Are Yorkshire Terriers Yappy? A Useful Guide

Yorkshire Terriers are known for being yappy dogs due to its size. This distinction is unfair since not all Yorkies are yappy – and those that are – usually have good reason to be!

The energetic Yorkshire Terrier can be yappy at times; however, proper training and a lifestyle that meets their basic needs make it much less likely that this pup will become a problem barker.

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Yorkshire Terriers – Vocalizations

Like most puppies, the Yorkshire Terrier begins vocalizing between two and three weeks old. Initially, these vocalizations are little more than grunts and whines.

Through socialization and experience, puppies learn to use their vocalizations to communicate, attract attention, and express themselves.


Is the Yorkshire Terrier Yappy?

The Yorkshire Terrier can be yappy, but yappiness is not a definitive characteristic of this breed.

The biggest reason that people mislabel the Yorkie as “yappy” is because it is such a small dog.

As a smaller dog, the Yorkshire Terrier has a shorter vocal tract than a big dog.

A shorter vocal tract means less vibration when it barks. So, the Yorkie’s bark is more of a yap than a resonating “woof.”


Causes of Yappy Behavior in Yorkies

When a Yorkshire Terrier is yappy, the owner is almost always to blame for this problem behavior.

Some of the most common reasons that contribute to problem barking or “yapping” include:

  • Lack of Exercise
  • Boredom
  • Lack of Attention
  • Poor Socialization


Lack of Exercise

All dogs require exercise because it allows them to burn off extra energy and exercise their instinct to explore.

When a dog does not have the chance to exercise, however, they have excess energy and no way to exert it, and with nowhere outside to explore, a dog can feel isolated.

Both pent-up energy and feelings of isolation in the Yorkshire Terrier can lead to problem barking or “yapping.”



Even with regular exercise, your Yorkie can experience boredom, though.

For example, if you work from 9 am to 5 pm and leave your pup home all day on their own, they will likely become bored.

When bored, your dog will make their entertainment or call out for a playmate – both of which can cause yapping behavior

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Separation From The Pack or Lack of Attention

Dogs are pack animals, and if your Yorkshire Terrier feels isolated from their pack, they are likely to call out or “yap” to let their dog pack know that they are separated.

Your Yorkie may also act this way if they feel ignored by their dog pack – for example, if you are paying attention to another dog.

In this instance, your pup will yap to protest and to get your attention!

Poor Socialization

Yapping is not always the result of a dog feeling left out or bored. Yapping can also be the result of poor socialization.

For example, a Yorkie with no exposure to strangers may “sound the alarm” by yapping incessantly to ward off strangers or inform you that something is out of the ordinary.


Conclusion / Summary

The Yorkshire Terrier is not inherently yappy, but without a healthy and happy lifestyle, this small dog will vocalize their displeasure, boredom, and pent-up energy.

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