Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs-All You Need To Know

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Choosing the Natural Right Flea Treatments for Dogs Is Easier with a Little Research


Dogs give pet parents unconditional love every day of the year so it is natural that you’ll want to keep your dogs healthy and happy for a lifetime. When you’re considering natural flea treatment for dogs, you’ll immediately notice how many options you have available.


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Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs




 Does this mean that they’re all alike? In fact, flea treatments for dogs vary depending on the product itself and even the brand name; fortunately, they have all been tested and are therefore effective on most dogs. If you’re curious about the different types of treatments and how they work, the information below should answer your questions.

As with most pet products, a little trial and error may be necessary because this is the best way to determine which flea treatment works best for your own dogs.


Spray Your Dogs’ Cares Away


Many natural flea treatments for dogs consist of a spray that you simply spray on the animal’s coat to get rid of fleas and ticks. Recommended for dogs over 12 weeks of age, you simply take the spray bottle and spray it on the dog’s coat. It kills fleas, flea eggs, and ticks on contact and it is also an excellent mosquito repellant.

Better still, there are a lot of all-natural ingredients in this type of product, including peppermint oil and clove extract, making it a very safe product to use around other animals and even children. Most of these products are also stain-resistant, which means that if you accidentally spray it on furniture or other fixtures, you don’t have to worry about it staining the item.

Even if you spray it on live plants, it won’t hurt them, making it a very easy and convenient product to use for dogs that are suffering from fleas and ticks.

Sprays for flea and tick treatment vary so it is recommended that you read the package carefully before you purchase it. Some are made only for dogs while others are made for both dogs and cats. They can break the lifecycle of fleas for up to two months and they kill flea larvae as well.


We prefer more natural methods


They act fast, they last a long time, and many of them are also waterproof. Better still, they can even prevent the infestation from occurring for up to one month so you can concentrate on other things besides making sure that your dogs are free of fleas and ticks. Sprays are extremely effective and not very time-consuming, making them a favorite among pet parents.

Another tip to keep in mind if you choose flea and tick sprays is that not all of them are safe for children or even adults so it is recommended that you read the package carefully. Make sure that the ingredients in the spray are safe and that they dissolve rather quickly so that if people pet your dog after it’s been treated, they won’t be in danger of being around harmful ingredients. Again, most of these sprays are safe and won’t stain anything but you can only be sure of this if you thoroughly read the details on the package before purchasing the product.


Treatments Made Especially for Large Dogs


Large dogs, those that weigh between 45 and 88 pounds, sometimes need special products in order to get effective treatment against fleas and ticks. This is because the products made to get rid of fleas and ticks often base their dosages on the weight of the animal and they are usually made for animals that are small or average weight.

These treatments come in a single application that consists of a small plastic container that you snap open and then apply the liquid inside directly onto your dog’s coat. Most of the time, these treatments last for a full month so you don’t have to apply it any more than that.

These treatments kill flea eggs, flea larvae, adult fleas, chewing lice, and, of course, ticks, including those that can cause or transmit Lyme disease. One of the reasons why this type of treatment is so effective is because the product itself is stored in the dog’s oil glands, which allows it to remain there and continuously kill ticks and fleas so that the animal is comfortable and healthy for a full 30 days.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness


Large dogs need special care and you can never assume that the flea and tick treatment you purchase will take care of dogs that are very large. Again, reading the package is highly recommended; since dosages are almost always based on the weight of your animal, you need to make sure that the treatment you choose will be enough to take care of the problem as the package promises to.

This is only going to happen if the product is specifically made for large animals. Often, these packages come with more than one dosage in them; in fact, many of them come with six separate applications so, for six months, you won’t have to worry about where the next dose is going to come from. Just keep in mind that large dogs often need specialized treatment for fleas and ticks so it is crucial that you read the package carefully every time.



Flea Tablets Are Simple and Very Effective


When it comes to natural flea treatment for dogs, few things can be as simple as a tablet, however, we prefer natural methods. Flea tablets can be placed in the dog’s mouth or hidden in its food. It is a simple method that you can use at any time and it is both fast and efficient. Frequently, these tablets come in two different types, one for small and average-sized dogs and another for large dogs.

Within four hours of its application, the tablet will take effect and kill the fleas on your dog but you have to make sure that the animal swallows the tablet or it won’t be effective. Another one of the challenges of using this type of treatment is that occasionally the first dosage isn’t as effective as it should be.

If you give your dogs one of these tablets and notice later on that they still have fleas, you can simply give them another tablet and that should work. In fact, many of these products come with up to six pills in one box for your convenience so even if you lose a tablet, you’ll still have enough left over to give your dog another dose if you need to.


Tablets or not?


With tablets, it is also recommended that you treat all of the animals in your household at the same time because unprotected animals mean that you are still likely to have fleas and ticks in your home. The tablets are exceptionally safe so even if you discover existing fleas and ticks hours later, you can simply give the dog another dose. Occasionally — especially if your pet has a lot of fleas and ticks — the first dose won’t be enough to get them all; again, a second dose several hours later is very safe and can take care of the problem.


The Familiar Flea and Tick Collar


Flea and tick collars are very familiar types of flea treatments for dogs and the way they work is quite simple. You simply place the collar around the dog’s neck and the rest is taken care of for you. Even if the dog is already wearing some type of collar, the flea and tick collar won’t be affected so you can still count on it to work properly.

One of the biggest advantages of these collars is that they are long-lasting, often preventing fleas and ticks for up to eight months or more. It is a non-greasy, odorless type of flea treatment that provides no mess and that kills fleas and tickets on contact; in fact, fleas and ticks don’t even have to bite to be eliminated.

The collars produce a continuous low concentration of medicine that instantly kills fleas and ticks. Because they last so long, you can easily avoid the hassles of month-to-month treatments. They are extremely convenient, not to mention effective, which is why they are so popular among pet parents.


A Good Topical Treatment That Works Quickly


There are numerous types of topical treatments for flea and tick control and they are extremely convenient because they kill fleas and ticks on contact, which means that the little pests don’t even have to bite to be eliminated.

Some of these treatments are toxic to cats so you must be careful to use them only on your dogs. They typically last for one full month. In addition, many of the companies that make flea treatments for dogs make this product in various sizes and for a specific size of the dog so you’ll need to read the labels to make sure that the container you purchase is appropriate for your pet.


Other treatments


You can get up to six doses in a package and the packages are also broken down by the weight of the dog, which means that you are guaranteed to get a product that works as long as you purchase the right one. Topical treatments for flea and tick control are still one of the most popular types of flea treatments for dogs these days and they tend to be inexpensive as well.

Topical treatments also offer other advantages, including the fact that they are waterproof, which is a big convenience; they have excellent mosquito-repellant capabilities, which is especially useful when you live in a hot, humid climate; and they kill fleas regardless of which life stage they are in. In fact, veterinarians often recommend this type of flea and tick treatment because of their simplicity of use and their effectiveness.


Flea and Tick Shampoos Work Better Than You Think


When it comes to flea and tick treatments, many people choose the shampoo products because not only do they kill the fleas and ticks but you can also get your pet clean at the same time. Shampoos are easy products to use and they are more effective than most people realize.

Usually consisting of all-natural oatmeal extract to keep the dog’s skin soothed and protected, these shampoos are used the same way as regular shampoos, the main difference being their ability to eliminate ticks and fleas on contact.



Shampoos for fleas

Most of these shampoos are designed for dogs 12 weeks of age or older and they kill fleas and ticks at all stages of the life cycle. Many of the shampoos are pH-balanced, made with biodegradable materials, and free of ingredients such as artificial dyes, alcohol, phosphates, and parabens. After all, these ingredients are very likely to irritate your dog’s skin even more, which is naturally counterproductive, and this is the main reason they are left out of these shampoos.

Flea and tick shampoos sometimes come with scents to help your pet smell better and this includes scents such as a fresh breeze smell or the scent of violet or lavender. The shampoos do not wash off topical treatments for ticks and fleas and they can be used every time you give your dog a bath.

Some pet parents do not like the shampoos because they are a bit time-consuming, especially when compared to other types of flea treatments for dogs, but for those who enjoy giving their dogs a bath, they can be the perfect deterrent to fleas and ticks. You can use this method by itself or with other types of treatments because a little extra protection against fleas and ticks never hurt any dog.


Natural flea treatment for dogs.All-Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks


Of course, some people are going to forego all of these methods in favor of a more natural approach and there are flea treatments for dogs that you can develop in your own kitchen using ingredients that you likely already have around the home.

Again, a trial-and-error approach is recommended because what works for one dog may not work for another. Since they are all-natural, these treatments likely won’t hurt your dog unless it has sensitive skin, which means that in most cases, the worst thing that’ll happen is that it won’t work. Below are a few of those all-natural methods that you may want to try.


 Natural flea treatment for dogs

  • Apple Cider Vinegar. Simply mix one cup of apple cider vinegar, one quart of warm water, and one ounce of castile soap. If you like, you can add two or three drops of cedar oil or lavender oil to give it a better smell, then simply rub the mixture on your dog’s coat and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • . In addition, if there are a lot of fleas and ticks that you need to get rid of, you should consider treating the animal outdoors for extra safety or in the bathtub if it’s too cold.
  • Furthermore, if the infestation is too bad, you may have to apply a second treatment in order to kill all of the fleas and ticks that are there. Before rinsing your pet, take a comb — one specifically made for removing these pests — and rub through all parts of its coat to remove dead fleas and ticks.
  • When you’re done, check the dog thoroughly for any remaining ticks and fleas that the comb missed and remove them by hand. You can use this treatment once a week if you like or more often whenever necessary


  • Other Natural Products

Diatomaceous Earth. This type of earthen material is gritty, porous, and lightweight and you can often find it at home-improvement stores or garden nurseries.

  • Diatomaceous earth has a lot of uses, including being an active ingredient in some kinds of toothpaste, and if you spread it on your carpet, it can repel fleas and ticks and keep them from infesting your pets.
  • The soil is a type of pumice and works by dehydrating the fleas, which causes them to die instantly. Naturally, this is not a treatment that a lot of people will wish to take advantage of but it is a very effective treatment nonetheless.
  • Garlic and/or Brewer’s Yeast. Many pet parents swear by this method, which involves placing one or both of these ingredients in their pets’ food.
  • Fleas tend to avoid animals that have consumed one of these ingredients; therefore, they will stay away from them because they do not like the smell. Again, it may not work for all dogs but it is a natural method that seems to work for many of them.

Final thoughts on natural flea treatment for dogs

Your dog is an important member of the family and keeping it free of fleas and ticks is an important part of being a responsible pet parent. When it comes to flea treatments for dogs, you have a lot of them to choose from and in order to find the one that works best for your dog, it may take a little effort on your part.

Again, not all treatments work the same on every dog but if you do your research and apply some trial-and-error techniques, your pets will soon be on their way to a flea- and tick-free existence.

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