Best Dog Crate for a Affenpinscher

In our opinion, this is by far the best dog crate for a Affenpinscher. Let’s go through all details with you so we can help you decide…

There has always been some controversy surrounding the use of dog cages. Some believe it is cruel and not welcome in today’s pet keeping.

Our view on this matter is that theory is completely untrue.

There are numerous reasons why dog crates should be used.


Do Dog Crates Help With Training?

The use of dog crates is a major way towards the training of our dogs as it will teach them obedience and will assist greatly in potty training.

It can provide them with a place of their own which can provide them with a sense of security, as they will treat it as their own place.

Just sometimes our dogs just need to go to their own environment which they can escape all of the pressures in daily life.

The use of crates is a great way of training a puppy and teaching them the rules in which they should follow.

You can see our ultimate guide on Dog Training right here.


How Long Should a Dog Be Left In a Crate?

However, this does not mean you should leave a dog too long in a crate. A rule of thumb for a puppy is no longer than 3 hours.

A new puppy will quickly learn to hold back their need for the toilet.

Any longer than boredom will set in and in the long term will have adverse effects on their behavior.

The other important factor is how much water does a dog need during crate and potty training. You can see the article right here.


The Actual Dog Crate We Recommend

There are numerous dog crates available in the market today.

We say if you buy cheap then you buy twice.

The crate will have to last for the lifetime of your dog or until they are fully house-trained.

The average lifespan of an Affenpinscher is 11-13 years.

The average size of an Affenpinscher is medium (but classed as a toy).

The average weight of an Affenpinscher is   7-10 lbs

With all of the above information is taken into account our research has shown that the MidWest Life Stages Single-Door Folding Metal, 22 Inches by 13 Inches by 16 Inches Dog Crate is the absolute best for your Affenpinscher.
Single-Door Folding Metal Dog CrateSingle-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

This crate can be viewed on Amazon right here.


Crate Specifications

  • This crate is the perfect size for an Affenpinscher.
  • An extremely versatile single-door dog crate
  • It has a Durable Satin Black E-Coat Finish with an Easy-Clean ABS plastic pan included.
  • The crate is easy to set up and folds down to a portable size. 
  • A divider panel is included allowing you to adjust your puppy’s living area as it grows.
  • Ideal for visiting friends and family or going on vacation.
  • The weight of this crate is only 4.99kg
  • It is of metal construction.
  • Great for weaning puppies


We give this crate a 10/10.

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