Are Chihuahuas Yappy? A Helpful And Useful Guide

It is known worldwide that Chihuahuas are yappy. Though this small breed can be very vocal, with the proper training and socialization, this dog does not have to be a problem barker.

Yapping is a problem behavior for any dog; knowing how to identify triggers of yapping is the key to avoiding it altogether. Such common triggers include:

  • Boredom
  • Frustration
  • Small dog syndrome
  • Lack of socialization


Is the Chihuahua Yappy?

Every dog barks, but as the Chihuahua is so petite when it does bark, the Chihuahua has a shorter vocal tract, making the bark sound more like a “yap.”

While the Chihuahua’s natural bark does sound like a “yap,” it does not mean that yapping is acceptable behavior.

Incessant yapping is something that owners should nip in the bud as soon as it begins to prevent it from becoming a chronic problem.


Causes of Yappy Behavior in Chihuahuas

Bothersome yapping in Chihuahuas is almost always a result of boredom, frustration, small dog syndrome, and lack of socialization.



Barking – or yapping – is a way for your Chihuahua to communicate with you, and if your pup is bored, you bet you will hear about it!

You can avoid boredom barking in your Chihuahua by giving them plenty of exercises and regularly engaging them in interactive play.



Like humans, our dogs can get frustrated, and there are a variety of ways that they can show that frustration, one of which is barking.

Dogs regularly bark out of frustration when they:

  • Feel like they are getting teased – you can remedy this by NOT teasing your dog!
  • Want something that they can see but is out of reach – you can fix this by keeping tasty things out of sight. For example – do not leave a bag of dog treats on the kitchen counter where your dog can see them!
  • See other dogs or humans doing something that they want to do. For example, seeing other pets and their owners through a window can be very frustrating – you can remedy this by closing the blinds or curtains when you are not home so that your dog cannot see outside!


Small Dog Syndrome

Small dogs can also become problem barkers because of “small dog syndrome”.

Small dog syndrome is when small dogs misbehave because they have too much freedom to misbehave by owners that baby them because of their size.

Dogs with small dog syndrome can be problem barkers when they seek attention and do not get their way!


Poor Socialization

Another major contributor to the problem of barking in small dogs like the Chihuahua is a lack of socialization.

Small dogs are often “on guard” with other dogs and strangers because of their size.

This constant feeling of being on edge pushes the Chihuahua to be “bossy”.

Still, when you add fear of strangers, that bossiness reaches a new level as the Chihuahua tries to stand its ground.


Conclusion / Summary

The Chihuahua is known for being a yappy dog, but with consistent training, regular exercise, and companionship, this pup makes a loyal, devoted, and loving friend.

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