Do Noise-Canceling Headphones Work on Barking Dogs? The Surprising Answer

Dogs bark. It’s what they do, and usually, it’s nothing to worry about. But sometimes, a dog’s incessant barking can be a real headache (annoyance or downright disturbance). So if you live in an apartment complex or close to one with a particularly vocal pup, you may have considered investing in a good set of noise-canceling headphones. But do they work? Can they drown out the sound of a barking dog? Well, the answer is…it depends. Keep reading to find out more!


Do noise-canceling headphones block barking dogs’ noise?


The answer is yes…and no. Noise-canceling headphones work by emitting a sound wave that cancels out the sound waves of the noise around you. So, in theory, they should be able to cancel out the sound of a barking dog.

However, a few things can make noise-canceling headphones less effective against barking dogs.

Noise-canceling headphones reduce background noise by creating a sound wave that cancels the noise. The sound wave is created by a microphone that picks up the noise and then creates an opposing wave.

This wave is sent to the earphones, which cancels out the noise.

The headphones are most effective at blocking low-frequency sounds, such as the rumble of an airplane engine or the sound of traffic. High-frequency sounds, such as dog barking, are more difficult to block.

Nevertheless, noise-canceling headphones can still provide some relief from barking dogs.

The microphones in the headphones will pick up the sound of the bark and create a Cancelling wave.

The wave will not be able to block out the bark completely, but it can reduce the noise enough to make it more tolerable. In addition, the headphones can help to muffle other sounds that may be coming from the dog, such as footsteps or panting.

As a result, noise-canceling headphones can be a helpful tool for dealing with barking dogs.


First of all


Noise-canceling headphones only work if they have a good seal against your head. That means that if you’re wearing them loose or there’s any gap between the headphone and your ear, the sound of the dog barking will still be able to get through.




Noise-canceling headphones only work well against low-frequency sounds—like the kind made by a diesel engine—but not so much against high-frequency sounds like barking dogs.

So, if you’re looking for a way to block out the sound of a barking dog, noise-canceling headphones may not be your best bet.


However, other options can help reduce the amount of noise you hear from a barking dog.


For example, earplugs or foam earplugs can also effectively block out noises. Additionally, white noise machines or apps can help mask the sound of a barking dog so that it’s less bothersome.


Apart from noise-canceling headphones, what other methods will block the barking dog?


It can be challenging to block out the noise of a barking dog, especially if you live near your neighbor’s pet.

In addition to noise-canceling headphones, several other methods can help reduce the impact of noise.

One option is to use earplugs, which can be inserted into the ear canal to provide a physical barrier against sound.

Another option is to use white noise, which can help to mask the sound of the barking dog.

Several apps can generate white noise, or you can purchase a white noise machine.

Finally, you can talk to your neighbor about the problem and see if they are willing to make some changes, such as keeping their dog indoors during nap or bedtime.




Noise-canceling headphones can effectively block low-frequency sounds like those made by a diesel engine—but not so much against high-frequency sounds like barking dogs. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the noise you hear from a barking dog, consider using earplugs or foam earplugs instead. Additionally, white noise machines or apps can help mask the sound of a barking dog so that it’s less bothersome.

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