Corgi Trainability. A Helpful & Useful Guide

Can I Pay Monthly For Dog Training

Corgis are an intelligent dog breed. They were bred for herding purposes, which makes them high-energy dogs. Even though they can be fierce, they have an affectionate character. For this reason, they make excellent family dogs. However, as with all dogs, we must consider the one important factor; corgi trainability. As I have already mentioned, … Read post

What Is Fear Aggression in French Bulldogs? 

6 month old female dog keeps peeing in house

Out of all the most memorable dog breeds, especially some of the smaller dog breeds, there is nothing quite as notable as the French bulldog. These dogs are often known for being incredibly foolish, playful, caring, and generally adorable. However, as with just about any other living creature, these bulldogs can display aggressive behavior under … Read post

Are French Bulldogs Good with Other Dogs? You Will Be Surprised

French bulldog Dog Peeing in House When Mad

People all have their favorite breeds, but French Bulldogs are one popular among dog lovers. And why wouldn’t they be? With large, adorable ears and faces that anyone could love, French Bulldogs are sweet and loving. People increasingly ingratiate pets into their homes, seeing them as family extensions more than simple house pets. With dogs … Read post

8 Ways to Stop Dog Barking All The Time

Barking Dog Problem. The Best Ways To Stop A Dog Barking

Naturally, dogs bark to communicate and express themselves, but you may need to stop dog barking if he is becoming a nuisance in your neighborhood. You should understand that even though friendly and also termed as ‘man’s best friend,’ your dog is a natural scavenger, which means he still has those instincts of the wild. … Read post