Dog Bowl for Messy Eaters

If your dog make a mess with his food and leave it all over the floor, this is the best dog bowl you can get for messy eaters.

There is nothing worse, always having to clean up after and food is wasted.

Does your dog always stack food to the edge then spill over to the floor?

And keeps knocking bowls over and has trouble gripping the food on a flat surface? Some dogs are just like that, and the best way to go about it is to find the perfect bowl for them.

Well, we have tested most types of dog bowls over the years and the one that has worked best for us is the:

SUPER DESIGN Dog Bowl, Slanted Pet Bowl No Mess Easy Eating for Dogs Cats, 15 Degree Tilted Non-Spill Non-Slip Stainless Steel Food Water Bowl Melamine Stand (300ml, Black)
Mess Free 15 Degree Slanted Bowl for Dogs and CatsMess Free 15 Degree Slanted Bowl for Dogs and Cats

Available on Amazon (multiple colors available)


It has been designed in a way that prevents your dog from making a mess. It is tilted in such a way that your dog will be able to eat the food in a way that isn’t messy.

It will get them to slow down when eating which is better for their digestion.

It comes with a non-slip integrated rubber ring that prevents your dog from pushing it around the floor.

As dogs tend to stack food within the bowl the higher round arc design makes food not easy to overflow the edge.

It is ideal for flat-faced dog breeds who find it difficult to reach the bottom of the bowl.

It is easy to clean and is completely dishwasher safe.

A must for messy dog eaters and gets a 10/10 from us.

You can see this dog bowl on Amazon by clicking here.

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