Dog Crates for an American Bulldog

Find here our best choice of a selection of dog crates for the America bulldog. This is our honest opinion based on detailed review.

There has always been some controversy surrounding the use of dog cages. Some believe it is cruel and not welcome in today’s pet keeping.

Our view on this matter is that theory is completely untrue. There are numerous reasons why dog crates should be used.


The Dog Crate We Recommend For The American Bulldog

There are numerous dog crates available in the market today.

We say if you buy cheap then you buy twice.

The crate will have to last for the lifetime of your dog or until they are fully house-trained.

The average lifespan of an American Bulldog is 10 to 15 years.

The average size of an American Bulldog  is 50-70cm

The average weight of an American Bulldog is   30-60 kg

With all of the above information is taken into account our research has shown that the Crates listed below are the best absolute best for your American Bulldog.

Bulldogs tend to have large heads and bodies that seem small by comparison.

Below is a look at three fantastic options that should facilitate your dog well.


MidWest 1542DDU Double-door Large Dog Crate

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MidWest outdid Itself with this one, which is an all-inclusive dog crate design.

The unit features a carrying handle, four roller feet to keep your floors protected, a durable dog tray, and a free divider panel.

The large double door design is suitable for adult dogs that weigh up to 70 pounds.

Considering most Bulldogs come in around the 50 pound-mark, you have more than enough capacity.

The divider panel creates the illusion of expansion as your dog grows.

Additionally, the two-door design makes for a very convenient experience, yielding easy access for your dog.

The crate lends itself to immense animal comfort, which means you can use it as a second home when you are away.

The metallic build provides the kind of durable design you need, and it means your dog’s safety requirements are met.

Thanks to the presence of slide bolts with a heavy-duty design, the doors are firmly locked when you want them to be.

As far as comfort goes, the base strays away from the use of metal. Instead, it’s an ABS plastic composition.

Not only does it feel great for your pet, but it’s also waterproof. Therefore, if your bulldog should have an accident while inside, the crate can contain the spill.

Assembly is a straightforward process, and no tools are required to complete the setup. It’s incredibly convenient for travel purposes, and repositioning it is a breeze.

If you’re concerned with the aesthetic, the manufacturers opted for a black-electro-coated finish.

The crate comes in several different sizes. The 36-inch model is the recommended one for an American bulldog.

Its dimensions are 36, 23, and 25 inches for length, width, and height, respectively.

In its empty state, it only weighs 22 pounds, and it features 1.5 by 5-inch wire spacing.


Animaze One-door Folding Dog Crate

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This dog crate from Animaze features a traditional one-door design.

As is the case with the previous entry on the list, it takes next to no effort or expertise to get through the assembly process.

Additionally, the no-tool requirement makes a return here.

Of the options available, the large size is recommended for your American bulldog.

The dimensions here are 36.5, 23.2, and 24.7 inches in length, width, and height respectively.

As far as weight goes, in its empty state, this dog crate weighs 23.14 pounds.

One of its most appealing features is its foldable design. Whenever you’re not using the crate, you can fold it in a manner that almost eliminates the height dimension.

In this almost two-dimensional state, it becomes that much easier to store the unit and travel with it.

It’s a part of a dog’s instinct for it to try to find itself a haven.

Thankfully, the crate design here is conducive to this, partially thanks to a leak-proof plastic segment that is easily removable.

Cleaning it is also a non-issue, meaning taking care of accidents not very hard.

A slide-bolt is also featured here, and it’s designed on paw blocking technology. In other words, once you lock it, it’s impossible to open it until you want it open again.

Therefore, this is the perfect place to leave your dog when you need to be away.


EliteField Three-door Folding Soft Dog Crate

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From looking at the name, you can already see that there is one distinct difference between this dog crate and the other two reviewed.

Instead of using the traditional metallic mesh design, this alternative from EliteField comes under the category of soft dog crates.

By nature, it’s foldable, which means your storage and travel needs are adequately taken care of.

The vast color selection palette is a plus, which means as weird as it may sound, you can get your dog crate to complement whatever aesthetic it may be a part of.

The 36-inch variation is recommended for your American bulldog.

The dimensions here are 36, 24, and 28 inches in length, width, and height, respectively.

While there are exceptions to the rule, the dimensions make this create about 4 inches higher and 2 inches wider than most at the standard 36-inch level.

It’s fully assembled out of the box, and setting it up and folding it down both take mere seconds to achieve.

The frame that shapes the item is made of a very strong steel tube. This is complemented by a hex mesh fabric and a highly durable 600D fabric composition.

It’s incredibly lightweight, looks great, and is well-ventilated for your dog’s needs.

Three mesh doors make up the design at the front, side, and top.

This creates greater functionality and use-case satisfying. For example, you can use the top opening if you want to focus on sunlight.

To sweeten the deal, EliteField includes a fleece bed and a free carrying bag for the cate.

You also get a padded shoulder strap and hand carrying straps, so it’s always convenient to move with it.


Choosing Your Dog Crates

While choosing a dog crate is hardly the hardest decision in the world, a couple of variables should factor into your design choices.

First, the size of the crate is crucial. As you noticed, the 36-inch variation of most was selected for your American Bulldogs.

They often don’t grow more than 23 inches in length, which leaves some breathing room.

The height requirement is also met, as a bulldog with a height of more than 20 inches is quite rare.

You should also pay attention to material composition, as you don’t want to buy a crate that is going to stop being useful in the short-term, which is going to cost you more.

Factor in the price as you choose too. It’s always good to have a budget before making a purchase.

Even if you don’t, there is nothing bad about selecting the most cost-effective alternative with the feature set you need.

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