Lhasa Apso Teddy Bear Cut. 7 things you should know

If you’re a fan of the irresistibly cute ‘Lhasa Apso Teddy Bear Cut’, you’re in for a treat!

Sometimes used synonymously with a “puppy cut,” the teddy bear cut is a popular short coat grooming style that gives your Lhasa Apso the appearance of a teddy bear!

This adorable grooming style has been turning heads and melting hearts everywhere, and if you’ve been considering this look for your furry friend, you’ve landed in the right place.

With its plush, cuddly appearance reminiscent of a teddy bear, it’s no wonder why this style has become a pet-owner favorite.

There are seven things you should know about this popular grooming choice.

From understanding its maintenance requirements, to considering your Lhasa Apso’s comfort, to finding a skilled groomer, we’ll guide you through it all.

So sit tight, and let’s get started on this fluffy journey – your Lhasa Apso might just end up being the cutest Teddy Bear in town!


The Lhasa Apso Coat

The Lhasa Apso coat is long and straight. Despite its appearance, the Lhasa Apso coat is not silky; this double-layered coat is quite dense.

Often hanging to floor level, the Lhasa’s coat requires daily brushing and grooming every two to five weeks, depending on its length.


The Teddy Bear Cut

One of the more popular grooming styles for the Lhasa Apso is the “teddy bear cut.” This shorter cut accentuates cuteness, giving a dog the appearance of a teddy bear or puppy.

Compared to the show cut, the teddy bear cut is quick and easy to maintain.

The Lhasa Apso puppy cut is a twelve-step process (approximately) that is quick for the groomer to perform and easy for you to maintain.


The Teddy Bear Grooming Process

  1. The first step in the teddy bear Lhasa Apso cut is to detangle the fur before bathing and fluffing up the coat.
  2. Fit the number ten blade and an attachment comb to your clippers. The comb you choose should be between half an inch to an inch and a half, depending on the length of your dog’s fur.
  3. Start with your clippers at the skull’s base and clip the neck’s sides and back. Once complete, run the clippers down the spine to the tail base.
  4. Be sure to clip in the direction of the hair growth as you trim your Lhasa Apso’s hindquarters and body.
  5. Once complete, carefully trim away any extra hair from the legs and the feet, keeping them the same length while keeping cuts rounded. (Be sure that your cuts keep the fur uniform and balanced between the front and back of the legs.)
  6. Use your clippers to carefully blend the body and leg hair – making sure that there are no gaps or bald spots in your dog’s fur.
  7. Trim the tail fur to match the length of the rest of your dog’s newly clipped coat.
  8. Take off the attachment comb now and use the number ten blade to clip fur from the more sensitive areas, including the underarms, abdomen, and genitals.
  9. If necessary, clean up any areas of the coat that have stray hairs or uneven length.
  10. Use the 3f Clipper Blade or your thinning shears to blend any areas that need it.
  11. Next, trim your dog’s face, keeping your cuts as rounded as possible and blending and feathering as you cut. Use your scissors to give each ear a circular shape or, at the very least, cut their ear fur to match their coat length, and don’t forget to blend when necessary!
  12. Use a finishing comb or slicker brush and give the coat one last going over.


7 Things to Know About the Teddy Bear Cut

  1. You must have a steady hand when clipping your dog’s coat, but cuts like the teddy bear cut are unforgiving, so you must be especially careful as you clip.
  2. The teddy bear cut is about the cute factor; nothing should distract from that.
  3. Although you want to be cautious while clipping, you should move in a fluid motion at the same speed to achieve flawless cuts.
  4. The teddy bear cut isn’t just for puppies! It can be a cute look for dogs of any age.
  5. the essential aspect of the teddy bear cut is the face and head. Without being adequately rounded, you cannot achieve this unique grooming cut.
  6. Your thinning shears will be your best friend when perfecting this Lhasa Apso cut.
  7. The longer trim styles are preferable for showing and competition as they show off the flowing Lhasa Apso coat.


How Often Do You Have to Trim a Teddy Bear Cut?

To keep your dog’s teddy bear cut looking perfect, prepare for a trim every four weeks or so.

This timetable will catch anything stray before it gets out of hand, and you must plan the hole cut all over again!


What is the Appropriate Length For the Teddy Bear Cut?

The teddy bear grooming cut in the Lhasa Apso is usually between one and two inches long.


Benefits of the Teddy Bear Cut For The Lhasa Apso

  • This shortcut is excellent for dogs, particularly in warmer months.
  • There is less chance for the fur to get matted and tangled.
  • The shorter hair makes it easier to spot and remove parasites!


Other Grooming Styles

Other Lhasa Apso grooming cuts include the puppy cut, extended cut, and pantaloon cut.

The puppy cut is often lumped together with the teddy bear cut, although some disagree and say that the puppy cut is a shorter version of the teddy bear cut.

The long Lhasa Apso cut highlights the natural texture and length of the Lhasa coat.

This style requires the most upkeep and regular grooming to prevent matting and tangles.

The Lhasa Apso pantaloon cut is a good midway point grooming style.

The pantaloon cut cuts the body hair close and keeps longer hair on the legs, giving the appearance of “pantaloons.”


Conclusion / Summary

The teddy bear cut is a cute short grooming style that gives the Lhasa Apso the appearance of a teddy bear!

Often chosen for its “kawaii” factor, this cut is easy to maintain and perfect for an active pup and busy pup parent.

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