How to Stop My Dog from Eating Poop Naturally

Right now, it’s safe to say that dogs are some of the most wanted pets worldwide. To be entirely honest, I completely understand that. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend, and if you’ve ever had one, you know how much love they can feel and show all day long. Therefore, today I am going to address your question.”How to Stop My Dog from Eating Poop Naturally”


Yet, here’s the problem — that love can easily be put to the test if you, like me, run into some serious behavior issues. In my case, one of my dogs started feasting on poop even though it wasn’t a puppy anymore. 


Now, I know what you might be thinking — there are medications for such conditions. Even dog trainers can help, especially if they know the right balance between punishment and reward. But, I am one of those dog owners who see their pets as their children. So, the only thing I kept googling over and over again was “how to stop my dog from eating poop naturally.” So, if you are in a hurry as most of us are then to save you time I am asking you to Go Here and have a quick listen to a short video that will answer your question. The method has been used by thousands of dog owners just like you and is proven to actually work. So go and have a look and get the answer right now.


In essence, I didn’t want to turn to medications or traumatize the dog with all sorts of deterrents. Some of the methods I found online were downright barbaric and would probably upset the dog. That’s why I opted to find out how to stop my dog from eating poop naturally. Luckily, my quest was a total success.


How to Stop My Dog from Eating Poop Naturally

How to stop my dog from eating poop naturally:  The start of my journey


Now, I would love to just go on and immediately give you an answer to how to stop my dog from eating poop naturally<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> conundrum. However, I was once in your shoes, and I know that certain methods, even though they sound amazing and foolproof, were anything but that. So, the first thing I want to talk about is why dogs might even start eating poop.


Stress and anxiety


Based on my research and the overall traits of my dog, I first wanted to exclude the idea that the dog was under a lot of stress or anxiety. That is one of the most common reasons dogs might start to eat poop — and to be honest, it sounded like the most difficult to resolve. After all, if you know anyone who’s under a lot of stress or anxiety, you know how hard it is for them to “stay normal.” The thought of my dog feeling that way too sent shivers down my spine!


So, I started carefully examining my pooch’s behavior. Luckily, everything seemed normal. Granted, nothing changed in its life, and all my other dogs were already the best of friends. Therefore, it wasn’t stressed or anxious-at-night-common-causes-and-solutions/” title=”anxious”>anxious. But what if it was a medical condition?


I urge all dog owners to never go into solving any dog-related issues blindly. There are people who went to school for this kind of stuff so that they can help us. As such, we shouldn’t pose as veterinarians and immediately assume everything Pets WebMD tells us is true.


Vet check-ups


Once I knew the pooch wasn’t eating poop to soothe itself, I went straight to the vet. I explained that I wanted to know how to stop my dog from eating poop naturally, as I didn’t want to just put it on medication and call it a day.


Luckily, my vet is an amazing professional, so he immediately examined the dog. He took a few samples of its stool, as parasite infections are yet another reason a dog might start eating poop. 


Once the test results came back, I was relieved. The pooch wasn’t sick! 


But, since I still didn’t know what was wrong with it, I simply asked the vet about some of the things I read about online. Fortunately, he also thought there could be only two more reasons at play. Either the pooch was doing it for attention, or there was something wrong with its food.


Remove term: How to Stop My Dog from Eating Poop Naturally How to Stop My Dog from Eating Poop Naturally

Wrong diet


To cut a long story short, once I got home, I examined the kibble I was giving the dog on a daily basis. Since it was an adult dog, I could immediately eliminate the “learned behavior” poop eating. So, the diet had to be the problem!


I am a huge fan of dogs, that’s for sure. I love them with all my heart, and playtime is my favorite time of day too. So, the lack of attention probably wasn’t an issue, not directly at least. You see, I failed at one thing as a dog owner; I didn’t thoroughly research the kibble I was giving the dog. 


Now, that isn’t to say I was purchasing low-quality food for my dogs. But, back then, I didn’t really consider the idea that dogs too could have allergies and that some kibble might not suit them. I always thought they would eat anything and everything, and since poop was suddenly on the menu, I wasn’t wrong. But, the dog was eating its poop because it couldn’t process the kibble properly. Thus, it suffered from nutritional deficiencies.


How to stop my dog from eating poop naturally: Diet changes and tips


Now, you might be wondering if dog owners can stop a dog from eating poop just by changing the kibble. I’m here to tell you — that is the first line of defense. Even though high-quality kibble may make a dent in your budget, it’s worth noting that you will be giving the dog all the nutrients it needs.


However, we’re here to talk about how I figured out how to stop my dog from eating poop naturally. And besides changing its kibble, I added a few other things into the mix so that I could cover all the bases. Sure, I knew some sort of nutritional deficiency was at play, but that wasn’t the only thing that could make a dog eat poop.


How to stop my dog from eating poop naturally: Apple cider vinegar supplementation


Remove term: How to Stop My Dog from Eating Poop Naturally How to Stop My Dog from Eating Poop Naturally


As you may already know, many experts agree that apple cider vinegar is a largely underestimated supplement. Most of us tend to stay away from it, as it feels a bit unnatural to drink it. However, it does wonder both for humans and dogs.


My vet actually recommended adding a bit of apple cider vinegar to the dog’s food or water, as a hydrochloric acid deficiency is also a reason for a dog to start eating poop. It’s a condition that is somewhat related to the dog’s age and its bad diet.


The issue I had is that I didn’t think my dog would like the taste of apple cider vinegar. Sure, it loved apples, but this was different. Luckily, adding a teaspoon of it to its food worked like a charm. Or rather, it worked great in combination with its new food. All you have to remember is that you should add one teaspoon per 25 pounds of weight. So, if the dog weighs more than 50 pounds, add two teaspoons.


How to stop my dog from eating poop naturally: Mineral supplementation


I still wanted to take the “natural” route, so when the vet advised me to look into mineral deficiency as well, I knew I had to find another supplement. Luckily, kelp is one of the best things a dog can eat if it suffers from trace mineral deficiency. 


Now, the thing about kelp is that it’s extremely beneficial, so I was looking forward to getting the dog to eat it. In essence, it’s one of those miracle sea vegetables full of vitamins and minerals that can do so much good for the dog. For example, it’s amazing if the dog suffers from skin allergies. It can easily reduce inflammation and itching, which is why I even gave it to my other dogs as well. Additionally, it’s a completely natural “cure” with high iodine content that can properly stimulate the activity of the dog’s thyroid. On top of that, it may lead to weight loss in overweight dogs, and it’s full of fiber — so digestion should improve greatly.


Word to the wise, though — make sure you’re getting completely “healthy” kelp, i.e., kelp that’s not been contaminated. Sometimes, vendors will sell kelp that has been harvested near the shoreline, which is a red flag. Aim to get the one that comes directly from the ocean.


How to stop my dog from eating poop naturally: Pumpkin and pineapple snacks


Finally, I have two more ideas that could help a dog to stop eating poop naturally — pineapple and pumpkin.


Now, we all know that pumpkin is full of all sorts of nutrients, so it can serve as a nice treat for the dog. It will keep it full for longer, but it won’t mess up its metabolism. In fact, it can eliminate both diarrhea and constipation!


On the other hand, pineapple is somewhat controversial. It helped me a bit, although I’m not sure how it works exactly. The point of using pineapple as a snack is to break the poop-eating habit. So whenever the dog tries to “dig into” a nice poopy meal, you’re supposed to feed it some pineapple.

Also, there’s something about this fruit that changes the taste of the poop and makes it rather unappetizing to dogs. However, it can cause diarrhea, and some dogs might even be allergic to it, so I’d tread lightly with pineapple.


How to stop my dog from eating poop naturally: Training tips and tricks


So, by now, you know that my dog had an issue with digesting its food properly. That’s why changing its diet worked like a charm. The pooch is no more a poop eater and is now a happy and confident dog.


However, I would be lying if I said that the diet was the only thing I changed. Of course, the main reason the dog was eating poop was the food I was giving it. But, I also had to examine other reasons related to obedience training, as well as stress. Because of that, I took other measures as well, still staying on the “natural” route.


Cleaning up after the dog as soon as it poops


If the dog cannot see the poop, it cannot eat it, right? Well, that’s what I thought, so instead of leaving the droppings in my backyard and picking them up later, I started cleaning up after the dog immediately.


Some owners say that we shouldn’t pick up the poop in front of our dog, as it might think it should clean up after itself too, i.e., eat it. For my pooch, that wasn’t an issue at all. It helped to know that even if it did get an urge to eat it, it couldn’t.


Changing the dog’s focus


, as that was an easy way to control its movement. Whenever it started to sniff around the poop, I gently pulled the leash and helped it refocus on me. I kept my cool, of course, as I didn’t want for the pooch to think I was angry (even if I was!). So, toys helped me a lot with this part. I could just throw a ball and make the dog leave the poop alone.


Feeding the dog two to three nutritious meals a day


Finally, I stopped waiting for the dog to ask for food, and instead, I put it on a good schedule. Sometimes, dogs tend to eat a lot more than they need, so I thought of feeding them once a day should work. However, I couldn’t control its hunger, and I never really knew when exactly it was hungry. That can also be a reason for it to seek out feces. So, by switching to a breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule, its metabolism and digestion improved. What’s more, it was never starving in between meals.


Final thoughts


In order to stop my dog from eating poop naturally, I really had to change my lifestyle as well. I couldn’t rely on the food it was eating before, as it was making it enjoy feces more than kibble. However, now I can say changing its diet has made it a lot healthier and happier. So, if you think your dog is showing signs of this strange behavior as well, examine its food first. Make sure there aren’t a lot of grains or meat by-products in it. Aim to get the best kibble you can so that you can avoid similar issues in the future and help the dog live a long and happy life!

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