Are Havanese Easy To Train? The Surprising Answer

Are Havanese Easy To Train?

Havanese are an easily trainable breed regarding obedience and willingness to please. Housetraining, however, is another thing entirely! This little pup can be a big headache!   The Havanese The Havanese is the only dog breed native to Cuba. Developed to serve as a companion to the aristocracy, the Havanese is a happy-go-lucky people‚Äôs dog … Read post

Do Havanese Shed? You Will Be Suprised

Do Havanese Shed?

Havanese shed, contrary to popular belief (and what money-hungry breeders would have you believe). Compared to other breeds, however, the Havanese is a light shedder.   The Havanese Shed The Havanese breed does shed, but they shed lightly. Additionally, this breed tends only to shed noticeably in the spring and fall when the seasons (and … Read post