Dog Everyday Problems

Why Is My Dog Running Away From Me All Of A Sudden? 

 If your dog has started running away from you when they did not previously, it could be that they are bored, want to play, are trying to communicate something, recall a negative experience, are running towards something, are running away from something, or are suffering from illness.   Let us look at each of these […]

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Do Dogs Get Dizzy From Chasing Their Tails?

Dogs do get dizzy, but scientists do not believe that they get dizzy from chasing their tails…although they are not entirely sure why! How can dogs chase their tails without getting dizzy? We have gathered everything you need to know including, Why do we get dizzy? Why our dogs don’t get dizzy from chasing their […]

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Why Does My Dog Freeze On Walks? (Or “You Can Do It! I’ve Got Treats!”)

The most common reason for dogs freezing while walking is the triggering of a primal instinct. This primitive instinct may be prey drive, fear, irritation, or even aggression, but whatever the cause, you must address the problem head-on to help your dog move forward.   We have put together a quick guide to help you […]

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What To Do When a Dog Refuses to Walk

When your dog refuses to walk, it can be frustrating. But before you can get them walking again, you need to know why they have stopped. Common reasons dogs stop walking include pain, tiredness, fear, discomfort, reluctance to go home, and postponing the inevitable.    “No, I’m Not Carrying You Home!”   We have put […]

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5.How to housetrain your dog

How To Stop A Dog From Tearing Things Up When Left Alone

Are you wondering how to stop a dog from tearing things up when left alone? First, you must determine the cause of their problem behavior and then address it directly. Some common reasons for destructive behavior in dogs that get left alone include health concerns, separation anxiety, boredom, stress, and a lack of training.   […]

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