Can Hyenas be Tamed? You Will BeSurprised

Can Hyenas be Tamed?

Hyenas are fascinating and brilliant creatures, but can Hyenas be tamed? Hyenas can be tamed if raised from puppyhood, but they will not be domesticated. They derive from the carnivore suborder Feliformia which contains cats, civets, and mongooses. Essentially closer to cats than dogs, these creatures with fearsome jaws are unique creatures with problem-solving skills … Read post

Do Hyenas Eat Lions? Yes or No.

Do Hyenas Eat Lions?

Yes, sometimes Hyenas eat Lions. Although often seen as weaker scavengers compared to lions, hyenas sometimes make a meal of a lion now and then. Whether scavenging a lion carcass or actively hunting a solitary lion or lion cub, the hungry hyena is a bone-crushing force with which to be reckoned. How is it possible … Read post