Stop Barking Dog In The Neighborhood Naturally

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There is nothing worse than a barking dog in the neighborhood especially if it’s your own dog. So we are going to discuss Stop Barking Dog In The Neighborhood Naturally. It will not be an easy task, however, with some patience, determination, and the correct training stopping a dog barking can be halted.


In the article below I will outline the reasons why dogs bark continually and apparently for no reason.

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Stop Barking Dog In The Neighborhood Naturally


Having a barking dog in the neighborhood is challenging for both you and your neighbors. It can affect you in two ways; if you own a barking dog, and if your neighbor owns a barking dog. However, you can only learn why your dog is barking excessively.

Your dog’s breed can be a contributing factor for excessive barking, for instance, the German shepherds which are bred for security purposes. Below are some of the reasons why you might have a barking dog in the neighborhood;


Dogs bark to communicate.


Dogs bark at the owner or other people for so many reasons. The bottom line is that he is trying to communicate about something or express himself. Sometimes, a dog will bark at other dogs for socialization.

The way your dog barks should be able to express his needs, and you being the owner should be able to determine what he needs.
If you fail to address his needs, he might become a nuisance, giving your neighbors reasons to complain.




Often, dogs get anxiety when they are left alone, which is termed as separation anxiety. This is a common cause of barking dogs in most neighborhoods.

This may eventually cause compulsive barking where your dog will do it because he enjoys doing so.

Even when you are at work, your dog will be barking back at home, disturbing your neighbors. It gets worse when you like in an apartment, which means your neighbor is only a wall away.

In some cases, if you do not address this behavior, it may lead to legal suits from your neighbors.



Well, as much as we hate when our dogs bark consistently, we cannot blame them, especially when they are trying to warn us of danger. Due to the dog’s sensitive nature, he can be able to hear noises you cannot.

If your dog is barking consistently, you should consider checking what he is barking at.

Your dog loves you and the only way he can communicate to you about oncoming danger is through barking. He will be protective and bark angrily at the cause of noise or distraction.

Some other dogs, however, get used to noises outside, especially if you live along a busy street or an apartment. He will bark at people passing by your door and this can be very annoying to you and your neighbors.

Attention Seeking


Some dogs bark to seek your attention because he gets it works for him because you will give it to him. As much as you should take care of your dog, other dogs will demand a little more than feeding, playing, and exercising.

Some dogs demand extra attention, and whenever they are deprived, they will throw tantrums at the owner.

Some of the breeds you should expect this behavior from including the Huskies that are bred to run and be active. This means that you will have to devote a lot of time to his physical and mental stimulations, failure to which he will bark excessively to cope with anxiety and stress.

It is important to research the breed of the dog before getting one so as you can know how to handle him.


The sight of strangers or other dogs.


If you have a friend coming over, your dog may bark until they leave, and if your friend brings his dog, then it is worse. Most dogs will bark to protect their territory, which could be another dog approaching your home, or you.

Sometimes your dog will bark at other dogs out of fear, which is common with dogs that have been deprived of socialization. In fact, it is annoying when your dog barks and the sight of passersby. However, there are ways you can train your dog to avoid unnecessary barking.




Dogs do not like being left all alone for long periods of time, especially in a confinement, and for this reason, they may adapt to barking as a coping mechanism.

You should always make sure that he is well-exercised before leaving him alone at home.

You can also get toys and train him to play with them when you are away. Dogs are always looking for something to do, all day as they look forward to your return.

To curb boredom barking, you may leave tiny pieces of bacon in different areas so that he can spend some time sniffing around. Leaving the TV on for him might also be a good idea if you leave your dog in the living room.


What to do about a barking dog in the neighborhood.


As mentioned earlier, if you own a barker, you are going to have some trouble with your neighbors.

This is because he will bark all day when everyone is at work and then again all night when everybody is trying to get some sleep. Below are tips on how to control your dog from excessive barking;

Remove the motivation for barking.


Controlling your dog from barking can only be achieved if you know why he is barking. For instance, if he barks at passersby and other dogs, you can keep him in the bark when you are gone, probably in the bedroom.

This will keep him from hearing and seeing people or other dogs on the outside.

If you have recently gotten a puppy, he might bark at night because he is lonely or homesick. To curb this behavior, you may take him with you to your bed. If you do not want him all over your beddings, you can bring his crate and place it next to your bed so as he will know you are there. This will reduce any fear and stress and thus making him feel more comfortable.

If you leave your dog at home, all alone, you may consider dropping the curtains and windows to keep him from seeing people outside. You can alternate this with leaving your TV on to keep him busy. This is only if you have an indoor dog.


Training your dog to stop barking.


When you have the noisiest attention-seeking dog in the neighborhood, you will do everything you can to control his barking. One of the most successful ways of controlling excessive barking is training him. This is most effective if your dog barks for attention or boredom.

However, this will require a little more effort and commitment since it could take some time. Remember dogs do not understand us verbally, but we need a definitive language that we can use to communicate with our canine friends.

Teaching your dog a few commands could work miraculously once he learns.

There are several ways you can train your dog to stop barking, with one of them being ignoring him until he stops. To be able to do this, you will have to turn away from him completely so that he does not get what he wants.

As much as this stops after a while, you may already have developed a problem with your neighbors in relation to your dog barking. This might not be effective if you live in an apartment or within close proximity to your neighbors.


Stop Barking Dog In The Neighborhood Naturally. Training your dog.


Training a few commands to your dog is far more effective because you can calm him down with ease as well as correct other undesirable behaviors. This will involve a lot of patience and resilience since he may take some time to learn them.

Rewarding him every time he gets a command right will reinforce the new obedience command. For instance, if he is barking at other dogs, you may train him to look away or look at you to avoid eye contact with the foreign dog.

To achieve this, you may bribe him to distract him from paying attention to the threat or fear he feels towards the other dog.


Avoid punishments.


No matter how much your dog barks, punishing him is quite unreasonable and may actually make the barking worse. When you are training your dog with no results, you should not punish him instead.

Dogs do not understand punishment and they will feel the negative energy and continue barking excessively. He may actually use barking as a release for his anger.



Your dog might be barking out of boredom, which might be a little bit hard to control because most of the time you are away or busy. However, dogs are curious animals, and getting them toys will help keep them occupied while you go on your business.

You should get toys that are fun to play with and figure them out during the day. This will be a good distraction from barking.


Exercise your Dog.


Exercising your dog before leaving alone or in the evening is not only a great way to spend time together and keeping him fit but also keeping him tired. Morning walks and exercises will reduce boredom and leave your dog tired and probably in the need of a nap.

Your dog needs a distraction from whatever motivates him to bark. When you exercise your dog prior to starting your day, he will be tired and out of the energy to bark for no reason. You may also leave some food for him when he wakes up and you are gone.

Again, at night you may take an evening walk with him as you play with him. By the time you get back, you will be both tired, and chances are you will have a peaceful night, avoiding trouble with your neighbors.


Consider The neighbors.


If you live next to a neighbor with a barking dog, then it gets complicated what to do about it. However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it.

You should always be careful when dealing with the situation to avoid grudges with your neighbor as well as have your peaceful moments living in your place.



What should I do if there is a barking dog in the neighborhood?


This is a trick question, sure you can go to the authorities to complain about the noise but you do not want to burn bridges with your neighbor.

Also, you do not want to call the authorities on the cute little pup that’s always barking at you but still looks adorable, do you? So what exactly can you do if you live next to a barker? Talk to your neighbor.

The first thing you should do when you have a neighbor with a barking dog is to talk to them. You should approach them calmly and tell them about the noise.

As much as they should already know about their dog’s behavior, they might not be aware of the barking when they leave their dog. Through talking to your neighbor, you will be letting them know that you do not have a problem with the dog but the barking is disturbing you.

If they are inexperienced with dogs, you might consider offering them to read articles about dogs and some dog training tips. This will solve the barking problem within a few weeks, based on the age and breed of the dog.

Alternatively, you may also advise your neighbor to seek professional dog trainers to help control the barking.


Befriend the dog.


If your yard is separated from your neighbor’s by a fence, and they have a barker, then you are going to have problems with the noise. As mentioned above, the first thing you should do is talk to your neighbor. You can also opt to befriend the dog while avoiding offering him food.

You can do this by blocking his view from your yard so that he cannot see you or anyone in your home. This way, you will be getting any threat out of his way and thus give him no reason to bark. You may also play with him from over the fence until he gets used to seeing you.

You may also ask your neighbor if you can meet him and play with him so that he can get used to seeing you. However, it is important not to feed your neighbor’s dog without their consent.

If you live in an apartment next to a neighbor with a barking dog, then you can buy dog whistles and train the dog from the comfort of your apartment. How does this work?

Well, it is going to be quite annoying for him and so every time he barks, you make him hear that annoying sound. Within a few days, he is going to stop since every time he barks he has to hear the annoying sound. This way, you can train him from your home without having to call authorities on your neighbor.


In conclusion.


You must learn why your dog barks in order to be able to control the behavior. Training is the most effective to control most behavioral problems in dogs.

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