Dog Everyday Problems

My Dog Is Always Digging In Yard. How To Stop It

Owning a dog that is continually digging in the yard can be so annoying. The main reasons for the behavior are Territorial, To relieve anxiety, They want to play, To hide food and they just want to escape. However, with the correct training, this can be stopped.   Do you have a dog that is […]

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How to stop dog eating stones

Is Your Dog Chewing Things? How To Stop It

When your dog is chewing things all the time it can be so annoying, however, to stop this unwanted behavior is not a quick fix. It requires a lot of patience and dedication. The good thing is it comes down to the correct training.   There is nothing worse than having your dog chewing things […]

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How to Housebreak a Puppy When You Have to Work

Separation Anxiety In Dogs. How to deal with it

Separation anxiety in dogs is more common than you think. Separation anxiety in dogs may bring on a number of problems associated with this. It can cause your dog to constantly bark, eating grass, digging in your yard, or even eating poop.   Those are just a few problems that your dog may suddenly and […]

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Managing Dementia In Dogs

Managing Dementia In Dogs. A Helpful Guide.

Dementia in Dogs, just like us this is becoming a major problem. Managing dementia in dogs is what first appears a daunting task but, I personally feel that you should be able to recognize the early signs of dementia and how you can make your dog’s life more comfortable and stress-free.   Managing Dementia in […]

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How to Stop Puppy Biting and Growling

Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People. This Works

A dog that is always jumping on people can be so annoying and embarrassing. There is no easy fix for this behavior, however, with the correct training, patience, and commitment this can be eradicated.     How Can You Keep Your Dog From Jumping on People?   Millions of people all around the world enjoy […]

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