Dog Crates

Dog Crates for Dogs with Anxiety

Finding a dog crate for a dog with anxiety can be a challenge.  This is especially true for large dog breeds because if these larger dogs are also aggressive, they can escape from or even destroy some cages. This article focuses on three heavy-duty dog crates that can keep large, aggressive dogs with anxiety captive….

Dog Crates for an American Bulldog

There has always been some controversy surrounding the use of dog cages. Some believe it is cruel and not welcome in today’s pet keeping. Our view on this matter is that theory is completely untrue. There are numerous reasons why dog crates should be used.   Do crates help with Training?   The use of…

The 4 Best Dog Crates for High Anxiety Dogs

There are few things as heartbreaking as a pet owner than seeing your furry little family member suffer from anxiety.   No one wants to see their dog struggle with fear, stress, and pressure. No one wants to feel like their dog is always nervous. And no one wants to see their dog struggle to…

The Best Dog Crates for Poodles

Picking the right crate for your poodle is arguably one of the hardest tasks. They are impressive, elegant, and above all, incredibly clever. You want to make sure their crate is everything they want it to be and more. Your biggest job is to make your precious poodle as happy and as comfortable as possible….

Leaving the Dog in a Crate While at Work — Should You Even Go for It?

Although some people believe crates are cruel, they’re a great means to an end if you want a well-mannered pup. But is leaving the dog in a crate while at work a good idea at all?    In short, it’s not recommended to leave dogs in crates for too long, especially if you have a…