Dog Training

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How Much Water Should a Puppy Drink During Potty Training?

Getting and taking care of a puppy seems easy enough. You get some toys for it to chew on, some “age-appropriate” dog food and a feeder, some brushes for its fur, etc. However, we can tell you from first-hand experience that there are lots of things you need to know and do about your pup….

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Can I Pay Monthly For Dog Training?

Dog training is one of the most important things to do immediately after you get a dog. However, some of us are unable to properly train our dogs for various reasons. As a result, we end up with poorly trained dogs. In this article, I will highlight everything you may need to know about dog…

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Aggressive French Bulldog Training: How to Make Your Frenchie Mind

If you have a French bulldog, you already know that your pet is both lovable and affectionate. However, to foster a stronger bond, you need to make sure that your dog gets the training needed to make it mind and live up to your expectations. While some make the mistake of thinking that a French…

How to Train a Dog to Use a Pee Pad. 3 Simple Steps

Potty training should be your priority immediately you bring your puppy home. Well, it is especially important to potty train your puppy if he is going to be living in the house. I am going to show you 3 simple steps to train a dog how to use a pee pad.   Most dog owners…

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Dog training: Positive Reinforcement vs Correction

Dog training has been one of the most important parts of domesticating dogs. It has enabled humans to live together with dogs without having to compromise their quality of work. However, there is a lot of controversies involving dog training methods. I am going to talk about dog training: positive reinforcement vs correction, which one…