What Are The Best Dog Crates For Cars?

Our guide goes into why crating your dog is a good idea, what are the best dog crates for cars, for transporting your pet, and how to increase the comfort and make the dog crate a welcoming environment for your canine.

A safe, durable dog crate is one of the best ways to make your pooch feel at ease. When you cannot be with your dog, the best crate provides a haven for them.

A crate also appeals to a dog’s innate need to den. Most dogs like having their own space and often return to their crate if they need some “alone” time.

Crates also make housetraining even simpler by providing your dog with a room in your home that is “theirs”!

Commonly asked questions we get on crates are: What are the best dog crates for dogs?  Do I need to use a dog crate to train my puppy?

What dimension dog crate should I buy?  Is a dog crate cruel? In this guide, we discuss these questions, our top three picks, and other crate-related questions.


The Benefits of a Dog Crate 

  • Crates provide a comfortable, peaceful atmosphere for frightened puppies in their brand-new surroundings.
  • Crates are useful for toilet teaching.
  • Crates accelerate the process of teaching the dog a bedtime schedule.
  • Crates are an excellent bed and sleep zone for mature dogs, emulating the den-like environment.


The Different Types of Dog Crates 

    • Metal crates are the most common crate and can conveniently be closed flat for storage while not being used. The cage-like characteristics of metal crates do not appeal to all, but when paired with a cloth covering and blanket kit, they turn into a warm and inviting den for your canine.
    • Wooden crates are ideal for those searching for a dog crate more meaningful. They fit a variety of interior décor types and make lovely end tables, so they are perfect if you are looking for a dual-purpose piece of furniture.
    • Travel crates ensure travel protection is paramount and, restraining the dog when traveling in the vehicle is now required by law. Many people use a travel crate because it fits well in the back of the car and can be folded flat while not in service. They are also needed for travel, which is yet another justification for crate training your puppy while they are small.


How to Make a Dog Crate More Comfortable 

  • Cushions – To enhance the level of comfort for your dog.
  • Bumpers – Bumpers are made to create a comfortable, cozy wall on the interior of your dog’s crate. They are ideal for pets who prefer to cuddle up in the back of their dog crate, as they sit along the side of the pillow.
  • Covers – Crate covers are both functional and fashionable.


Finding the Best Dog Crates For Cars

A high-quality and sturdy crate is needed to keep your dog safe, stable, and relaxed.

Our top three picks are all an excellent way to keep an eye on your pet at all times to make sure they do not get themselves into any messy or potentially risky situations.

These crates are waterproof, meaning you can have your furry companion next to you at all times, whether you are at home or on the go.

Our top 2 picks are the following crates for dogs for cars are the following:

  1. The Three-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate by Elitefield
  2. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog iCrate


The Three-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate by Elitefield

The Best Dog Crates For CarsSee on Amazon
See on Amazon


    • Dimensions 36″ long x 24″ wide x 28″ high
    • Your dog can feel more spacious in the Elitefield soft crate
    • No equipment is required. The dog crate is fully assembled and can be set up and fold-down in seconds
    • This crate is manufactured with solid steel tubing and, the crate cover is made of high-quality, long-lasting 600D cloth with hex mesh – making the dog crate well ventilated, sleek, lightweight, and robust
    • Three mesh doors (on the top, front, and side) provide comfort, light, and ventilation
    • Top and side accessory pockets
    • Reusable and washable cover and bed
    • A handle and hand-holding straps are provided on the crate, as well as an elastic padded shoulder harness, a free carrying bag, and fleece bed, therefore, providing many carrying options
    • EliteField, a New York-based pet product company. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty on this dog crate and has been ranked first in Amazon’s “Soft Dog Crate” category


MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate See on Amazon

The Best Dog Crates For CarsSee on Amazon
See on Amazon


    • The iCrate is considered an all-inclusive dog crate because it comes with a free divider frame, a sturdy dog plate, a carrying handle, four ‘roller’ paws to cover floors, and a Midwest product guarantee
    • Options of both a medium and large single-door folding dog crate are available which is suitable for dogs weighing 41 to 70 pounds as an adult and even includes a handy divider panel that allows the crate to stretch as your canine grows
    • The sturdy structure provides a haven for your pet while you are away, while still catering to your dog’s innate “den” instincts
    • Two heavy-duty sliding bolt latches securely lock the dog crate door in place, keeping the dog safe and secure inside their crate
    • It is easy and fast to assemble and transport. This dog crate folds up in seconds with no tools available and folds flat for storage or travel.


We have and still use all of these dog crates.

We have found them the best dog crates for cars. They are easily foldable and not heavy.

The quality is brilliant and that is why we give them a 10/10 rating.

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