Are Maltipoos Yappy? An Informative Guide

Maltipoos aren’t yappy. This breed may be a small dog, but unlike many other small breeds, the Maltipoo is NOT known for being yappy.

The Maltipoo is a relatively quiet breed, making it one of the more popular small breed designer dogs.

The social and loyal Maltipoo is much less likely to be a problem barker than other toy breeds, but it is not unheard of for this pup to become a problem barker.

When Maltipoos develop problem barking behavior, it is almost always related to their quality of life, how well socialized they are, and their position in the family hierarchy.


Maltipoo Vocalizations

Maltipoo puppies begin to vocalize at two to three weeks old.

The first sounds the Maltipoo makes are little more than whines and cries, but as puppies are socialized and gain real-world experience, they learn to vocalize to attract attention, communicate and express themselves.


Is the Maltipoo Yappy?

The Maltipoo is a relatively quiet breed, but this small dog can become a problem barker when frustrated.

As a small breed dog, the Maltipoo’s problem barking sounds more like a yap than a bark because the respiratory tract is much shorter than that in larger breeds.

This yapping sound is often much more noticeable than the more resonating bark of big dogs!


Causes of Yappy Behavior in Maltipoos

Yapping behavior in the Maltipoo can result from multiple factors, but most often, it is the result of:


Quality of Life Concerns

To be comfortable and happy, dogs need a specific quality of life. When lacking this quality of life, a dog will often show displeasure through vocalization.

Some examples of quality-of-life issues that can cause yapping include:

  • Not getting enough exercise (physical and mental)
  • A lack of companionship
  • Boredom.


Poor Socialization

Socialization is another crucial aspect of raising a well-rounded dog.

Poor socialization can increase a dog’s feelings of isolation and create fear for dogs forced into social situations without being prepared.

In these examples, the Maltipoo will likely voice their displeasure with a yappy bark until you remedy the problem.


Position in the Family Hierarchy

Dogs are pack animals – they live in family groups and operate as a unit.

As domesticated pets, however, our dogs do not lose that need for structure.

Unfortunately, because humans do not emulate the same pack structure, we can often disturb the “natural order” of things and confuse our dogs.

For example, babying our small breed dogs gives them a sense of security so we can give them the impression that they are “kings” and tend to act accordingly.

When we step in, however, and try to “lay down the law,” the small dog (who believes he is a king) will protest with that yappy loud bark!


Conclusion / Summary

The Maltipoo is a relatively quiet and subdued breed, but without proper training, consistency, and socialization, this small pup can become a big problem with a booming bark!

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