What to Do When You See Your Dog Drooling Excessively From One Side Of The Mouth

If you see your dog drooling excessively from one side of the mouth remember, there are many things that can cause your dog to drool more than usual.

Here’s what might be behind it:

  • A foreign object has lodged in your dog’s mouth
  • Various mouth diseases or bad teeth
  • An injury or a cut inside the mouth
  • Heatstroke
  • Some kind of poison
  • Respiratory infection
  • Organ disease


What to Do When You See Your Dog Drooling Excessively From One Side of the Mouth

Even though drooling in dogs is a very common and natural occurrence, when you see your dog drooling excessively from one side of the mouth, you might think something’s wrong.

Well, in this particular scenario, you have the right to worry, but you shouldn’t panic. Drooling, even when it’s excessive, is usually a sign of something benign.

However, ptyalism or excessive saliva can also be a sign of a serious and potentially dangerous medical condition.

Therefore, if you notice that your dog is drooling more than usual, you should definitely consult your veterinarian.

Ignoring this sign could cause a lot of problems for your four-legged friend. Responsibility is one of the paramount traits every dog owner should have.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s see what can cause your dog to drool, when you should be worried, and what you can do to help it.


Here’s Why Your Dog Might Be Drooling Excessively

First of all, let us state one more time that when you see your dog drooling excessively from one side of the mouth, you shouldn’t assume your pet is in grave danger.

There are many things that can cause this to happen, so make sure to stay calm and watch your dog closely. Also, some dog breeds drool more than others.

If you have a Bloodhound, a Newfoundland dog, Mastiff, or a Saint Bernard, your furry friend will probably drool more than dogs with narrow snouts.

The breeds we mentioned have a loose upper lip, which causes them to drool somewhat more. Their owners should definitely keep a towel nearby at all times!

That said, let’s see why your dog might be drooling excessively.


A Foreign Object Lodged in Your Dog’s Mouth

If you notice that your dog is drooling excessively from one side of the mouth, the most probable cause is that a foreign object has lodged in its mouth.

Even if you live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard, your dog might still find something to chew on every time you go out for a walk.

A wooden stick is the most common choice, and since these things tend to crack awkwardly, small debris can sometimes find a way into your dog’s mouth.

If you suspect that this might be the cause, gently open your dog’s mouth and search it. In case you find something, carefully pull it out and wash out the mouth with water.

This should definitely stop the drooling.


Various Mouth Diseases or Bad Teeth

Sometimes, gingivitis and various tumors can cause excessive drooling in dogs. We are aware that this might sound scary, but mouth diseases are usually easily treatable.

On the other hand, if you see your dog drooling excessively from one side of the mouth, it might have bad teeth.

Either way, you should check its mouth. If you find a strange growth, if its teeth are brown, or if the gums are red or bleeding, you should definitely consult your vet.

They will run some blood tests in order to determine the nature of the growth or the cause of tooth decay.


The Dog Might Have Injured or Cut Its Mouth

As you probably know, our four-legged rascals sometimes like to play rough with each other or chew on things they shouldn’t be chewing on.

This naughty behavior can result in injuries and cuts in their mouth.

When this happens, dogs can’t swallow due to pain, so saliva builds up in their mouths, and they drool. Therefore, make sure to check your pet’s mouth.

If you find some fresh wounds, wash them out with clean water.


Your Dog Might Be Suffering From Heatstroke

Drooling is one of the ways dogs cool down on a warm day, so if you are outside, and it’s hot, it is a normal occurrence.

However, if your dog keeps drooling even when you get inside, it might be suffering from heatstroke.

A dog drooling excessively from one side of the mouth is one of the most common signs of heatstroke.

So, if it’s hot, and your dog displays this symptom, make sure to get it somewhere cool and give it some freshwater. Once you do this, call your vet.

If you don’t want your dog to suffer a heatstroke, then don’t take it outside when it’s too hot.

Make sure to avoid exercise on such hot days and never leave the dog in the car without turning the air conditioning on.

Of course, if the dog has to go to the bathroom, you should take it out briefly to do its business.

However, if you want to take it for a long walk, wait until the temperature goes down.


The Dog Might Have Been Poisoned

Their dog being poisoned is probably a scenario a lot of dog owners fear the most. Even though it doesn’t happen too often, you must stay vigilant nonetheless.

If you see your dog drooling excessively from one side of the mouth, it might have stumbled upon some poison.

But, before you assume someone poisoned your dog, you should know that dogs often poison themselves by eating various plants and animals.

Some dogs eat tulips, some catch toads, and some even feast on poisonous spiders. They are curious souls, and they make mistakes.

However, when our furry friends eat something they shouldn’t, they get very sick.

Drooling is just one of the ways dogs show that there’s something wrong with them.

Therefore, if your dog displays this symptom for no apparent reason, you must take it to the vet straight away.


Your Pet Might Be Suffering From a Respiratory Infection

Excessive drooling might also be a sign of a respiratory infection

Even though these are not very common in the canine world, they are still present, especially when it comes to dogs who live in shelters or with other animals.

Therefore, if your pet spends time with other dogs and often drools excessively, it might be suffering from an infection of the sinuses, nose, or throat.

Isolating your dog from other animals is not always a good thing since it should learn how to socialize.

However, if your dog suffers from respiratory infections often, you should keep it away from dogs you don’t know personally.

Also, if you touch other animals every day, try to wash your hands before petting your dog.

By keeping your hands clean, you will protect your dog from potential germs, viruses, and bacteria.


Various Organ Diseases

Besides poisoning, this is probably the most dangerous cause of drooling in dogs. As dogs get older, they become more prone to organ diseases.

The liver, lungs, heart, and kidneys are the most vulnerable spots in older dogs. If one of those vital organs is not working properly, your dog might drool excessively.

These diseases can be rather dangerous, so we recommend taking your dog to your local vet for annual checkups.

By doing so, you can catch the disease early on, treat it properly, and hope for a successful recovery.


Here’s What to Do When You See Your Dog Drooling Excessively From One Side of the Mouth

Even though it is not a pretty sight, you shouldn’t panic. Try to remain calm, get a towel to wipe your dog’s mouth, and give it some freshwater.

Once you do this, check its mouth for foreign objects and injuries. Retrace your steps and try to remember whether your dog ate something it shouldn’t have.

In case you can’t find any obvious causes for drooling, make sure to consult your local vet.

Even though drooling is not a sign of something dangerous most of the time, you should be a responsible owner and seek help from experts.


Final Thoughts

As said, there are many different things that can cause a dog to drool. Most of them are common and benign, but some might indicate a potentially dangerous health condition.

Therefore, the safest thing to do is to inform yourself and consult a vet.

But remember — if you notice your dog drooling excessively from one side of the mouth, stay calm and try not to do anything rash.

Making sudden movements and trying to forcefully open your dog’s mouth could make things worse. Instead, if it’s behaving a bit weird, take your dog to the local veterinary station.

The vet will probably say that it’s nothing to worry about, but don’t think you overreacted.

This responsible approach will definitely keep your dog safe, and give you, as the owner, some peace of mind.

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