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Impulse Control for Dogs. This Actually Works

Impulse Control for Dogs: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Teach It


Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to come out and admit that our dog has a problem. Indeed, most of us tend to see dogs as our children, and as if they don’t have a bad bone in them! However, all that goes down the drain as soon as we realize that what people have been telling us about impulse control for dogs wasn’t just white noise — they were trying to help us.


Of course, there’s no need to see a lack of impulse control as a reason to leave the dog at the shelter. No matter how hard it seems right now, teaching dogs self-control is possible, and they don’t have to be puppies to learn fast. Quite frankly, a puppy’s attention span is short, so great results won’t really be possible with them. But we can achieve marvelous results with slightly older dogs. We can teach them that just because they want something, it doesn’t mean they can have it IMMEDIATELY.

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