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Dog Eating Poop Side Effects

Dog Eating Poop And Throwing Up: Should We Be Worried?

Seeing your dog eating poop and throwing up for the first time can be quite off-putting. Sometimes it’s perfectly normal behavior: Your dog could be bored. Puppies are curious about everything, including their own poop. It may be learned  However, in some cases, there could be something wrong with your pooch. Your dog could be […]

critical signs of stress in dogs

Dog Eating Poop and Throwing Up. A Useful Guide

When you see your dog eating poop and throwing up your initial reaction is one of concern. The two main medical reasons for this behavior is Enzyme deficiency and/or Pancreatic Insufficiency. However, don’t panic. Help is here. All I ask is that you have a look at my ebook. It will not cost anything to […]

My Dog is Staring at Nothing and Shaking

My dog is staring at nothing and shaking   It’s quite spooky to find your dog staring at nothing and shaking. Some people get nervous that their dog is seeing ghosts when they stare at a wall. This is quite creepy, but not likely the cause of the behavior.     Staring at nothing could be […]

Dog Breathing Heavily With Tongue Hanging Out

 If you notice a dog breathing heavily with tongue hanging out, it can be a symptom of:  Heatstroke Poisoning Respiratory disorders Overheating and chronic illness.    Dog breathing heavily with tongue hanging out— Is It Always a Reason for Concern?   Although some heavy breathing is normal in dogs, If the labored breathing is excessive, […]

Can Dogs Swim in Lakes? — Dangers and Precautions

  Make sure that your dog is a strong swimmer and accustomed to the water. Lake is full of dangers for your dog — blue-green algae, sand, rip currents, and fishing equipment is only some of them. Bring fresh water for your dog to drink and rinse its fur and ears after swimming. Consider buying […]