Dog Barking Problems

Do Boxers Bark A Lot?

Boxers are a vocal breed, but they are not extreme barkers. If a boxer does become loud and bark excessively, there is usually a good reason for it.   Boxer Vocalization   Boxers are not known for problematic barking, but they are affectionately known as “talkers” by their owners because of their grumbling, growling, and […]

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Why Do Border Collies Hug?

Dogs do not naturally hug each other in the same way that humans do. So, when border collies hug each other, it is because they have been trained to follow a command.   The Border Collie Hug   If you have spent any time online looking at pictures and videos of dogs, you have likely […]

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My Dog Sleeps on His Back

My Dog Sleeps on His Back. What is the reason?

A few weeks ago, I came into my bedroom to find my dog belly-up on the floor. I was immediately concerned. But is it bad if my dog sleeps on his back? Not necessarily! According to my research, he might do it because he:   Needs to cool down Feels particularly safe in my presence […]

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My Dog Wakes up Too Early and Barks

My Dog Wakes up Too Early and Barks. Reasons Why and The Fix

My dog wakes up too early and barks, what should I do? Early morning barking is self-rewarding behavior, and it happens because of the dog:   Needs to go to the bathroom Is lonely or bored Heard something or perceived something as a threat   My Dog Wakes up Too Early and Barks — Why? […]

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How to Stop a Dog From Digging for Moles

Dog Barking and Pulling on Leash at Other Dogs

 Have you ever witnessed a dog barking and pulling on leash at other dogs? Or maybe that happens with your pup all the time? Regardless, that’s an interesting and extremely common behavior you can fix by: preventing contact  having walks in open areas eliminating any stress factors.   Dog Barking and Pulling on Leash at […]

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