therefore vital to monitor your dog closely when she starts peeing in the house. When a dog develops UTI, she will spray small amounts of urine frequently in the house.

It will have a stronger smell than normal.

UTIs are not the only thing you should be worried about.

Other medical illnesses such as kidney disease, bladder stones, and even diabetes could make your dog have inappropriate urination issues.

If your female puppy has suddenly started urinating in the house, it could be as a result of a medical illness.



If your 6-month-old female dog is peeing in the house, you ought to address that as soon as possible. Spend some time and identify the trigger causing your dog to urinate in your house.

Be keen to spot any symptoms of an illness as discussed above. If she seems sick, consult your vet immediately.

However, most 6-month-old dogs will pee in the house because they are yet to be fully potty trained. Therefore, you must reinforce training and keep it constant.

It might take some time to eliminate inappropriate elimination. With the right training measures, you will be able to train your pup out of the habit.

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