Dog Eating poop & Grass

Dog Eating Grass Frantically. A Natural Cure

If you see your dog eating grass frantically, these could be the reasons: Your dog might be imitating the behavior of other dogs It may be bored.  Your pup might be looking for some attention. It may be exploring its surroundings. Your dog might have some stomach problems. It may be lacking fiber in its […]

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Should I Get Rid of a Dog That Eats Poop a Lot?

Stop A Puppy From Eating Poop. This Works

I can’t remember the number of times I have been asked the question “Stop a puppy from eating poop?”  Don’t lose sleep over this annoying puppy problem it can be common in puppies and even adult dogs. Your initial reaction will be of disgust and stress and worry, asking yourself what kind of dog have […]

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Why is my dog eating grass and coughing?

We, tend to forget that our dogs are still driven by natural instincts. This takes us to the nature of a dog! Even though we do not look at it that way, dogs still possess their animal instincts. These instincts may lead to your dog eating grass at some point in his life.   “Why […]

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Stop Dog From Digging Home Remedy

Dog Eating Grass and Vomiting. A Helpful Guide

Dogs are carnivores, meaning they are not supposed to eat vegetables or plants. If your dog is eating grass, he might be suffering from a pica disorder. This disorder makes dogs eat non-food items. There are many reasons why your dog may be eating grass and vomiting.   A dog eating grass and vomiting is […]

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Dog eating cat poop. Stop This Now

The main causes of a dog that is eating cat poop are: They are bored They treat the poop as a delicacy They may be hungry Stress They are suffering from a nutritional deficiency     If your dog is eating cat poop then don’t panic. You are not alone. Your dog, as it ages, […]

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