Quickest Way to Potty Train a Puppy. This Works

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Puppies are the cutest things in the world. They are the walking definition for cuteness. They are cute but they can also be the cause for a lot of mess, starting with accidents in the living room. 

They have small bladders, so it is important that the owners train them. It is a lot of work and takes a lot of your time, but it is important and pays off extremely well in the long run.

Potty training, also known as housebreaking is a vital skill every puppy should have and every owner should teach. This is an easy and fast guide to potty training your adorable puppy.


Should You Be In A Hurry
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Crate Training A Puppy (See crate prices on Amazon)



We all love our puppies and it is difficult to imagine boxing them in a cage-like device like a prisoner. What we have to understand is that we cannot be there to take care of them all the time. 

Puppies are like babies and if you don’t look after them, their lives can be in danger. Using a crate, we can keep our puppies safe and even potty train and house train them.

Most dogs naturally seek a confined space that they can call their home. A small space that acts like a cave provides them with a place that they can call home and feel secure. Filling those crates with items like blankets, toys, or a chewy treat makes space feel homier. We all like to keep our homes clean, and dogs are no different.

When a puppy feels that a certain space is its home, it will be hesitant to soil the place and hold out as much as possible. The one thing we have to make sure is not to make the crate too big, or they might find a corner to soil onto.

A crate should be comfortable, a puppy should be able to lie down, stand at full height and turn without an issue but not so big that they can use a side of the crate as a toilet without feeling any ill effects.

When a puppy is in the crate and wants to use the bathroom, they make it known by scratching the door or whining. It is important for the owners to be vigilant and bring them outside to do their business when this happens.

If the owners miss this or dismiss them, then we are teaching them that it is okay to soil their living space and therefore it is okay to do their business in the rest of the house also.


 How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast




As a general rule, remember that a puppy can be left alone at home equal to their month of age. A two-month-old puppy can be left alone for two hours, a three-month-old puppy for three hours, and so on. Also remember that this is only applicable till the eighth month, so if your puppy is 2 years old, please do not leave it alone for a whole day!

Puppies are living beings just like us and they have feelings too. So it is not advisable to leave them alone in a crate for a long time. If we try to push them in for longer periods of time, they will see the crate as a prison, and no one wants to be in a prison.

Keep it inside a crate for around 2 hours at the maximum, less if they are smaller breeds. Do not forget to leave a bowl of water though!

It is easy to teach puppies when they are young, so make sure that you begin your training early and not leave it till it’s too late. It becomes more difficult to train as they grow up, so start early.

Remember to always let the puppy think that the crate is a safe and happy place. Do not punish the puppy inside the crate or leave it inside for too long. play with it and reward it every time it is in the crate.


Schedule The Training


Ever heard of health workers and websites recommending us to sleeps-on-his-back-what-is-the-reason/” title=”sleep”>sleep on time and wake up on time every day? That’s because we sleep better if we do go to bed on time every single day. This is the same with training puppies.

It is important that we train our puppy during a time that we know we can follow. It is important to take them out to do their business on a fixed schedule so that their bodies can get used to it. Here are the times that you can consider adding to your schedule:

  1.     First thing in the morning

Most people go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. It is the same with your dog, so as soon as you wake up, greet him softly and calmly. Take them outside and let them do their business immediately.

  1. Final Thing at Night

Right before going to bed, be sure to take your puppy to use the bathroom so that it does not soil itself during the night and is able to sleep better.

  1. After Meals

It is important to take your puppy out after it eats. Dog’s bodies work differently than ours and they need to use the bathroom between 5 minutes and half an hour after each meal. How long it takes depends on individual puppies, so be sure to pay attention to that and adjust accordingly.

  1. After being in a Crate

If you had to leave your puppy in a crate for a while, be sure to take it out for the bathroom as soon you can let them out.

  1. After Naps

Puppies take a lot of naps, so if you can, take them out to use the bathroom as soon as they wake up.

  1. After Play Time

Dogs generally need to use the bathroom when they get excited. So if you have just played with your puppies and it is exciting, be sure to take it out.

These are the times that you can take your puppy out to properly train them, but if they do not respond then it is better to take them out at regular intervals every few hours.

A good way to guess that is using the puppy’s age. If it is 4 months old, then you can take it out between 3-4 hours. The general rule is applicable until the puppy is 8 months old, so be sure to remember that.

It can seem like a lot of work and it is very hectic especially when you are busy. You have to run in and out of the house a lot of times during the day and people living on the top floor can really feel the work.

It is difficult but also necessary and worthwhile training. After a dog is sufficiently trained, it will recognize the importance of schedule and the proper place to do its business. It becomes easier for the owners as the puppy would call out by scratching or whining or barking whenever it needs to go.


Puppy Pad Training



Puppy pad training involves teaching your puppy to use the bathroom in two different places – inside and outside. You make use of a specific puppy pad while inside and this can be confusing for a young puppy.

This method of training is questioned by the experts and we can see why it is.

The first thing you do is place pads or some newspaper or similar materials on the ground and teach them to start using the bathroom there. After they know that the pad is the place to use the toilet, you will eventually start moving the pad closer to the door. Eventually, they will go outside to find the pads and use the bathroom.

The next step would be to train them to use the bathroom without using any pads. This can be confusing and a lot of work as you basically need to teach your dog the same skill twice.

Even though the method seems impractical, it has its advantages. If you have to leave your dog alone at home for a long time, then they can go to the bathroom without your help. You could work or go outside without having to worry about your dog soiling the carpet or the floor.

In places with harsh winters where you cannot go outside, then the puppy can use the bathroom without having to outside. Even if it is extra work, people can consider this technique if they want a bit of flexibility in their dog’s bathroom schedule.


Catching your Puppy before they need to go


If the puppy has not been trained and is just wandering around the house, then the owner needs to be vigilant and keep an eye on it.

Even if a schedule has been put in place, it is not a robot that can be programmed and might have to use the bathroom at unexpected times.

Right before they have to use the bathroom, dogs generally show obvious signs. They might whine or bark/”>bark or scratch the door. There are some signs that are not so obvious and the owners need to carefully observe it.

A puppy will begin to sniff a certain part of the floor and circle it, signifying that they need to use the bathroom. If you observe your puppy doing this, immediately take your puppy outside.

Supervision is a must if you have not properly trained your puppy and it does not know the exact place to use the bathroom.

Supervising means you have to give up a lot of your time and not all of us have the liberty of time. So if that is the case, then it is advisable to confine your puppy to a room or a small space. It is advisable to get a crate if supervision is difficult.


Once Outside


Once you take your dog outside, it will instinctively know how to use the bathroom…this is what most of us think. It is a common mistake everyone makes.


Of course, they know how to use the bathroom, but if an owner does not take care of some things then it can lead to some bad habits that are harder to control in the future.




Ø  Go to the same spot each time

Dogs have a great sense of smell, so be sure to let your puppy use the same spot each time you take it out. It will associate the smell with the bathroom and regularly go in the same place.

Ø  Use a Cue

Each time they use the bathroom, be sure to say something like “go pee” or “pee quickly”. After they begin associating the words with using the bathroom, they will know that they are expected to do their business every time to say those words.

Ø  Don’t distract

Do not distract your puppy by trying to play with it or talking to it while you take them out to do their business. Just say the cue you have decided and be patient.

Do not let the puppy wander around the yard or other places, as they will get busy exploring the new smells and forget about doing their business. Walk around the same spot in circles till they use the bathroom.

Ø  Maintain the pattern

It is important to maintain good habits, so if you and your puppy are away from home do not relax and make sure you keep your schedule. It is also important that the puppy uses the same type of surface so that they don’t form new habits.

Ø  Middle of the Night pees

It is common for puppies to want to use the toilet in the middle of the night due to their small bladders. If it wakes you up in the middle of the night, be sure to take them outside fast and bring them inside. Do not excite it and let it think that it is time for play. Take it outside and go straight back to bed.

Ø  Be Patient

Most people lose their patience and show their frustrations when training their puppies. The puppy might not pee straight away and play around. In this case, do not be angry or use any sort of punishment. Instead, be patient and bring them inside. You can take them out again in a few minutes.

Be sure not to show your frustrations or rush them as it can make the puppies scared. If they get scared then they will start thinking of bathroom time negatively and it will make the training even more difficult.

Ø  Reward

Whenever your puppy uses the bathroom correctly, be sure to give plenty of positive encouragement. Give them treats or praise them by patting and they will understand that they have done a good job. Positive reinforcement is very important in potty training!


Be Patient and Reasonable


Potty training is a slow and difficult process. You need to sacrifice your time if you really want to train it well. Even if you follow all the suggestions and rules, it might take your puppy a while to master the art of using the bathroom. Accidents are bound to happen, and it is important that the owners are reasonable and calm during the period.

If the puppy goes anywhere else in the house, do not punish it. Clean up the mess and try to look for signs next time your puppy is wandering around. Your puppy is not at fault for being unable to control its bladder.

Routine is especially important, so do not change the schedule when you are busy. You might be tired or entertaining a guest but if you are dedicated to training your puppy the right way then it is important to maintain a routine.

Remember that the puppy is a child in dog terms and you are its parent. Be consistent and always take care of it. Do not do things when it suits you and leaves the puppy when you have some work. The important thing is to catch them when they try to use the bathroom and take them out so that they associate going out as using the toilet.

Do not be frustrated when your puppy is not trained in a week’s time. It is still a child and will take some time to learn. Do not have unreasonable expectations. With the right method, a bit of patience, and hard work combined with some positive reinforcements your puppy can be trained well.

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