Dog Flea and Tick Prevention. This actually works.

In this article we are going deep into flea and tick prevention using home made dog flea and tick prevention remedies.

For a long time, fleas and ticks have remained a common problem in dogs. These parasites feed on your dog by sucking blood from the skin.

They will attach themselves to your dog’s skin using their mouths.

This causes irritation and inflammation of your dog’s skin and may cause open sores.

Your dog can get fleas and ticks from the environment or other animals like rodents. Treating fleas and ticks is recommended often to prevent the vice.

However, visits to the vet’s office can be pretty expensive, as well as medication.

Furthermore, you do not need to expose your dog to chemicals when you can use natural and cheaper methods at home.


Dog Flea And Tick Prevention Homemade Remedies


Crushed garlic

This is an effective way to keep your dog free from fleas and ticks. However, it would help if you were cautious when considering this method.

This is to prevent any possible allergies that may occur after that. You may consult your vet if your dog tends to have allergic reactions toward foods.

For this to work, you must add garlic to your dog’s food. This will be determined by the size of your pup and age.

Giving ½ a clove only to dogs of 20 pounds and below is recommended. You should never exceed two cloves, even for an adult dog.

Garlic will keep your dog free from parasites in that the fleas will not be able to bite him.


Lavender oil

Lavender oil is a perfect carrier oil and a good flea repellent.

It also comes with a soothing agent, which will help ease your dog’s skin irritation. It is an effective way of controlling fleas, even after infection.

Lavender oil also contains healing agents if your dog has developed from fleas and tick bites.

This type of essential oil will also help prevent wound infection. It is important to note that open sores in your dog’s skin can lead to a bacterial or fungal infection.

This will require more sophisticated treatment that will have you visiting your vet.

Lavender oil will kill eggs from your dog’s coat to prevent advanced infection.

To apply this method, you will need to add a few drops of lavender oil to your pup’s shampoo before bathing him.


Peppermint oil

This is another method of preventing fleas and ticks in dogs. However, you cannot use this method alone to kill fleas and ticks, but it works well as a prevention agent.

It is best used after treating fleas and ticks from your dog’s body.

As with lavender oil, peppermint oil also serves as a healing agent. Severe fleas and ticks infestation can cause wounds and painful sores on your dog’s skin.

Peppermint oil will help relieve the pain and inflammation of his skin.

To use this method, you should refrain from using it in shampoo and apply it only to the affected areas.

For instance, gently apply peppermint oil to the sore if your dog has open sores from flea bites.

This will speed up the rate at which your dog will heal these wounds.


Grapefruit seed extract

This is another natural and homemade flea and tick prevention method. All you have to do is use the extract in your dog’s shampoo.

It will relieve pain and prevent infection of flea bites that may leave open sores.

Grapefruit seed contains antiseptic properties that assist in relieving inflammation of the skin after a flea infestation.

You should, however, use the inappropriate amount to avoid any effects on healthy skin.

This method will also fasten your dog’s healing period.


Salt For Dog Flea And Tick Prevention

Dry salt is also an effective way of preventing fleas and ticks off your dog’s body and home.

One of the most undesirable things about fleas is that they may cause your dog to shed fur. Your home can also inflict fleas and ticks if you do not treat your dog.

However, salt is an excellent solution to respective problems.

You may sprinkle acceptable ground salt to prevent fleas and ticks from your home and furniture.

Salt has the capability of killing both eggs and adult fleas on your carpet.

However, you should be careful while using salt on your dog, especially if he has open sores.

Salt is best used externally on your dog’s bedding and home. This is because it is easier to vacuum clean it off as well as any other dust-like dirt on your carpet.

It is considered one of the most effective ways of controlling fleas and ticks.


Regular Cleaning

This goes without saying: cleaning your carpets and dog’s bedding is essential. Fleas and ticks thrive in dirty places that are rarely cleaned or dusted.

You do not have to wash his beddings every day but consider vacuuming his beddings more often.

Your dog can get fleas outside, during walks, or from the daycare.

Since we cannot bathe our dogs daily, washing and dusting their beddings will keep the parasites from our homes.


Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is also a great way to prevent fleas and tick infestation in dogs. This is because it acts as a flea repellent, thus making it effective.

o administer this method, you may consider adding a few drops of vinegar to your dog’s drinking water. This makes sure that fleas do not bite your dog.

Although you can also spray a mixture of water and vinegar on your dog’s coat, an open wound will irritate.

Therefore, it is best to avoid spraying him if he has open sores from fleas and tick infestation.

Vinegar is best used to prevent fleas and ticks rather than to heal wounds. You should stop the process if your dog shows excessive irritation.


Flea Comb

Getting a flea comb is an excellent step toward preventing fleas and ticks. However, you will need to consult your vet on the best type of flea comb based on the type of your dog’s fur.

Once you get a flea comb, you can determine whether your dog has fleas or ticks. This is because the comb can filter all the fleas from his hair.

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If he has no fleas, then the brush will be clean.

A flea comb will help you determine whether your dog has fleas and devise ways to control the parasites beforehand.


Cedar oils

Although this type of essential oil is an effective repellent for fleas and ticks, it needs carrier oil to be that effective.

You may use lavender oil as a carrier oil when applying cedar oil.

You can rub cedar oil on your furniture to protect it from fleas and ticks.

It would help if you sprayed your dog’s coat with this oil for flea and tick prevention.


Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is also another common and effective fleas and tick repellent. You can use this at home to prevent fleas and heal flea bites.

Although it might irritate your dog’s open sores, it will help him heal faster.

To apply Rosemary oil, you should add a few drops to your dog’s shampoo and use it for a bath. You may also consider using it on his bedding for prevention.

This will leave your dog feeling fresh and free of discomfort that may come with flea bites.


Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil helps keep your dog free from external parasites. To apply this method, all you need is a spray bottle and water.

Once you make a solution to the two, you should spray your dog’s coat to repel fleas and ticks.

Only add a few drops to the water for effectiveness.


Dish soap

We cannot forget to mention this homemade solution to areas with a flea infestation. Add dish soap to a water bowl in equal amounts and leave it in the room.

It works because the solution attracts the fleas to it, like a magnet.

You should note that you cannot use this solution directly on your dog’s coat. This is an excellent method to eliminate fleas from your dog’s kennel and bedding.

To enhance the effectiveness of this method, you should consider applying it at night.

This is because fleas are nocturnal organisms that make them active at night rather than in day time.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great way to keep your dog healthy and parasite-free. You can choose to give your dog coconut oil in his food for maximum benefits.

Or you may decide to apply some on his fur to get rid of fleas immediately.

If you decide to feed coconut oil to your dog, you should consult your vet on the amount of the oil based on your dog’s size.

You can also rub the oil between your hands and massage his fur. This will keep your dog free of fleas and prevent yeast infections.


Dog Flea and Tick Prevention. Steam clean your carpets

Steam cleaning your carpet once or twice yearly will help keep fleas and ticks away from your home.

Remember, by protecting your home, you will protect your dog from parasites.

Steam cleaning will get rid of both the adult fleas as well as the eggs.

This will also prevent more reproduction of the parasites. This means you will have eliminated these parasites at the end of the day.

Alternatively, it would help if you also were his beddings in hot water to kill fleas.


Lotion and Geranium oil

This is also a pretty lovely homemade flea and tick repellent. You can prepare this fast at home if you suspect your dog has fleas.

To qualify, you will need a spray bottle where you will mix the two ingredients.

The best way to use this to prevent fleas is to spray on your dog’s coat directly, especially before going outdoors.

This will keep him free of fleas and other parasites.



Citronella is also another type of natural flea and tick repellent.

It is among the first listed in the essential oil that helps us prevent flea and tick infestation.

However, it is important to let your dog decide which essential oils to use to treat fleas and ticks.

You can do this by letting him smell the oils before application.

You should also stop applying the oil if it irritates your dog’s skin more than it should.


Neem powder

Neem powder has been used for years by humans for several purposes. However, it is also a natural parasite repellent.

You can also use it to prevent fleas and ticks in your home.

You can also apply the powder to your dog’s coat for prevention.


Spray your yard

While protecting our dogs from fleas and ticks is essential, we should start by keeping them away from our homes.

Your dog can get these parasites from your yard or front lawn.

We all know how much our dogs love exploring the yard.

Since fleas and ticks like warm places, yards and lawns provide the best homes for them.

When your dog is lying or walking around your yard, he may contract the parasites.

Therefore, spraying your yard with the necessary solutions to kill and keep off these parasites is essential.


Dog Flea and Tick Prevention. In Conclusion

It would help if you also considered keeping your lawn mowed and neat at all times. If you have a busy yard, you should trim it.

This might include cutting off unnecessary shrubs and bushes around your home.

In all essence, fleas and ticks will make your dog uncomfortable. Even worse, your dog may bring these fleas to your house, making them reproduce.

They will cause discomfort in your home as the number continues to increase.

Therefore, you must make sure this does not happen.

And since visits to the vet’s office can be time-consuming and expensive, you can use homemade flea and tick prevention methods.

These will leave your dog healthy and free of discomfort without spending money and time.

We must always ensure that our dogs are happy and comfortable in our homes.

Try these methods and keep your home free of ticks and other parasites.

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