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Potty Training A Stubborn Puppy.The Ultimate Guide

Potty Training A Stubborn Puppy — Don’t Lose Your Mind Just Yet


Potty training a stubborn puppy may seem like mission impossible at first. After all, we all know that stubbornness is a trait one cannot get rid of without putting in the effort. Yet, I think it is still possible, purely because I’ve gone through it with my dog too.


Today, I’m going to shed some light on why potty training a stubborn puppy is difficult and the most common problems that may arise. In addition, I’ll talk about breeds that give dog owners the most trouble, as well as some other tips that may not be directly related to potty training but can make your life a whole lot easier. Let’s get started!

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My Dog Won’t Potty Train

My Dog Won’t Potty Train — Rebellious Dogs and Behavior Issues


To have a dog is to understand the true meaning of happiness. Or is it? As many dog owners like myself would know, there is one true proverbial stumbling stone in the dog and human friendship that could spell a total disaster — what if my dog won’t potty train?

At this point before you read on I am asking you to take a minute of your time to look at a download that is considered the “Dog Behavior Bible” It took 10 years to develop and has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. Take a FREE look now and download it.

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