Do Boxers Bark A Lot? What You Need To Know

Boxers bark, but not a lot. Boxers are a vocal breed, but they are not extreme barkers. If a boxer does become loud and bark excessively, there is usually a good reason for it.


Boxer Vocalization

Boxers are not known for problematic barking, but they are affectionately known as “talkers” by their owners because of their grumbling, growling, and whining.

The boxer makes all kinds of vocalizations but rarely do they bark unless something is wrong.


How does It Sounds When Boxers Bark?

The boxer has a deep, hoarse bark that (usually) begins with a grumble or growl, turns into a rumbly howl, and becomes a bark.

The boxer has long been a guard dog and relies on their deep bark as a warning alarm to alert to danger and warn off any threat.


Why Do Boxers Vocalize?

Like other dogs, boxers vocalize for various reasons, including when they need something or alerting you to something.


They Need Something

Vocalizations are one of the only ways that dogs can communicate their needs with us.

Although body language plays a significant role in dog-dog communication, humans are less in-tune with canine body language, so dogs must rely on verbal cues to ensure that they get our attention.

Dogs may vocalize that they need something when:

  • They are hungry
  • They need to go out to the bathroom
  • They want your attention
  • They want you to play with them
  • They want you to know how they feel about something (for example, “big sister took my ball!”)


If you have had dogs in the past, you know that over time you learn to recognize your dog’s noises and what they mean.

For example, sometimes boxers bark at the door when they need to go outside but whine at you when they want you to play with them.

You might also learn to recognize different types of vocalizations.

For example, your dog may use short, repeated whining when they invite you to play, but they may use a single long, drawn-out whine to say – “I want what you have.”

It can take a while to understand your dog’s vocalizations (and what each one means,) but if you pay attention, you may see a pattern.

Spending the time to learn this pattern of vocalizations is beneficial to you and your dog because it creates much more clear lines of communication.


They Are Alerting You to Something

Another reason that our dogs vocalize is to tell us something.

Dogs may vocalize to alert you when:

  • Someone is in your yard – whether they should be there or not.
  • They find a snake in the house.
  • Something is out of the ordinary.
  • There is danger.


Even if you have never heard your boxer bark before, this is one of the possible occasions that Boxers bark.


How to Stop Excessive Barking in Boxers


Find Out Why Your Boxer is Barking Excessively

If your boxer is barking excessively, you must find out why.

Telling them to stop barking will do nothing to solve the initial problem; it simply lets your dog know that you don’t like their barking.

Doing this could come back and bite you in the future.

You WANT your dog to bark when there is reason to; you don’t want your dog to bark excessively.


Does Your Boxer Need More Exercise?

One of the most common reasons for dogs barking is that they need more exercise!

The boxer is a very energetic breed; without an outlet for that energy, they become frustrated and often tell you about it by barking.

If your boxer’s barking is becoming a problem, try giving them more exercise!

A tired dog is a happy dog!


Does Your Boxer Need More Attention?

Another common reason for problematic barking in dogs is a lack of attention.

Like humans, dogs want to know that they are a valuable part of the family and also like being involved with that family!

If you have not been including your dog (or haven’t been home at all,) the chances are that your pup is barking for your attention!

If your dog is starving for your attention, make a conscious effort to spend more time with them!

Give them belly rubs when you get home from work and play a game of fetch in the yard, it won’t take much time away from your busy schedule, but it will mean everything to your pup!

Check out these Dog Toys for dealing with boredom…

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Does Your Boxer Lack Socialization?

Nuisance barking can also be the result of poor socialization.

This barking happens more frequently outside the home, but it can also be a problem if your dog sits by a window in your home.

Dogs that lack socialization do not feel safe around – and do not know how to interact with -people or animals.

When under-socialized dogs see other people or animals, they instinctively become afraid or defensive/aggressive because they have never learned how to cope with others.

As a result, your dog will bark and chase or bark and retreat to gain control over the environment.

If your dog is not properly socialized, it is a job for a professional trainer to tackle.

Under-socialized dogs can be troublesome (and sometimes dangerous) because you are making them face something that makes them uncomfortable.

A professional trainer can tackle the problem head-on.


Conclusion / Summary

Boxers may whine, growl, and grumble, but barking is not commonplace.

If your boxer is an excessive barker, it is worth looking into whether there could be something more behind their behavior.

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